July 2021

Storytime is a kids’ magazine full of brilliant stories. It’s packed with fairy tales, myths, poems, fables and much more – all beautifully written and illustrated, with puzzles, games and colouring in too! Each month we highlight a classic children’s book, plus we have storytelling tips and fun activities to bring the stories to life. Storytime is full of colourful, engaging illustrations, all specially commissioned from talented illustrators from all over the world – and we have a NO advert guarantee! If you love stories, and feel passionately about encouraging children to read, then Storytime is right for you! “Storytime brings classic tales to children every month. The perfect way to start them on a lifelong storytelling adventure” – Michael Morpurgo – former children’s laureate

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3 min
the great drought

Long before people first came to Australia, there was an age called the Dreamtime, when animals could speak and spirits walked the land. During this time, there was once a long drought. The rivers stopped flowing, the billabongs dried up, and the animals were worried that they might die of thirst. They held a great meeting called a corroboree, and every animal went – the giant red kangaroos and the little grey rock wallabies, the bandicoots and koalas and thylacines, the snakes and the frilled lizards, the spiny echidnas and the great slow wombats, the kookaburras and the emus and even the shy platypus who seldom left his river. “We must find out what has happened to our precious water!” said the wombat, blinking his little eyes. “I agree!” said the koala. “The eucalyptus…

5 min
the chariot race

Marcus watched the chariots thunder past. The horses’ hooves pounded the track and the chariot wheels rattled. The red and blue teams neared the finish. “Come on, reds! You can do it!” he shouted. The charioteer of the blue team cracked his whip. His horses galloped faster. Marcus felt a shower of dust and rubbed his eyes. His favourite team had lost again. “I wish I could race,” he said to his sister Camilla later, when they were cleaning the horses. Marcus loved to smooth their coats and brush their tails. No one was watching, so he grabbed the reins of a grey horse nearby. “I want to have a go at being a charioteer,” he said. “Don’t! You’ll get in trouble. We only look after the horses! Help me with this one’s tail.” Camilla stroked a…

4 min
nadia , who dreamed of flying!

In the land of Romania, there once lived a little girl called Nadia. She might have been small, but she was a tough tomboy who was always running around and getting her clothes dirty. Nadia especially loved climbing trees! She would hang from the branches and swing up high before letting go and flying through the air. Even when Nadia was at home, she was always charging through the kitchen or bouncing on the beds. When she was four, her mum took her to nursery school. She told the teacher, “My daughter has too much energy! What can you do with her?” The teacher just laughed and said, “I think we have just the thing for Nadia!” The teacher took her to the school gymnasium. Nadia looked in wonder at the uneven bars and…

1 min
what happened next?

Nadia also won medals at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow. In 1981, she went on a special tour of the United States to show off her skills. During this tour, Bela decided to ‘defect’, which means to go and live in another country without his government’s permission. The Romanian government was afraid that Nadia might follow Bela, so they started to watch her very closely to make sure she wouldn’t leave. In 1990, though, she finally left Romania and went to live in the United States. She became a coach and passed on her love of gymnastics to a new generation of kids. Nadia is still well loved in Romania, however. Her achievements have made her a national hero, and she is an inspiration to every young kid who dreams of…

6 min
the monkey king

Long ago, when the world was young, a great stone egg was created where the sky touched the earth. One day, the egg hatched – and out of it jumped a monkey! He was no ordinary monkey, for he was particularly strong and quick and clever. He was also very boastful and loved causing trouble! The other monkeys chose him to be their ruler and brought him the finest fruit to eat. They gave him the title of ‘Handsome Monkey King’, which he liked very much. However, in this story, we will just call him ‘Monkey’. He was determined to learn the secret of immortality, so he found wise monks who shared their knowledge with him. He mastered the martial art of kung fu and learned how to use many special powers. As I…

2 min
the step-sisters

Annie and Drizzie were a bit jealous of their step-sister Cinderella. Once upon a time, they had bossed her around and made her do all the housework. But after she had married Prince Charming and moved in with him, the two sisters had to clean up after themselves! They did the dishes and swept the cinders out of the fireplace – and none of the mice offered to help them. To make matters worse, they also had to dust the mirror they had bought for a bargain price at the Wicked Witch’s yard sale. It was magic, and had many opinions that it loved to share with them! “I must say, you two look particularly frumpy and grumpy today!” it said as the sisters swept the hallway, looking red-faced and irritable. “Be quiet,…