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Issue 458

Your Horse inspires its readers to enjoy every second in the saddle. Written by a team of passionate equestrian experts, Your Horse magazine helps you improve your riding, care for your horses and stay up to date on the latest gear. We also encourage you to try new and exciting adventures! Our three main areas of content are: Riding advice: From the best riders and trainers in the world Horse care advice: Expert tips and advice on all aspects of horse care Buying Advice: Helping you spend your money with confidence Your Horse magazine: share our passion for horses.

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THE LEGEND THAT is Mark Todd recently announced his retirement from eventing. I can remember when I was considerably younger watching him ride across country — I’ll even confess to having posters of him from Horse & Pony magazine pinned on my bedroom wall. I for one will miss watching him at all the major events where he always made the cross-country look so easy, and I wish him lots of luck as he ventures into racehorse training. You can read our exclusive interview with him on page 16. Although I still love the sport of eventing and follow it avidly, I no longer leave the ground intentionally. Instead, I’ve gone over to the dark side and enjoy training and competing in dressage. If you’re keen to up your scores —…

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a word from the team...

Features editor Stephanie Anthony: If your enthusiasm for jumping has lost its fizz, take a look at our feature with Mia Palles-Clark. Her exercises are sure to give you lots of inspiration and boost your confidence too. Page 52 Freelance features writer Julie Brown: This issue I had the pleasure of working with eventer John Thelwall on a feature about perfecting the five phases of a horse’s jump. It’s a while since I last left the floor and it was great to be reminded about what’s important. He has some useful exercises to try too. Page 40 Dressage rider and trainer Emma Woolley: Warming up indoors can be daunting — the noise and lack of space can lead to you and your horse being distracted, which can mean a disappointing score in the arena. Try…

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your horse challenges you to... ride to music

THERE ARE CERTAIN performances that simply make your jaw drop and one such combination is, of course, Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro and their stunning dressage to music routines. But riding to music doesn’t have to be just for competitive purposes — it’s a great way to improve your riding when schooling and even out on a hack. There’s plenty of research on the impact of music on a person’s mindset and physiology. Music can be great for relaxing, motivating you and making you feel more positive and confident. Listening to music can also be a great tool in the saddle, helping you to keep your rhythm consistent, particularly if your horse likes to rush. While he may be able to push his trot a little faster when you’re counting strides in your…

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horse talk

WINTER DIET Weight management key to laminitis control Laminitis remains one of the most common conditions treated by vets. At the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) congress in September, experts stated that weight loss, diet and management changes designed to combat obesity are the best weapons in the fight to reduce laminitis. Around 90% of horses with the condition have endocrinopathic laminitis — stemming from hormonal conditions, such as equine Cushing’s (or PPID) or equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) — but, despite ongoing research, much about this link still remains unclear. Speaking at the conference, David Rendle, equine internal medicine specialist at Rainbow Equine Hospital, said this type of laminitis is best managed by “diet and management change, not pharmaceuticals”. Nicky Jarvis of Redwings Horse Sanctuary added: “Crash diets are not the solution. People need…

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rescue update

Yogi came into World Horse Welfare’s care as a two-year-old after he and his fieldmate were bought by someone with little knowledge of their background. Both ponies were unhandled, entire and being kept in an over-grazed paddock next to a field of mares. After contacting World Horse Welfare for advice, the owner agreed it was in the ponies’ best interests to be signed over to the charity. Yogi was extremely nervous of human contact, but with patient handling his confidence began to develop. In time, he was ready to be rehomed so that his education could continue. When Yogi was old enough to be broken to drive, his potential swiftly became apparent. Rehomer Amy Last started his training as a driving pony and soon realised that Yogi had some real talent. In…

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this month we love...

SNAFFLE BRACELET The Anna Snaffle Bracelet from Grays is made from leather and is available in a range of colours including tan (pictured above), brown, hide, pink and blue. RRP £20 grayscountrygifts.com COLOURFUL CUSHIONS With a range of designs to choose from, these vegan suede cushions are sure to add a pop of colour to any room. Each cushion comes with an insert and measures 45x45cm. There’s a zip for easy wash care and the design is printed on ‘stone’ faux suede. RRP £25 alisonstafford.com CLIP CLOP COFFEE Keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold with this reusable travel mug featuring a bright horsey pattern. RRP £14.48 amazon.co.uk…