Wallpaper August 2021

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NARI WARD Artist The Jamaican-American artist is famed for large-scale installations that confront social and political issues head-on, such as Peace Keeper (1995), a rusted, burnt-out hearse decorated with feathers that recently featured in the ‘Grief and Grievance’ show at New York’s New Museum. For our Artist’s Palate series, he chose ackee and saltfish patties (page 130). ‘The tasty combination is quite rare, and makes this humble meal even more special,’ he says. VIVEK VADOLIYA Photographer The British-Indian, London-based director and photographer uses documentary techniques to create fashion stories and portraiture. For us this month, he shot the designer Asif Khan in his east London workshop (page 030). ‘It was great to connect with Asif, as our families shared a similar migration story from East Africa to the UK, plus I loved talking to him…

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editor’s letter

Open the way Welcome to our August issue, a continuation of our ongoing dialogue in how to design for a better world. What is often considered good design doesn’t always follow Dieter Rams’ commandments. But wouldn’t the world be better if it always just did? Following the launch of Wallpaper* Re-Made in August 2020, we provide an update on the first generation of Re-Made projects currently in development. The inspiration for Re-Made is to bring together forward-thinking designers, makers, architects and engineers, as a catalyst for innovative and environmentally conscious work of the highest calibre. Our first five featured projects are Asif Khan’s biocement shelving unit, Jenkins & Uhnger’s travelling blade sharpener, PriestmanGoode’s zero-waste takeaway food packaging, Vollebak’s e-waste watch and Konstantin Grcic’s electric trailer and trike – all absolutely groundbreaking. Elsewhere in…

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shifting sands

When London-based designer Asif Khan and American cement industry innovator Biomason joined forces to collaborate on a Re-Made project for 2020, their explorations led them to ‘Coral Reef’, a shelving unit built from ingots of biocement. The design was partially inspired by one of Khan’s ongoing architecture projects in the UAE, the new Museum of Manuscripts in Sharjah, which is due to be completed in 2022. It also addressed issues around locality, sustainability and functionality, drawing on Biomason’s bioLITH tile format and the company’s technique of ‘growing’ eco-friendly cement using microorganisms – just as coral reefs are formed in marine environments (hence the product’s name). The tiles developed for ‘Coral Reef’ would be made using sand from Sharjah, leading to a design that is conceptual but also pragmatic, and intrinsically connected…

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sharp focus

The arrotino, or knife grinder, has been travelling around Italy for centuries, sharpening blades in the streets, and it was this tradition that sparked an idea for Wallpaper* Re-Made. Last year, we tasked Norway-based designers Jenkins & Uhnger and Swiss knife expert Victorinox with modernising the concept. Since the onset of the pandemic, the flexibility of this direct-to-customer service has become even more pertinent. But at the time of the project’s inception, our main aim was to encourage repair over buying new, with the portable element offering added convenience. Repair is still at the forefront of our minds today, due to recent legislation in the EU and the UK requiring manufacturers of household electrical products to make spare parts available. The aim is to tackle premature obsolescence – when a product’s…

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zero to hero

For last year’s Re-Made issue, Wallpaper* issued London-based industrial design agency PriestmanGoode a challenge: to tackle the mass of excess waste produced by food packaging. Its solution was ‘Zero’, a holistic reimagining of the takeaway food delivery system – convenience with a conscience. ‘Zero’ comprised a range of reusable, planet-friendly food containers and a delivery rider bag. It also involved a rewards system, such as discounts on future orders, devised to encourage a circular economy mindset. The concept proved an instant hit, with start-ups, restaurant chains, food producers and global brands identifying its potential as a game-changer. ‘The project seems to resonate with people across all markets. It’s shown there are other ways you can approach food delivery and presentation that address sustainability, aesthetics, customer experience and business needs,’ says Jo…

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second act

E-waste is a big problem. More than 50 million tonnes of it is produced every year, much of it headed for huge, noxious landfills in China and Africa. It only represents two per cent of solid waste in landfills, but 70 per cent of it is hazardous material. It’s nasty stuff, but it might also be a big opportunity. E-waste is rich in rare minerals and precious metals, and the sophisticated and systematic ‘mining’ of it could be a profitable win-win, a vital contribution to circular manufacturing in the tech industry and an alternative to the environmental scarring of extraction. The key ‘unlock’ would be finding viable value chains for e-waste materials; new processes that might tip the balance of recovery cost versus potential profit in the right direction, and designs…