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The Walking Dead Magazine Fall 2016

The Walking Dead: The Official Magazine features an inside look at the AMC TV show and comic as only a fully sanctioned quarterly can! Get exclusive access to all areas of the smash-hit cable drama, you'll hear from all of the leads and characters on the hit TV show, go behind-the-scenes with SFX talent and see how they create the greatest on-screen zombies ever! Plus! Delve into The Walking Dead comic with Kirkman to find out what's coming up for our survivors, and see how artist Charlie Adlard keeps up with the fast pace of the monthly comic! The Walking Dead: The Official Magazine is 100 pages of all-access, no-holds-barred action. You can’t get more insider than this. Every issue is packed with all the latest news, exclusive revelations and jaw-dropping secrets for fans of the comic and television show!

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bat’s the way to do it!

OK, so by the publication date of this issue, the season premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead should be airing in just a week’s time, both in the US and around the rest of the world. But just in case you receive this issue a little early, I’m not going to mention exactly what happened at the start of season seven. But what I do want to know is, what did you think of it? Amazing stuff? Shocked to the core? Super-hyped for the rest of the season? Not surprised, expected it all along? It’s very easy to live in a bubble when you’re part of something, so we really value fan feedback. And it can be about any aspect of The Walking Dead (including this very magazine – I mean,…

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let’s go!

So here we are then. The premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead’s seventh season is here. We’re not going to speculate about who meets a bloody end at the hands of Negan (or rather, his cherished baseball bat Lucille) in the opening episode, because if you’re picking up this magazine even a week after its on-sale date you will already know – and we’ll just be rubbing salt in fresh wounds. Instead, we’re going to focus on what you might not know, starting with the arrival of King Ezekiel – the self-appointed monarch of a new community known as the Kingdom – and his pet tiger, Shiva. Yes, you read that right. Ezekiel has a tiger. For a pet. We hinted in issue 17 of TWDM that this much-loved character from the…

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oh my darling…

Last issue we revealed that Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season Three video game would be with us this year. Well, now we can bring you more gory, glorious details. Season three, entitled ‘A New Frontier,’ will be launching in November on consoles, PC/Mac and handheld devices. But to answer the main question on everyone’s lips, yes, Clementine is back and she’s once again voiced by the delightful Melissa Hutchison. A few years older than when we last saw her, Clem will be one of two playable characters in season three, the second being Javier ‘Javi’ Garcia (voiced by Danny Ramirez). Javi is a new character in Telltale’s The Walking Dead universe, and will provide the perfect way for gamers new to the series to jump right in. Longtime fans shouldn’t worry,…

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fear factor

AMC’S Fear The Walking Dead wrapped up its second season earlier this month and what a sophomore year it was – especially those hellish final few episodes. Executive producer Dave Erickson promised us “a level of intensity and violence that we haven’t seen before,” and the show well and truly delivered. So where now for the companion series? Well, we know we’re getting a 16-episode third season that will begin airing sometime in 2017 (most likely April). There’s also a slim chance that there might one day be a Fear The Walking Dead/The Walking Dead crossover. While answering just such a question at this year’s Amazing Hawaii Comic Con, executive producer Robert Kirkman said: “As far as if those characters will ever encounter each other, I mean, they’re in the same universe,…

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all the colors

Coloring books for grown-ups are all the rage at the moment. They are a great way to express yourself – and they reduce stress and anxiety too. We can’t help but think that The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Coloring Book is going to have the exact opposite effect – in the best way. Released in early October with a $14.99 price tag, this oversized tome features the most iconic Rick Grimes images from Skybound’s bestselling The Walking Dead series (as drawn by the genius that is Charlie Adlard). Put it this way, you might want to invest in some extra red pens. Issue 159 of The Walking Dead, subtitled ‘The Whisperer War – Part 3,’ has also just been released in October. There are two incredible covers to collect, the first by…

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magnificent seven

The seventh book in Jay Bonansinga’s bestselling Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead series is unleashed this month (October), and it’s another blood-drenched page-turner. Entitled ‘Search And Destroy’ and published by Thomas Dunne Books, it sees Lilly Caul (a fan favorite from The Walking Dead novels) and her bloodied and bruised band of survivors attempting to build a brighter future for themselves by fixing the railroad between Woodbury and Atlanta, a whopping 52 miles away. While Lilly’s focus is elsewhere, however, a savage new group attacks Woodbury, murdering its adults and kidnapping the kids. Trust us, when you find out why, you’ll be horrified. Following on from the events in ‘Descent’ (book five) and ‘Invasion’ (book six), this is another brutal, compelling and twist-laden The Walking Dead tale from the New York Times bestselling…