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merna dudley remembered

Another pillar of early Standard Catalog of World Coins development passed away Sunday, Aug. 23. Merna Dudley worked as the SCWC’s coordinating editor during some of the years when listings were actively being built back in time from 1700 to 1501. Merna was a stickler for detail and worked tirelessly to bring more uniformity of style to the SCWC listings. Excellence in proofreading and data entry were Merna’s hallmarks, and her impact on the catalogs can be seen in the database even today, 10 years past her retirement. Merna’s organizational skills were perfect for the meticulous process of constructing accurate catalog listings. She kept files of original works from some of the staff and many of our most active contributors. In particular Merna enjoyed her projects with editor Colin R. Bruce…

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perth mint unveils 2021 bullion coin designs

ON AUG. 31, The Perth Mint unveiled the 2021 designs of Australia’s official bullion coin program. The annual range of precious metal coins portrays detailed artistry of the kangaroo in pure gold, silver, and platinum, alongside the koala and kookaburra in fine silver, complemented by the ox in the trio of metals in celebration to the forthcoming lunar calendar year. Global demand for precious metals has reached new heights in 2020 with The Perth Mint working to capacity to fulfill customer orders said General Manager Minted Products, Neil Vance. “Since March, our coin manufacturing facility has been operating multiple shifts up to six days a week, striking a record 100,000 coins a day some days to meet the needs of the markets,” Mr. Vance said. “We are in unprecedented times. This year more than…

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tamerlane swoops in

THE THING ABOUT being in a “central” location is that everything else is “out there.” Europe, for instance, on the edge of the great central continent, is definitely “out there,” as is China. Even though the Chinese call China “Central Country,” deep in their hearts they know that geography makes them peripheral. Peripheral to what? To Central Asia, of course. The middle of everything. For three millennia successive nomad groups would find a new military innovation and ride the technique to conquest of the periphery. It was never the other way around. The periphery’s efforts against the center were always defensive. They lacked the resources and methods to chase the nomads all over the place, so all they could do was resist. Sometimes that worked, sometimes not. The Mongols were the last and greatest…

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around the world

Indonesia Bank Note Information Hoax We’ve seen a devil’s face in someone’s hair, the word “sex” spelled out in a group of palm trees, and other such interpretable objects appearing on bank notes. Now Indonesia is blaming fake news for claiming something anti-Chinese appears on the nation’s recently released 75,000-rupiah bank note. The bank note, worth about 5 USD, was released to mark the 75th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence from the Netherlands. The Indonesian War of Independence involved an internal social revolution as well. The Netherlands officially recognized Indonesian independence in 1949. The independence movement gained momentum during the Japanese World War Two occupation of the country. The 75,000-rupiah note features a vignette depicting children from nine of Indonesia’s 34 provinces. Each child is dressed in a traditional outfit. One child from the…

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the coinage of peter i part three: 1705-1711

IN 1700 THE Great Northern War, which had broken out between Russia and Sweden, at first had gone against Russia. Swedish King Charles XII, thinking that Russian forces would never be a match for his small, but superbly trained legions, turned his fury against Poland after the Russian defeat at Narva in November 1700. Charles XII brought the weak Polish state to its knees, forcing the King, Augustus II, from the throne in November 1706 and installing his own man, Stanislaus Lesczynski, at the royal palace in Warsaw. In the meantime, Swedish attempts to dislodge the Russians from the Baltic shoreline proved futile; in the summer of 1707 Charles XII at last realized that Peter was no mean adversary and prepared for a full-scale war. The Swedes invaded Russia in the fall…

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new swiss commemoratives arriving in europe

IF YOU COLLECT modern Swiss commemorative coins you were probably very happy you got the Hare bimetallic 10 franc and the silver 20 franc for Roger Federer before production and delivery became problems during the pandemic. If you did not get them before the lockdowns began, then contact Lauren Benson, Inc. of Bettendorf, Iowa, as I believe he still has stock on each of them. Naomi Giewald of St. Gallen designed the latest in the Swiss forest animals series and this hare has proven popular. Giewald has also designed Swiss postage stamps with wildlife themes. Check out her website at to get a better idea of her style. The Roger Federer tennis commemorative was the work of Remo Mascherini who grew up in Bern and eventually trained with renowned Bernese relief…