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What's on TV 18-Jan-2020

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd What’s on TV is a value-packed, easy-to-use weekly magazine, full of TV information, features and listings. The Soapweek section gives you in-depth story updates and the double-page Soap Diary gives you a rundown of upcoming plots, complete with "must-see" moments flagged up. The TV Week and Real Life sections cover the best of the week's programmes, and there are seven days of clearly set out listings. ENGLAND edition

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hot tv this week

new Star Trek: Picard From FRIDAY 24 January, 10 episodes released weekly Amazon Prime Video Sci-fi Sir Patrick Stewart beams back as Jean-Luc Picard in this spin-off Star Trek series. Set in 2399, it follows him on the next chapter of his life as he reconnects with old friends for a new battle. Star Trek: The Next Generation favourites Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes also return, while new cast includes Alison Pill and Santiago Cabrera. FULL STORY P7 Vera SUNDAY 19 January, 8.10pm ITV Drama When the body of 19-year-old apprentice electrician Dennis Bayliss is washed up on the shore of a rural estate, where there’s a booming salmon farm, DCI Vera Stanhope and DS Aiden Healy are called in. Vera soon discovers a long-buried secret about Dennis’ paternity that might unlock the mystery behind his death… new Yellowstone MONDAY…

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return of a space hero!

new STAR TREK: PICARD From Friday 24 January, 10 episodes released weekly Amazon Prime Video Sci-fi Q Why are you returning to Jean-Luc Picard now? A For a long time I kept saying, ‘Thank you, but no.’ Then as the subject matter of this new series became clearer to me and when I began to meet our incredibly distinguished writing team I knew that something very unusual was going to happen and I wanted to be a part of it. And so, here I am! Q How did you feel when TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation ended in 1994? A While shooting the last episode, Jonathan Frakes [William Riker] and I had a scene in the captain’s ready room. He said, ‘It’s been an honour, Captain.’ And I was supposed to say, ‘No, the…

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what’s hot! what’s not!

Marvellous midwives! A new series of Call the Midwife began on BBC1 on Sunday night, with 7m tuning in. It matched the success of the last series, and beat episode two of ITV’s new show The Masked Singer (4.3m). Dancer down The return of The Greatest Dancer on BBC1 on Saturday struggled to perform well, with 3.2m tuning in, 1.5m down on the opening episode of the previous series. It faced stiff competition from ITV’s The Masked Singer, which drew 5.5m for its launch show.…

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Best known for… Derek was a spirit medium and ghost-hunter who found fame in 2002 as the resident medium on Living TV’s Most Haunted, hosted by Yvette Fielding. He left the show in a media storm in 2005 over claims of fakery. Other famous achievements… He appeared in Paranormal Egypt and the second series of The Past Hunters, and had a cameo in Doctor Who in 2006. In 2017 he was one of the contestants on Celebrity Big Brother, finishing in fourth place. Family life… Derek died from sepsis brought on by pneumonia on 3 January, aged 69. He’s survived by his third wife, Gwen, and family.…

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science to the rescue!

DOCTOR WHO Sunday, 7.10pm BBC1 Drama Some of the world’s most well-known inventors join forces with the Doctor and her friends to save the world this week! The adventure begins in 1903 on the edge of Niagara Falls, where something has gone terribly wrong with Nikola Tesla’s generator plant. Some strange force has sabotaged the maverick inventor’s work with electricity, but could the message he received from Mars offer a clue as to what’s going on? With fellow inventor Thomas Edison (Spooks star Robert Glenister) also arriving on the scene, the Doctor and her friends face a scary new monster as they battle to save both Nikola Tesla (Goran Višnjić) and the planet! ‘I’ve always been a huge fan of Doctor Who,’ says Goran. ‘So when I was given the chance to play one of my…

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goodbye serena!

HOLBY CITY Tuesday, 8pm (Scotland 10.35pm) BBC1 Drama There’s an inspection at the AAU and, with CEO Max McGerry trying to make cuts to management staff, clinical lead Serena Campbell wants to ensure it passes with flying colours. Serena’s distracted, though, when nephew Jason (Jules Robertson) is sacked from his job as a hospital porter, since a private firm took over. When his colleagues start protesting, Max (Jo Martin) orders Serena to sort them out. Serena, however, decides to join them – and ends up getting arrested and thrown in the cells for the night! ‘Being part of the Holby family has been a delight,’ says Catherine Russell, who plays Serena. ‘I just need to get out there again.’ More online at whatsontv.co.uk/holby WORDS: NICK CANNON, NATASHA HOLT, SEAAN MARLAND, VICTORIA WILSON PHOTOS: BBC, FILMMAGIC, GETTY,…