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The Walking Dead Magazine

The Walking Dead Magazine Spring 2017

The Walking Dead: The Official Magazine features an inside look at the AMC TV show and comic as only a fully sanctioned quarterly can! Get exclusive access to all areas of the smash-hit cable drama, you'll hear from all of the leads and characters on the hit TV show, go behind-the-scenes with SFX talent and see how they create the greatest on-screen zombies ever! Plus! Delve into The Walking Dead comic with Kirkman to find out what's coming up for our survivors, and see how artist Charlie Adlard keeps up with the fast pace of the monthly comic! The Walking Dead: The Official Magazine is 100 pages of all-access, no-holds-barred action. You can’t get more insider than this. Every issue is packed with all the latest news, exclusive revelations and jaw-dropping secrets for fans of the comic and television show!

United Kingdom
Titan Publishing Group
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2 min.
time flies…

Welcome to another issue of the official The Walking Dead Magazine. Our 20th! Can you believe it? It’s been five years since we launched this magazine. It really doesn’t seem that long ago at all. But they do say time flies when you’re having fun and that’s exactly what editing this magazine has been: fun! A huge thanks to all those who have agreed to be featured in TWDM over the years – we’ve really covered almost every gamut of The Walking Dead, from behind-the-scenes features and interviews to character studies and real life scenarios, and everything in between. We even created a world map made out of meat and fat – way back in issue three for our piece about the different languages the comic book has been translated into…

3 min.
gr-eight expectations

Excited for the final few episodes of season seven but gloomy about the extended break until season eight? Us too. So, here’s some information about AMC’s The Walking Dead that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. In response to a question about the show’s potential longevity in the ‘Letters Hacks’ section of issue 161 of The Walking Dead comic, Robert Kirkman, the co-creator and writer of the comic book, and a writer and executive producer on The Walking Dead TV series, penned the following reply: “It took us six seasons to get to [issue] 100. It won’t take us six years to get to 200 and that will take us to season… TWELVE. And we’ll still be ahead of the show at that point.” Yes, folks, you read that right.…

2 min.
quarter masters

This year sees Image Comics celebrating its 25th anniversary and to commemorate this momentous achievement, the publisher recently participated in a very special promotion involving three of its most popular comic books: The Walking Dead, Outcast, and Invincible. In collaboration with Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment, the February 2017 issues of these three publications – all of which were written by Kirkman – had a 25 cent price point. That’s right, folks, a quarter for a quarter of a century. You have likely snapped yours up already, but just in case, The Walking Dead issue in question was #163, written as always by creator Kirkman, with cover art by the brilliant Charlie Adlard. Without wanting to give too much away, this superb new installment (which broke records for Image Comics in terms of advanced…

1 min.
border wars

The only good thing about season seven of AMC’s The Walking Dead coming to an end is the knowledge that we’ll soon be getting 16 new episodes of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead. At time of writing, an official airdate for the sister show’s third year had yet to be announced but if season two is a marker, then it should be early-to-mid April (just after The Walking Dead finishes). As for what we can expect story-wise, well, we know for sure that we’re getting a new enemy. “There’s going to be a prominent new character, who we’re gonna meet south of the border, who is going to have an impact on Nick and Luciana, and Strand most likely,” said executive producer Dave Erickson in a recent interview with ComicBook. “The idea is…

1 min.
reality check

Love the idea of virtual reality gaming, but not had the chance to experience it yet? Or perhaps you’ve tried it and now can’t get enough. Either way, don’t miss Telltale’s The Walking Dead VR Pinball. Not only is it a great introduction to the technology (replicating a real-life pinball table in a terrifying VR play space), it’s also a fantastic game to boot with Telltale favorites Clem and Lee helping you ping those walkers out of existence. This VR version of the digital The Walking Dead pinball game from 2014 is part of Zen Studios’ Pinball FX2 VR line-up, which was released late last year on Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive. For a little taster, check out the incredibly creepy trailer on the official The Walking Dead website (walkingdead.com). Hungry…

1 min.
thinking outside of the megabox

Mega fan of The Walking Dead? Then you’re going to want to get your hands on The MegaBox. This cool new subscription bundle was launched late last year by our good friends at Skybound – and it’s awesome. For under $180, plus shipping (if you pay annually online), subscribers receive four boxes over the course of 12 months, each of which contain an exclusive five-inch McFarlane Toys action figure, an exclusive comic variant, an exclusive T-shirt, and an exclusive enamel pin, plus more goodies – all Skybound-related, of course. The first MegaBox, which started shipping in early December, is The Walking Dead themed and includes a five-inch matte black Negan figure and a red Saviors Ping-Pong Club T-shirt – both mouthwatering items we’re sure you will agree. For a full list of…