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21 March 2019

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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(COVER STYLING: PAIGE McMILLAN COVER PHOTO: JEM CRESSWELL) Are you a fast walker? I definitely am. Sometimes I feel like the Queen and Prince Philip when I’m out walking with my hubby Simon. He’s always a few steps behind, while I’m hitting a cracking pace, urging him to hurry up. He rarely does. Simon likes to take in his surroundings, and finds walking almost meditative. He is our dog Dizzy’s primary walker (I’m the primary cleaner so I reckon that’s fair!) and as a result, is super connected in our neighbourhood. He likes to take his time, listen to podcasts, smile at or chat with fellow dog walkers and generally start his day in a leisurely fashion. Dizzy, almost 10 and quite the silver fox these days, is just as…

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it’s easy to contribute

Stories… up to $2000 Brainwaves… $25-$35 Pet Pin-ups… $35 email: thatslife@pacificmags.com.au write: GPO Box 7804, Sydney, NSW 2001 Join in the caption fun – like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thatslifeMag …

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your life!

ME and my PET My son Jayden, four, loves his chicken, Dot. Amy Tregenza, Waikerie, SA DON’T I KNOW YOU!? I flew to Sydney for a weekend getaway and ran into Alan Jones at the airport. Jan Pearce, via email Not bad for someone who is almost 60! Christine Edmands, Springfield Lakes, Qld WINNERS are grinners Wow! I can’t believe I won this car. Thanks tl!. Pamela Prime, via email My daughters Juliette, five, and Abigail, six, husband Allon and I had an amazing vacation in Hawaii. Belinda Englman, via email What’s in a NAME Tully My husband and I…

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i never thought i’d be a mum look at me now!

I learned to adapt to the wheelchair Me and Colt Waking up, I looked around and spotted the shocked faces of my family.‘Tayla? Can you hear me Tayla?’ a nurse asked.Instinctively, I went to nod, but something didn’t feel quite right.And as I looked down at my body, with multiple machines connected to it, I began to panic. Bath time in the laundry sink Being a mum means the world to me (PHOTOS: MEDIA DRUM WORLD)‘You were involved in an accident,’ the nurse said. ‘Your dirt bike… you lost control when you attempted a difficult jump.’My back was in agony, but I couldn’t feel my legs.‘Have I broken anything?’ I replied.‘I’m afraid it’s worse than that,’ she said.The trauma of the…

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lethal love triangle

Stephen was charged with murder Daughter-in-law Anastasia and son Gary Stephen Searle had a pretty comfortable life. At 64, he had a nice house, a wife of 45 years – Anne – three sons, and a brood of grandkids.He worked in local politics and had even been elected a councillor for his community.But Stephen had something – or someone – in his sights he was willing to risk it all for. Stephen tried to impress Anastasia with old photos Over the years he’d developed an obsession with his daughter-in-law, Anastasia Pomiateeva.She was his eldest son Gary’s partner of nine years.The pair had three kids together and lived close by.Despite it being a huge betrayal of poor Gary, Stephen started trying it on with her.Asking…

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my hubby printed me a new boob!

My old prosthetic at the top, and my brand new custom boob below! (PHOTOS: MYREFLECTION) Me before my diagnosis I went to the 3D printing studio My precious girls Zoe and Sophie Me and Tim when we first met After putting my baby girl Sophie down to sleep, I noticed something.There was a hard lump protruding from my left breast. It’s probably just a blocked milk duct, I told myself.I was still breastfeeding Sophie, aged one.But two weeks later, I asked my husband Tim, 40, to take a look.‘That doesn’t seem right,’ he said, worried.With a brain for science, my Tim didn’t like to take chances. So I booked an appointment with my GP, who then referred me to…