Vogue Living May/June 2020

Vogue Living tells stories that engage, fascinate and excite, weaving together a myriad of influences that inspire our lives, be it cultural trends, arts and architecture, a new secret find around the corner, a far flung destination, or a privileged glimpse into a private and compelling world. Interiors, spaces and places, here or there, come vividly to life through their inhabitants and the lens of the camera. Beauty is paramount.

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Lisa Green WRITER AND EDITOR Green began her career as a newspaper journalist but has spent the past 20 years editing food, fashion and home magazines. “The early years honed my news sense; the latter allowed me to indulge my love of design and encourage more sustainable consumer habits. Crucial!” she says. For this issue Green utilised this garnered experience and expertise to write about the stunning art-filled Sydney home of Boris and Naomi Tosic (page 100). Her creative process, she says, is to deep dive into research and then ponder a while. “The important things float to the top and that’s when it’s time to knuckle down and write,” she says. The Sydney-based creative recently founded GreenScenes Media, which has allowed her to work with new and long-time collaborators on an…

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take the tour

Located in the hip, ARTISTIC neighbourhood of Kreuzberg in BERLIN, this apartment-turned-family home has been completely revamped by Brooklyn-based designers WHITE ARROW. The apartment’s original features were honoured throughout the renovation, which included the addition of ample storage while maintaining a feeling of SPACIOUSNESS. The result is both practical and sophisticated; abundant with natural light and outfitted with local European designers to reflect its location. See the full tour at VOGUELIVING.COM.AU. Vogue Living @vogueliving Vogue Living @VogueLiving #StayHomeWithVL vogueliving.com.au…

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editor’s letter

It only seems like yesterday that I was sitting at my computer contemplating what to write, as Australia was experiencing one of its worst bushfire seasons on record. Now, once again, I’m struggling to find the words as we face a global health pandemic with COVID-19. This is a difficult time for everyone as we face an unparalleled threat that has already changed how we go about our lives. Some of us may be lucky enough to be working from home, creating makeshift offices at dining tables and fielding conference calls while juggling homeschooling children or running a household. Here at Vogue Living, we feel particularly for our vibrant creative community, both local and global, made up of talented individuals and small businesses all now going through unprecedented challenges in extraordinary…

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closing the divide

The answer was ‘no’ whenever cousins Agnes and Rhoda Garrett tried to persuade an architect to take them on as apprentices in London during the 1860s. The reason was, predictably, their gender. An architect friend, John McKean Brydon, eventually agreed to hire them in 1873 on the condition that they would go nowhere near dirty, unladylike building sites. About a year later, the Garretts cofounded A&R Garrett House Decorators, London’s first firm of female interior designers. As well as designing what they called “solid and unpretentious” interiors, in stark contrast to the fussy decor of the day, they published a book, Suggestions for House Decoration in Painting, Woodwork and Furniture, and travelled throughout Britain as star speakers in the fledgling women’s suffrage movement. Friends since childhood, the cousins relished their professional collaboration.…

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light years

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sculpt fiction