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T3 November 2018

Our writers are as passionate about gadgets as you are, and this is reflected in insightful articles that cover every aspect of technology. In the Hype section, you'll read about cutting-edge launches; tech that truly has the 'wow' factor. Each month, Agenda recommends seven adventures that you can have with tech right now – everything from filming extreme sports on your GoPro action camera to taking a flight on a jetpack! Select is where we review the latest and greatest new products, from hardware to games and apps. And Elite is the ultimate tech buyer's guide – your first port of call if you're looking to buy something new for yourself or your home. Please Note: Digital editions do not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies.

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SEABUBBLES BUBBLE TAXI With around four billion cars expected to be on the road by 2050, congestion and pollution are only going to get worse. A group of aeronautical engineers in France don’t like the sound of this, so they have come up with a very clever solution to the problem. Say bonjour, then, to the Bubble Taxi, a revolutionary water-based car that runs on a 2x10-watt battery that’s recharged by the sun, wind and water while the vessel is docked. The Bubble also uses the same hydrofoil technology found in the speed record-smashing Hydroptère trimaran to elevate itself above the waves once it reaches seven knots. The result is a zero-noise, zero-waves ride that promises to get you to work quicker, and with minimal motion sickness. You won’t even have…

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meet the team

MATT BOLTON Editor Matt’s been expanding his screens this month, putting the bigger iPhone XS Max (p90) and Apple Watch Series 4 (p79) to the test. He can see everything now. Yes, even that. Watch it, you. CLAIRE DAVIES Senior Content Editor Claire got the scoop on how a cutting-edge speaker gets made (p49) with a trip to Devialet’s Paris HQ. “It’s a tough job,” she said, “But someone’s got to do it, as long as that person is me.” JO GULLIVER Senior Art Editor Armed with the info in our complete guide to drones (p82), Jo wants one to take one to festivals for dramatic crowd shots. She says it’s not dangerous, since everyone’ll be too drunk to feel pain… MICHELLE MCLAREN Art Editor After our round-up of smart LED strip lights (p60), Michelle wants to add mood lighting to…

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editor’s letter

The nights are getting dark, and the days are getting rainy, so it’s time to hide indoors and work your way through half of Netflix. Of course, this presents you with an excellent excuse to upgrade your living room setup to make the most of the latest and great AV tech. Now that 4K is firmly entrenched, the next big upgrade that makes a genuine difference to your viewing experience is Dolby Atmos. If you get a setup that adds height as well as surround sound, movies really do become a cinematic event, even when you’re at home on your tatty old couch. Our feature on p34 is designed to make it easy for you to choose the home cinema upgrades that best suit you. Elsewhere, I think smartwatches are going to…

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1 GOOGLE PIXEL 3 From £739, store.google.com The Google Pixel 2 wowed us with its camera prowess last year (it’s arguably still the best on the market a year later), so we relished the chance to get our hands on the Pixel 3 ahead of its launch. We wanted to see whether the rest of the phone matched it, and if Google had worked even more magic with the camera. The Pixel 3 retains the two-tone, matte, softly curved design that was evident on last year’s range. With its aluminium frame, it feels smooth and premium in the hand. The 5.5-inch model that we tried eschews fashion by not including a notch in the screen, but the bigger 6.3-inch Pixel 3 XL does have a chunky section cut out of the display. Both…

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give it the boot

1 OFFICINE CREATIVE BROGUE BOOTS Be ready for inclement weather with these hard-wearing brogues from Officine Creative. They lend themselves beautifully to a smart-casual style. £475, mrporter.com 2 GRENSON CHELSEA BOO TS The chelsea is an all-rounder, yet Grenson has managed to extend the silhouette even further here. The subtle styling helps them bed in with a variety of outfits. £210, matchesfashion.co 3 PAUL SMITH JARMAN BOOTS For shoes that match just as well with a suit as with jeans, try these ultra-supple calf leather boots from Paul Smith. £350, farfetch.com 4 BELSTAFF ALPERTON 2.0 BOOTS These waxed leather boots are rugged enough for weekends in the countryside, and play nicely with neutrals and earthier tones. £425, belstaff.co.uk 5 RED WING CLASSIC MOC TOE BOOTS Boots aren’t always comfortable, yet the round toes on these Mocs will keep you comfy all winter. Best…

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the hottest timepieces right now

BRAUN AW 10 EVO The iconic AW 10, Braun’s first wristwatch designed by Dietrich Lubs and Dieter Rams, has been updated for more modern tastes while still sticking to the original blueprint. £250, braun-clocks.com CALVIN KLEIN SWING The fashion brand’s first step into ‘proper’ watchmaking, this stylish timepiece features a stunning automatic movement, showen off with a skeleton dial and transparent caseback. £549, calvinklein.co.uk BAUME HRS LIMITED EDITION Baume and legendary skateboarder Erik Ellington have teamed up to make this watch from used skateboard decks. Each timepiece from the collection will be utterly unique. £TBC, baumewatches.com…