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Star Trek Magazine November 2017

Providing in-depth coverage of all aspects of Star Trek, from the classic years of Kirk and Spock, through Jean Luc Picard, Captains Sisko, Janeway and Archer to the new JJ Abrams movies, Star Trek Magazine is your indispensable guide to the Star Trek universe. Every issue contains star-name interviews, great analytical features and exclusive photography from the CBS archives.

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captain’s log

So, here we are. Star Trek: Discovery is now, finally, very much “a thing.” A tangible, actual, watchable, reality, and we’re already several episodes into its first season! How did that happen? But hang on – in no time at all it’ll be the mid-season break...! Forget Christmas, bring on January 2018. The big question is, how are you enjoying it? I’d love to tell you what I think, but this editorial is being written so far in advance that there are only a handful of tribbles in my grain store, and I’ve not even seen the first episode yet. Thankfully, this issue contains plenty of Discovery material to sink your teeth into, as we talk with Sonequa Martin-Green about leading Star Trek towards a new frontier, and grab some gossip…

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discovery uncovered

The official World premiere of the new Star Trek series took place on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 7:00pm, at the Arclight Cinerama Dome on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. A vivid blue carpet replaced the traditional red, along which Discovery stars including Sonequa Martin-Green (first officer Michael Burnham), Michelle Yeoh (Captain Georgiou), Jason Isaacs (Captain Lorca), and Doug Jones (Lieutenant Saru), spoke with the World’s media prior to a special screening of the two-hour pilot episode, “The Vulcan Hello.” After the screening ended, Star Trek Magazine spoke to several fans, and the response to the opening episode was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising Sonequa Martin-Green’s performance as Burnham, and citing Saru as an instantly classic Trek character. We’ll be running a full report on this special event next issue, along with our…

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idw go i.d.i.c.

One alternate universe just isn’t enough for comics publisher IDW, as they set parallel Kirks, Spocks, and crews from multiple realities on a collision course, in a miniseries that pays homage to the Vulcan philosophy of “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.” (I.D.I.C.) At San Diego Comic-Con 2017, writer Mike Johnson introduced Star Trek: Boldly Go “I.D.I.C.” – a six-issue story arc debuting this fall, with part 2 slated for release in November. The arc is set to explore a half dozen different alternate universes, seeking out who and what Kirk and Spock might have become in each, and how these incarnations would have drastically altered their relationship. In Johnson’s “What If...?” premise, Kirk is reimagined as an android, as a woman, as his Kelvin Timeline counterpart, and even as a baby captured…

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kick back on qo’nos

It’s only fitting that a show known for exporing the vast depths of space now has its own series of travel guides, with a second volume providing valuable insight into the life and locations of an ancient and noble race. It’s time to learn all about the Klingons. The first pointer you’ll pick up from the Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Star Trek: The Klingon Empire is to dispense with the pleasantries. Pleasantries are not a Klingon thing. This new survival guide, written by Dayton Ward and published by Insight Editions, is packed with equally useful tips, from how to blend in with the natives by donning fur and leather, to recommendations on where to find the heartiest Klingon skull stew, plus a glossary of handy phrases too (“nuqneH!” translates as “What…

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burton is back

The universe of Star Trek Online gets a little bigger this fall, as LeVar Burton joins the cast of the huge MMORPG, reprising his role of Geordi La Forge, in a new episode celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation . Geordi (left), now the captain of his own starship, plays a major part in the newest content in Star Trek Online, including a special 30th Anniversary Star Trek: The Next Generation playable episode, “Beyond the Nexus.” In “Beyond the Nexus,” player captains team up with La Forge to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a Starfleet vessel, and find themselves near the mysterious Nexus, last seen in Star Trek Generations. There’s a new mystery to be solved, and a powerful new enemy to face. During Season 14: Emergence, Captain La…

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the lukari/ kentari colony

Over the past year in Star Trek Online, player captains have been learning the story of a brand new alien species – the Lukari. They are a peaceful, scientific species, and the Alliance of the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Republic has helped them take their first steps to the stars. The Lukari separated from another species generations ago – the Kentari. After a recent reconciliation, the two races have worked together to create a brand new colony, and your fleet in Star Trek Online can be a part of it. The Lukari/Kentari Colony is the first five-tier Fleet Holding since the original Fleet Starbase. To strengthen the Alliance, and help these two disparate races discover new peace together, players can donate any resources they gain by playing the game…