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Art et Architecture
Western Art Collector

Western Art Collector March 2019/ No.139

With previews of gallery exhibitions, museum shows and auctions, Western Art Collector is the premier monthly magazine for collectors searching for works by talented living and past artists who depict the West in paintings and sculptures.

United States
International Artist Publishing, Inc.
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2 min.
see it now

As I’m sure you all know, we spend a lot of time traveling the country and going to art events. For us, it’s the best way to really know what’s going on out there, to have our finger on the pulse, and in turn, offer to you updated and timely articles that will help you with your art collecting. Many of you go on these trips as well. And we love seeing you out there. I’ve always said that if we have to work, there’s nothing better than working with good friends. But for those of you who can’t go on these trips or at least can’t go on all of them we have a solution—our Instagram page. We can be found at @WesternArtCollector and what you’ll find there is a veritable…

3 min.
a collector’s passion

Ed Trumble, the charismatic Colorado businessman who brought Western art to the masses through his Leanin’ Tree greeting card company, died December 26, 2018, in Longmont, Colorado. He was 94. The Nebraska-born entrepreneur was born on a farm, but after the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression his family was kicked off the land. With little money to their names, the family opened a boarding house. At the outbreak of World War II, Trumble joined the Army and later saw fierce combat in Europe, including in the Battle of the Bulge, during which his division, outnumbered and outgunned, fought back German troops for four miserable days near Hofen, Germany. In the waning months of the war in Europe, Trumble was injured by a German artillery shell and sent home to recover. After…

2 min.
upward progress

With external renovation nearly complete on the seven-story North Building at the Denver Art Museum, work turns to the interior, which will likely take considerable time considering the building’s size, 210,000 square feet. The Gio Ponti-designed North Building, which closed for renovation in November 2017, will house new and expanded art galleries and will serve as the educational heart of the museum’s campus. The building was built in 1971 and the renovation will retain many of the Ponti’s designs, including the perforated openings and concrete façade. The $150-million project will also see the creation of the Anna and John J. Sie Welcome Center, directly in front of the North Building. The welcome center was named after Anna and John Sie pledged $12 million to support its construction. That building, which will…

1 min.
wooden whimsies

An upcoming exhibition at Dennis June Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, will showcase the latest body of work by woodcarver Bob Wakefield, whose hand-painted highly illustrative scenes make a playful splash in the Western art world. Wakefield, who has a long history with Dennis June Gallery going all the way back to the artist’s childhood, crafts a variety of stylized wooden subjects, including horses, cowboys, prospectors and hunting dogs. The exhibition, which runs from March 7 to April 27, will showcase up to 20 works, most of which are sets comprising at least two subjects. “It’s kind of a selection of pieces I’ve been working on over many years. I don’t do one piece at a time—I work on dozens at a time. They’re mostly caricatures… cowboys or Indians with dogs or…

2 min.
going big

It’s hard to think of Dean Cornwell’s Americanization of California, now on display at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, as anything but a finished masterpiece, but inspect the label copy just a little and you’ll be surprised to see one particular word: “study.” The work, started in 1927 and finished five years later in 1932, was a marvelous “first draft” for Cornwell’s final mural of the same name, a massive 40-by-40-foot canvas mural at the Los Angeles Central Library. The mural is flanked by two 12-by-19-foot mural panels in a rotunda within the library’s halls. The canvas study, which was acquired by the Indianapolis museum in 1991 from the museum’s founder, Harrison Eiteljorg, is now one of several major highlights of the semi-permanent exhibition Attitudes: The West in…

2 min.
each month we ask leading museum curators about what’s going on in their world.

What event (gallery show, museum exhibit, etc.) in the next few months are you looking forward to, and why? The North Building of the Denver Art Museum is currently undergoing a significant renovation project that will enhance the Gio Ponti-designed building’s galleries. In preparation for the reinstallation of the Petrie Institute of Western American Art’s collection, I am looking forward to visiting a number of institutions around the country to study how they are interpreting their historic American collections for contemporary audiences. There are lively conversations happening in the curatorial world about how we can make historic collections more accessible, more relevant to now, and more diverse. It is an exciting and challenging time to be part of a permanent collection reinstallation, and I am looking forward to learning from the…