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stack’s bowers galleries and kunker auctions team up

Auction houses Stack’s Bowers Galleries and Kunker have been chosen to sell the illustrious Mark and Lottie Salton Collection, a comprehensive holding of many thousands of coins of Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and Europe from the medieval period to the 20th century. The collections, built over a lifetime starting in the 1940s and perhaps earlier, will be dispersed in a series of joint auctions held in the U.S. and Germany, starting with an offering of Ancient Greek and select European coins at the New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC) on Jan. 16, 2022. Proceeds from the sale of the collections will benefit equally three organizations that are committed to the remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust and to ensuring that their fates will never be repeated: The Anti-Defamation…

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around the world

VENEZUELA CURRENCY WOES CONTINUE Venezuelans were instructed on August 5 to slash six zeroes off their inflation ravaged bolivar currency as the purchasing power of the domestic currency continued to drop dramatically. The battered bolivar was planned to be replaced October 1 with a digital bolivar which is understood to be released in physical form. Sources indicated the new physical currency will consist of a 1-bolivar coin and bank notes with face values of 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 bolivars. According to an El Banco Central de Venezuela or Venezuela Central Bank one-line statement, “All monetary amounts expressed in national currency will be divided by one million.” The move isn’t unanticipated. On August 4 Cesar Aristimuno, director of Aristimuno Herrera and Associates, told the news reporting agency Agence France-Presse, “It was an expected…

10 min
the coinage of russia 1746-1750

IN LATE 1741 Elizabeth Petrovna, daughter of Peter the Great, seized the Russian throne from Ivan III in a bloodless coup d’etat and used the early months of her reign to solidify her position. A war with Sweden was quickly concluded on favorable terms and her thoughts turned to other matters. The most pressing problem facing the Empress in the early 1740s was the question of the succession to the throne. She finally decided upon her nephew Peter, son of her sister Anna Petrovna (not the same person as the Empress Anna). Peter had been born in 1729 in Germany, where his parents had fled to escape the wrath of Prince Menshikov, then the power behind the throne. Once the succession had been determined, Elizabeth next had to choose a suitable bride…

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hidden tibetan coinage

I JUST HEARD on the news that they found handprints of children in Tibet that are 200,000 years old. If we accept that collateral line as “us” then humans are now known to have been present in Tibet ten times earlier than was known a few years ago. The Tibetan religious orders of the post-Mongol period had civil government bureaucracies and military forces and indentured farmers and tax structures. They did business and acted as governments. There were “secular” power holders in Tibet as well. Nobles of various kinds. The governments of those people were all of the strongman type. All of these power holders fought each other all the time. Sometimes they used words, other times weapons. The Gelugpa sect won the Tibetan civil war of the early 17th century. The Fifth…

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gietzelt collection of hammered british sells at dix noonan webb

MICHAEL GIETZELT WAS born and raised in Berlin, Germany from the mid-1950’s through the mid-1970’s. With schooling and military service behind him, Michael started studying medicine, but then changed tracks and opened an antique shop. A maternally stirred interest in British coinage lead to his collecting of English coins, orders, medals and decorations. The Gietzelt milled British coin collection was dispersed through Dix Noonan Webb about three years ago in November, 2018, but Michael continued to collect on other planes of British numismatic pursuit. This fall we were treated to the dispersal of the Gietzelt hammered and Anglo Gallic coins through DNW and the following are some of the highlights of this auction. The Great Rebellion in England produced both British and Irish siege coinage. These pieces have always been a popular area…

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over 5,000 lots in heidelberger münzhandlung auction 83

You may not think that many auctions these days offer coins which the average collector can afford. It’s a function of reviewers, like me, often report on the record prices and stunning pieces at the top of each market. That’s how the news works I guess, but for this article we want to emphasis an auction where nice coins at lower levels can be found, right along with those top of the market pieces. Auction 83 of Heidelberger Münzhandlung offers exactly what many collectors are currently looking for: coins they can afford with estimates starting in the two-digit range. From common German talers to rare Chinese patterns this sale offers a little of everything. When you think about that, you realize that with 5,268 lots for sale, there are bound to…