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Your Horse inspires its readers to enjoy every second in the saddle. Written by a team of passionate equestrian experts, Your Horse magazine helps you improve your riding, care for your horses and stay up to date on the latest gear. We also encourage you to try new and exciting adventures! Our three main areas of content are: Riding advice: From the best riders and trainers in the world Horse care advice: Expert tips and advice on all aspects of horse care Buying Advice: Helping you spend your money with confidence Your Horse magazine: share our passion for horses.

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(PHOTO: REBECCA COLE/ALAMY*) WHEN I SAT down to write this comment, the UK equine industry was on the brink of an equine influenza epidemic. I don’t use the word epidemic lightly: as Your Horse went to press, we weren’t at that stage, but with the startlingly low number of UK horses being vaccinated against flu, it could happen. Is that what it will take to prompt the horse world into action?This is a topic I feel particularly strongly about. If all horses were vaccinated, it would lower the risk of outbreaks to tiny numbers — and if it did happen, symptoms would be less painful. Don’t get me wrong; flu is endemic to the UK and there are cases every year, but the numbers affected this time — and the…

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a word from the team...

Deputy editor Allison Lowther: Achieving that sometimes elusive consistent contact isn’t easy, but dressage rider Charlie Hutton has some exercises to help. Each is straightforward and I guarantee you’ll feel the benefits. I’ve been using them as part of my schooling sessions and can definitely feel an improvement. Page 52 Features editor Stephanie Anthony: There’s light at the end of the tunnel — spring is springing! Now’s a great time to give your horse a health MOT to ensure he’s in tip-top condition from head to hoof. We’ve gathered the latest advice from industry experts on page 66. Olympic showjumper Ben Maher: The showjumping warm-up arena can be daunting and it’s easy to underestimate the importance of a course walk. My structured approach…

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go on a fun ride

IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN on a fun ride before, you’re missing out. Mile upon mile of glorious off-road riding in an area you’ve probably not explored before, a plethora of fences to fly over (they’re all optional, so don’t worry if jumping’s not your thing), and a couple of hours having a brilliant time with your friends.The clue’s in the name — these rides are all about having fun.Fun rides are a perfect confidence booster for horses and riders who do better in company, with no pressure to jump and going at whatever speed you feel comfortable.Also known as pleasure rides or sponsored rides, though basically the same thing, they generally require a sign-up fee that then goes to charity (sponsored rides usually require a minimum amount of money…

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horse talk

NEW RESEARCH Researchers find link between insulin and laminitis Veterinary researchers in Australia have identified a possible link between high levels of insulin and laminitis.The study, which investigated the effects of insulin on equine hoof lamellar cells in a laboratory, was conducted by the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science, in conjunction with the WALTHAM Equine Studies Group. High levels of the hormone insulin have been known for some time to cause acute endocrine laminitis. But hormones must interact with a specific receptor on the surface of cells to trigger effects, and there are no insulin receptors on the hoof lamellar cells.However, there are close similarities between insulin and a hormone called insulin-like growth factor -1 (IGF-1). These receptors are located…

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this month we love...

PLEASANT PHEASANT CO Seeking a personalised gift for a fellow horse lover or perhaps a little treat for yourself? This papercut outline of a galloping horse from the Pleasant Pheasant Co is backed with cock pheasant feathers and topped with your horse’s name for £25. thepleasantpheasant.net DEMI DRESSAGE Building on the growing trend for online competition, Demi Dressage is entirely focused on young riders, from tots to teens, with tests designed and written to be suitable for this age group. facebook.com/demidressage FINDING HOPE AT HILLSIDE FARM Hillside Farm is a safe haven for Ella. Working with her aunt Bron, she runs her own business sharing her love of horses to help those in emotional need. As the cover states, it’s “a heart-warming tale…

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equine flu: fighting the threat

FOLLOWING MYRIAD outbreaks of equine influenza (EI) in the UK recently — including in horses who have been vaccinated — vets, scientists and industry professionals are warning that all horse owners must act now.Flu is highly contagious. It can travel up to 5km in the air and is easily passed on via human touch and clothing. Yet it is estimated that less than 50% of the UK’s horses are vaccinated against flu.When Your Horse magazine went to press, cases were confirmed in 18 counties. Florida clade 1 is a new strain of flu in the UK, although it is routinely vaccinated against in America. Most UK horses receive European vaccines, which is why multiple vaccinated horses have fallen ill with flu.A country-wide cancellation of all race meetings, including point-to-points,…