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What's on TV

What's on TV 30-Nov-2019

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd What’s on TV is a value-packed, easy-to-use weekly magazine, full of TV information, features and listings. The Soapweek section gives you in-depth story updates and the double-page Soap Diary gives you a rundown of upcoming plots, complete with "must-see" moments flagged up. The TV Week and Real Life sections cover the best of the week's programmes, and there are seven days of clearly set out listings. ENGLAND edition

United Kingdom
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4 min.
hot tv this week

His Dark Materials SUNDAY 1 Dec, 8pm BBC1 Drama Lyra uses the mysterious ‘alethiometer’, which sends her and her polar bear friend Iorek Byrnison on a new mission in the frozen North. What they discover leads to a shocking but vital clue in the desperate search for her pal Roger and the other missing children… FULL STORY P11 Casualty SATURDAY 30 Nov, 9.10pm BBC1 Drama When Duffy starts seeing her deceased pet cat in the garden, Charlie is finally forced to face some hard home truths about his wife’s advancing dementia. Duffy is running a temperature, so Charlie admits her to the ED, where they make a decision about their future. Elsewhere, Rash is determined to follow the rules, while Mason doesn’t think twice about breaking them! FULL STORY P13 Holby City TUESDAY 3 Dec, 8pm (Wales, BBC2; Scot,…

2 min.
who’s got the x factor?

It’s the FINAL! THE X FACTOR: CELEBRITY Saturday, 7.10pm ITV Entertainment Q How has The X Factor: Celebrity felt like a different show to the regular X Factor? A It really has been much more fun because you don’t expect to have The Vixen from The Chase, Vinnie Jones or Martin Bashir enter a singing competition! These celebs are really putting their necks on the block. Q How much are you looking forward to Saturday night’s final? A The final will be brilliant fun. The surprise about this show is that all the celebrities can sing and they are really taking it seriously. Q Looking back on the series, which celebrities have you enjoyed watching each week? A I’m delighted to have had Megan [McKenna] in my category, she has the potential to be a real artist. Kevin…

1 min.

Best known for… Tazeen was a regular on C4’s current-affairs show Dispatches, where she investigated a range of subjects, from female jihadis to the cosmetics industry. Her Dispatches broadcast The Hunt for Britain’s Sex Gangs won a Royal Television Society Award and was nominated for a BAFTA. Other achievements… She was a news presenter on Liquid News, 60 Seconds and The 7 O’Clock News on BBC3. In 2009, she wrote a book, The Checkout Girl, about her six months working undercover in a supermarket. Family life… Tazeen died from cancer on 6 November, aged 48, and is survived by her two sons.…

2 min.
jac in crisis!

HOLBY CITY Tuesday, 8pm (Wales, BBC2; Scotland, 11.05pm) BBC1 Drama As she’s struggled to deal with certain situations both at home and at work, Jac Naylor’s mental state has caused concern among her Holby colleagues. And, this week, the usually formidable surgeon is pushed over the edge… Jac is preparing to perform complicated heart surgery on her friend and mentor Elliot Hope – arguably the biggest operation of her career – but she seems far from ready. Her office is a mess and medic Chloe tells director of nursing Fletch that she thinks she witnessed Jac having a panic attack. In denial Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) confronts Jac, who insists she’s fine, but she’s very emotional, especially as her ex Jonny is bringing their daughter Emma down from Edinburgh. ‘For Jac, it’s always been easier to be…

1 min.
everyone’s talking about…

TAKE ME OUT Here are secrets from behind the scenes of dating show Take Me Out (Sat, 6pm, ITV) Top Paddy-isms Up to the current series, host Paddy McGuinness has delivered 398 of his famous ‘Let the…’ catchphrases, including favourites ‘let the onion see the bhaji’, ‘let the hokey see the cokey’ and ‘let the pina see the colada’. Lift off! The love lift – the metal cylinder that transports the eligible singletons into the Take Me Out studio – takes 10 seconds to deliver each bachelor to the stage, but only six seconds to deliver Paddy at the start of every show. Cupid’s arrow Since Take Me Out began in 2010, it has been responsible for eight weddings and six babies, with the most recent born in March 2019. Ready or not… The Flirty Thirty get their hair…

1 min.
survive at all costs!

LAST IN SERIES! THE WAR OF THE WORLDS Sunday, 9pm BBC1 Drama Lovers Amy and George were finally reunited on the beach last week, yet their fight for survival has only just begun in the explosive series finale of The War of the Worlds. The terrifying tripods have destroyed most of the country, and things get worse when the Martians inside them descend from their war machines… Amy, George and his brother Frederick desperately seek shelter in an abandoned building, but will they be able to fight off the alien predators? ‘The Martians are proper scary,’ says Rafe Spall, who plays George. ‘I was worried the special effects might not be that great because it was a BBC drama, but they’re on a par with any other project I’ve worked on – including the Jurassic…