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Women's Health November 2018

Women's Health readers strive to better their whole lives. And that's exactly why Women's Health reports on all the topics that interest them. In every issue you'll find topics on success strategies, nutrition, weight loss, health, fitness, special reports, sex & relationship, beauty breakthroughs, and style & fashion.

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liz’s letter

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF @lizplosser With each flop and kick, I feel my sleep tank emptying. Many mornings I drag myself out for a run with a hint of that bone-deep fatigue I struggled with when he was a baby. And I’m not alone! New research shows that the postpartum period, traditionally deemed a mere six weeks long, actually lasts years. Babies may be off-the-charts adorable (oh, how I miss George’s newborn smell!), but raising them while also looking after your own health and happiness is incredibly challenging. That’s why WH created the ultimate playbook for moms, “You’ve Got This, Mama” (page 116). It explores the good, the bad, and the seriously?! of having a baby. It’s filled with cutting-edge science and tips to help you feel your very best under the circumstances—physically, mentally, and emotionally.…

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advisory board

ANTHROPOLOGY Helen Fisher, PhD Research professor and member of the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies, Rutgers University; author, Why Him? Why Her?: How to Find and Keep Lasting Love CARDIOLOGY Maja Zaric, MD Interventional cardiology, peripheral arterial and venous disease director, Lenox Hill Hospital CAREER Amanda Steinberg Founder and CEO, DERMATOLOGY Francesca J. Fusco, MD Assistant clinical professor of dermatology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai ENTREPRENEURSHIP Jennifer Walsh Entrepreneur; consultant; founder of multiple lifestyle brands FERTILITY Sheeva Talebian, MD Fertility specialist and reproductive endocrinologist, CCRM New York FINANCE Manisha Thakor, CFA, CFP Director of Wealth Strategies for Women, Buckingham & The BAM Alliance FITNESS Rachel Cosgrove, CSCS Owner, Results Fitness; author, The Female Body Breakthrough Cassandra Forsythe, PhD, RD Exercise physiologist; author, The New Rules of Lifting for Women and Women’s Health Perfect Body Diet GASTROENTEROLOGY Jacqueline L. Wolf, MD Associate professor of medicine, Harvard…

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it’s good to be you

“Current mood Taking this week one day at a time. #CurlyandFit #WHStrong” @SHAINA.MCGREGOR “Never forget even the best was once a beginner. Take the first step!! #WHStrong” @MINIMARIE_FIT “It’s not just about lifting a dumbbell…it’s a mental game of not stopping when things get tough. #WHStrong” @THEJENNYJIGGLE “If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun. #WHStrong” @ANNACYCLING Post your #WHStrong wins and connect with us @WomensHealthMag! SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO WHSUBMISSIONS@HEARST.COM KAYLA BERTAGNOLLI (@FUELINGFUNCTION); JEFF COLLIER (@SHAINA.MCGREGOR); @DUYTAKESPHOTOS (@YARPULO); ELIZABETH LOONEY PHOTOGRAPHY (@MINIMARIE_FIT); @MATTEOPHOTOGRAPHS (@JOSEPHINERATLURI); ALEXIS BERG (@TINAEMELIE); ORIOL SIMON (@ANNACYCLING); MARWAN SHOUSHER (@LANZIE_); DANIELLA BORDONARO/@DANIELLA_DETHOMAS (@THEJENNYJIGGLE)…

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perfect pair

“Color blocking is an easy way to display confidence and make a statement, even in sweats. Choose colors of different tones in similar families, like pink and red.” “Another trick? Go for a monochromatic look—say, blue on blue—and add a pop of a second color via accessories.” “If creating a full outfit seems too daunting, opt for a single piece that will convey the trend with multiple colors or a geometric pattern.” Follow Gab on Insta @gabporcaro. MORE WAYS TO WEAR IT What’s in Sonequa Martin-Green’s Workout Bag? WHEN SHE’S NOT exploring the final frontier, the star of CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery is on a mission to become stronger through calisthenics and TRX training. A fan of pushing her limits, she also takes martial arts lessons from the show’s stunt pro. Here, her go-tos for an…

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micellar water

Have you heard the news? Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water is the best-kept secret for hydrated, healthy skin. Use it to gently remove makeup (even if it’s waterproof!), as a cleanser (no rubbing required!), and to simply soothe your skin. It’s formulated with micelles, cleansing molecules that act like tiny magnets to magically pick up dirt, oil, and makeup, leaving your face beautifully clean and refreshed—in a snap. Discover the secret why Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water is America’s #1 micellar water that millions of women love—and pass it on! why they switched* SKIN FEELS FRESH “This stuff is AMAZING. Not only is this cleanser super gentle on my skin, it removes makeup and dirt quickly and effectively AND it leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated.” —Nocturia NO STICKY RESIDUE “I decided to switch up and try…

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“no, i’m not on a diet.”

Follow my journey on Insta @martatopran. Want to hear something crazy? This is the first time in 15 years I haven’t been on a diet or thinking about how I need to go on one. South Beach, Whole30, cleanses, calorie counting, I’ve yo-yoed through them all. Health was never the goal; it was all about pounds and how fast I could drop them. There was no normal with food. It consumed my life. Just walking past a fro-yo store could throw me into a sugar-craving spiral. I’d agonize over what to order at dinner every night I was out. It’s depressing to think about how much time I’ve spent obsessing over food, assigning it moral values—good versus bad. Feeling constant desire, guilt, and regret. I was resigned to spending my life feeling…