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the coinage of peter i part five: 1718-1721

THE RUSSIAN MONETARY system underwent profound changes in 1718. In many respects, these were almost as interesting as those of two decades earlier when Peter I began issuing coins in a form familiar to the rest of Europe. The last of the debased silver coins were struck and replaced by a strong coinage of rubles and half rubles. Significant changes came also for the copper and gold. Yet, if one were able to return to the Russia of 1718, the important changes in the monetary system would have been of secondary importance for the first few months of the year. Instead, one of the great tragedies in Russian history was being played out in a grim St. Petersburg dungeon. The central figure was none other than Alexis, son and heir of…

7 min
münzenhandlung möller offers great hesse-cassel collection

Münzenhandlung Möller GmbH has their 76th auction up on their website at as I write this preview. All the lots are there and ready for you to peruse. The Auction firm was founded by Harald Möller in Espenau, Hessen, Germany, in 1990 and has consistently offered wide selections of material ranging from inexpensive collector coins and medals to rare coins not often seen elsewhere. Concerning German auction houses, I have always found Möller among the best for European medals and modern Germanic coinage. In fact, their auction archive is the first place I turn for sales records on 20th-century German coins when I look to adjust those areas in our database. In Auction 76 amongst all the nice lots in various collecting veins I found a few fabulous thalers that…

3 min
ghana coin and bank note trade deemed illegal

If you’ve ever considered becoming a coin dealer in Ghana, you might want to think twice. The Bank of Ghana, the African nation’s central bank, recently announced it is illegal to profit from buying or selling the nation’s coins or bank notes. In an Oct. 1 public notice the bank warned trading in Ghana’s currency is a criminal offense regardless of the intended purpose. According to sources, the underlying problem is a concern about individuals selling the currency to commercial vehicle operators known as Trotro in need of low denominations. Trotro are privately-owned minibus share taxis that travel fixed routes but only when filled to capacity. The notice posted through Bank of Ghana Secretary Sandra Thompson reads: “The Bank of Ghana wishes to inform and remind the general public, that it is…

5 min
coins of christmas present

The Christmas spirit continues to imbue the 2020 numismatic world despite the ravages of The Age of COVID. The number of different coins being struck to celebrate the season has certainly not decreased. Their subject matter has become many-and-varied, sufficient to satisfy most preferences, whether religious or secular. Those looking for a Christmas gift for the numismatist in their life are spoilt for choice. Just a few are listed here. As usual Australia’s Perth Mint was an early starter. For those who have collected the mint’s distinctive star-shaped, colored, proof Christmas silver dollars over the past 10 years, there is now an 11th to add to your collection. The 39 mm, 31.107 g (1 ounce) .9999 fine coin has a mintage of 1,500, down from last year. The design by Aleysha Howarth…

2 min
jewish-american hall of fame commemorate olympic swimming champion dara torres

The non-profit Jewish-American Hall of Fame has issued a limited number of large 2-inch, 3-ounce high relief art medals honoring Olympic multi-medal winner, swimmer Dara Torres. Torres competed in five Olympic Games, winning 12 medals. In her first Olympics, in 1984, she won a gold medal for the 100-meter relay. She went on to compete in the 1988, 1992, 2000, and 2008 Olympics, winning five medals in 2000, more than anyone else on her team. In 2008, the oldest-ever Olympic swimmer at age 41 (having given birth only a year earlier), won two silver medals for 100-meter medley relay and 50–meter freestyle, breaking the American freestyle record she had set at age 15. Over the course of her career, Dara won four gold, silver, and bronze medals at the Olympics and broke…

8 min
tannu tuva

I WAS THINKING, after finishing Tajikistan, that we’d look at Tanzania in Africa for a while for something completely different. Those of you who have been reading my articles for a few years have perhaps noticed that I pick my countries of interest out of the 20th and 21st century Standard Catalogs of World Coins, not the earlier ones. I forgot about Tannu Tuva. I forgive myself. The country was, in retrospect, an ephemeral political entity of the 20th century, in deep Central Asia, somewhat to the east of our recent focus. The nation that issued the coins that we can try to collect was formally independent for a few decades before that government politely requested permission to join the Soviet Union. Its territory is now called Tuva, part of the Russian…