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17 October 2019

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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I love to travel overseas but I also love coming home. Being able to visit other countries and experience different cultures is a real privilege, partly because it can remind us of how lucky we are to live where we do. Such an occasion was on my recent holiday in beautiful Thailand. Simon and I were on a day tripper boat that included a swim in the crystal blue water. As we dropped anchor, the guide offered everyone life jackets. A teenage girl travelling with her family took one, and as I passed her, she looked straight at me and asked, ‘Can you swim? Will you stay with me?’ Of course it was a yes to both questions. As we stepped down to the sea, our guide helped her into…

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your life!

FAMILY FRIENDS LAUGHS WINNERS are grinners Thank you for my prize! A great surprise to come home to and a nice change from finding bills in the mail! Peter Wyatt, Turner, ACT What’s in a NAME Evoleht When read backwards Ev-Ol-Eht spells out ‘the love’. I actually found the name in that’s life! about nine years ago and have loved it ever since. Tahlea Denning, Muswellbrook, NSW Sharing a moment with Princess Tara – this gorgeous pup brings me so much joy. Liana Kopp, South Fremantle, WA ME and my PET I ran into my favourite Home and Away actor, Lincoln Lewis! Jess Luxton, Bondi, NSW DON’T I KNOW YOU? Nothing like a good read and a pint while at the Guinness factory in Dublin! Vivien Rush, Kawerau, NZ Our whole family enjoyed the white sand and perfect blue water at Whitehaven Beach, Qld. Vicky Tanner, Bayswater North, Vic My…

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cody’s beads for bravery

Amy Curreen, 32, Kallangur, Qld When my husband Adam texted to say he was going to be working late, I didn’t mind. I was busy planning a surprise! As soon as he got home, I handed him a gift wrapped in gold paper. ‘You’re not the only one who was late,’ I giggled as he opened the box to find my positive pregnancy test. Ecstatic, Adam could hardly believe the news. He was already an amazing stepfather to my girl, Lacey, six, but now he was going to be a daddy. As the weeks passed, Lacey hoped for a girl, while Adam was convinced we were having a boy, so we counted down the days until our 20-week scan, where the gender would be revealed. As the sonographer glided the wand over my belly, he confirmed we…

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wife’s heartbreak killed for cheating on me

As my husband Emmett slammed out of the house, I didn’t have chance to chase him. The door woke our seven-week-old baby Tytus, and, as I stood alone in his dark nursery, cradling our tiny, now screaming son, my head was all over the place. What’s happening with Emmett? I thought frantically for the hundredth time. He’d been off for months. Gone was the affectionate husband and hands-on dad to our five kids. In his place was a distant, distracted businessman. ‘The kids have started asking if you still live here,’ I’d told him that evening, desperate to get to the bottom of things. But he didn’t want to discuss it. Like every time I’d tried to talk about it before, he got angry and dismissive. And now he’d stormed out. Emmett, 30, had just started working as a lawyer,…

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chopper crash horror stuck in mud as the tide came in

Robert Van Kuyl, 63, Scarborough, Qld Kissing my wife Tina goodbye, I loaded up the helicopter and checked that my mate, Gaz, was buckled in. ‘Ready for take off!’ I radioed. Gaz and I were heading two hours north to Curtis Island, to fish and camp. Near our landing spot, I began to descend. At 30ft, I could see the sand below was clear of debris. Suddenly, the helicopter shook violently. Then, the engine went quiet before the helicopter fell out of the sky. Bang! We hit the water still upright. Shards of the shattered windscreen pierced my flesh and the door was ripped off. The cabin instantly began to fill up with seawater. The force of the tide tipped the helicopter on its side and a wall of water rushed in… In mere moments, it had risen…

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the buzz

Cones of shame Brooklyn-based photographer Winnie Au has shot a series of portraits of dogs wearing the‘cone of shame’. Teaming up with stylist Marie-Yan Morvan, a colourful twist has been played on the traditional Elizabethan collar, a medical device worn by injured animals. The project was started to highlight and raise money for rescue dogs in need of surgery. HOT Daylight saving With the start of daylight savings in NZ and some parts of Oz, the sun is out for longer, giving us more time to enjoy the outdoors. NOT Faux guacamole Avocado prices have sky-rocketed in Mexico which has led to some restaurants substituting the green fruit with zucchini. 7 The number of vertebrae in a giraffe’s neck There’s a trampoline ON MY ROOF! Jenny Pritchett woke up to the sound of a large bang and her 21-year-old son’s…