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What's on TV

What's on TV 23-Nov-2019

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd What’s on TV is a value-packed, easy-to-use weekly magazine, full of TV information, features and listings. The Soapweek section gives you in-depth story updates and the double-page Soap Diary gives you a rundown of upcoming plots, complete with "must-see" moments flagged up. The TV Week and Real Life sections cover the best of the week's programmes, and there are seven days of clearly set out listings. ENGLAND edition

United Kingdom
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4 min.
hot tv this week!

The War of the Worlds SUNDAY 24 November, 9pm BBC1 Drama George is desperately searching for Amy, but he’s conscripted against his will to fight the Martians as more capsules rain down to Earth and the invasion intensifies. In London, Amy and Frederick must put aside their huge differences to escape the terror. When George meets an elderly Mrs Elphinstone, she advises him to head to the safety of the beach – could that be where Amy is? FULL STORY P9 new How to Spend It Well at Christmas SUNDAY 24 November, 7pm ITV Factual Phillip Schofield again hosts this three-part consumer series, where he, his wife and various celebrities test the latest gifts and gadgets, including electric scooters and hoverboards. FULL STORY P13 Seven Worlds, One Planet SUNDAY 24 Nov, 6.15pm BBC1 Factual Crowded Europe is home to 850 million…

2 min.
back with a bang!

new MICHAEL McINTYRE’S BIG SHOW Saturday, 8.10pm BBC1 Entertainment Q Are you excited about the new series? A Yes! Unexpected Star of the Show, Midnight Gameshow and Send to All are back. We also have new features called See It, Win It and Big Show’s Big News. I can’t wait for people to see them! Q In the first episode, Liam Payne and Bear Grylls join you. Are more stars lined up? A Brave celebrities giving me their phones this year are Emma Bunton, Harry Redknapp, Sharon Osbourne and Ian Wright. They’re up for a laugh. The texts that have been sent are great fun and the replies are simply brilliant. Q Do you discover anything you shouldn’t on a phone? A There’s a big surprise when I go through a shopping app on Emma Bunton’s phone. Previous…

1 min.
what’s hot! what’s not!

Fire’s on fire! The last episode of World on Fire on BBC1 did well on 10 Nov, with 4.3m tuning in to the World War Two drama. It won the 9pm slot, despite being up against Ant & Dec’s DNA Journey on ITV, which drew in 3.9m viewers. Cooking disaster The new series of MasterChef: The Professionals, which began on BBC2 on 5 Nov, struggled to win viewers, with 2.7m watching the cookery competition. It was beaten by this year’s Pride of Britain Awards on ITV (3.1m).…

1 min.

Best known for… Australian actor Anne was most famous for starring in the long-running Aussie series known as Prisoner: Cell Block H in the UK. She played ‘top dog’ inmate Myra Desmond between 1980 and 1985. Other achievements… She’d appeared in many other popular Australian series including A Country Practice and The Flying Doctors. She was also lauded for her work as a campaigning activist on humanitarian issues. Family life… Anne died on 27 October, aged 71, after a short illness. She had a daughter when aged 16 who she gave up for adoption but with whom she was reunited 50 years later.…

2 min.
benjamin’s dark secret

GOLD DIGGER Tuesday, 9pm BBC1 Drama Julia’s trust in Benjamin is put to the test in this week’s episode of Gold Digger, when her son shows her devastating evidence that her new man is not what he seems. Desperate to get rid of his mother’s new boyfriend, Patrick (Sebastian Armesto) followed Benjamin as he made a mysterious rendezvous last week… When he tells his mum what her young lover has been up to, he’s convinced it will end their relationship for good, yet Patrick is horrified when she defends Benjamin from his accusations! Ghosts of the past ‘Viewers will be torn over Benjamin,’ explains Westworld actor Ben Barnes, who plays him. ‘When you look at the story through Julia’s children’s eyes, you’ll be wary of him. But he’s very charming and there’s a spark between him…

1 min.
coming soon…

★ Hollywood icon Sir Patrick Stewart returns to his legendary role of Jean-Luc Picard when Star Trek: Picard beams on to Amazon Prime Video. The series follows the further adventures of the former captain and stars other Star Trek favourites such as Jeri Ryan and Jonathan Frakes. ★ Get ready for some naked talent as Mary Beard reveals some of the greatest unclothed art in her new BBC2 series Mary Beard’s Shock of the Nude. Pieces include Michelangelo’s statue of David and the Venus de’ Medici sculpture. ★ Jason Manford will host BBC1’s comedy game show First and Last, which sees 11 players competing for a cash prize of £10,000. To win, they have to follow one golden rule – don’t come first or last in any of the daft games or…