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Sporting Gun September 2016

Sporting Gun is the leading monthly magazine for clay, game and rough shooters. With editorial offices in the Lincolnshire countryside, it can justifiably claim to be at the heart of the shooting community. Monthly features range from gundog training to pigeon shooting, game shooting to wildfowling – along with sound, practical, advice on equipment and techniques to help the beginner, intermediate or experienced shot get more enjoyment from their sport. Sporting Gun is a must for anyone who invests time in and money on their shooting.

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United Kingdom
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all change

“We are the first to get our hands on the new Ridgeline Turbulence Smock, which will be available later this month” It’s been a hell of a month. Since the last issue the UK has voted to leave the EU, we have a new Prime Minister, a new cabinet, there has been a terror attack in Nice and an attempted coup in Turkey. Indeed we are undergoing great change and at times like this, when many of us are anxious about our future, it’s good to have a sport that helps us escape from what can be grim reality. Getting out into the countryside can help put things into perspective, especially when you are with a like minded friend. This month we are celebrating friendship with our shooting buddies with two articles,…

7 min.

No ban on lead shot OUTGOING DEFRA secretary Elizabeth Truss last month announced that the Government had rejected the recommendation of the Lead Ammunition Group (LAG) report to ban the use of lead ammunition. The LAG was set up in 2010 to investigate the possible risks to wildlife and human health from lead ammunition. By June 2015, five out of 10 LAG members had resigned, citing a lack of confidence in the process and a perceived anti-lead bias from group chairman John Swift. In one of her last acts as DEFRA secretary, Ms Truss sent a letter to Mr Swift stating that the report “did not show that the impacts of lead ammunition were significant enough to justify changing current policy” and noted that “the report does not provide evidence of causation linking…

6 min.
letters to the editor

Size does matter > Richard Brigham is spot on in his article, “Does size matter” in July’s issue. I switched to a 28-bore seven years ago. It was nothing to do with tinnitus, or any other medical condition, I just thought it would be a new challenge. In fact I should thank Richard for my conversion to the 28-bore. His enthusiasm for it and his total confidence in its ability to hold its own against the traditional 12-bore certainly encouraged me to give one a try. I have not been disappointed. I opted for a Beretta 686 S with a 30in barrel weighing in 6lb 6oz with multi-chokes. I normally use improved cylinder in the bottom and half choke in the top. It is an absolute joy to walk up woodcock with. I…

5 min.
decoying double act

“Not a single bird was at home, nor did one even so much as cross the field during the two hours we waited” A lot of people view pigeon shooting as a solitary sport; one man pitting his wits against a truly wild quarry. But over the years, I have tended to share the experience with close and trusted friends. True, they have come and gone for various reasons, usually because they did not share my passion for the sport with the same intensity I did. That changed seven years ago when Paul Payne outbid everyone to secure the day’s pigeon shooting for two that I’d donated to BASC’s sporting auction. Little did I know, that this was to be the beginning of a friendship of two dedicated pigeon shooters, whose passion…

7 min.
delayed action

The pigeon gear was all safely on board and I was planning to meet my friend, Ed, mid-morning for a session on a couple of old rape stubbles, but the truck wouldn’t start. On the fields we were going to shoot over, a lot of the spilled seed had already sprouted and was beginning to come up in a rich green carpet. The field had recently been sub soiled and this had disturbed more of the tiny black seeds that pigeons love so much. They were flocking in to gorge themselves and with two stubbles only a few hundred yards apart it seemed to offer a promising shooting opportunity. If Ed and I covered both pieces, with a little luck, we might get the pigeons going between the two of us. Suddenly…

3 min.
the hitman

Place: Bywell Shooting Ground, Bywell Farm, Felton, Northumberland, NE65 9QQ. Easy to find? A piece of you know what. The ground is situated eight miles north of Morpeth and a similar distance south of Alnwick (whose castle featured in Blackadder and a Harry Potter film) on the A1. Look for signpost to Bywell and Weldon Bridge, the ground is only three quarters of a mile off the main drag. 8 Disciplines: A great selection comprising English Sporting, Sportrap, Down The Line, Automatic Ball Trap, English Skeet and Double Rise. 8 Traps: Fully automatic on all the stands, superbly maintained to virtually eliminate “no bird” breakages. 9 Target quality/variety: Bywell was established almost 40 years ago and in this time has staged innumerable trap competitions including world and European DTL Championships as well as big…