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101 Places for the Over 50s to Visit

101 Places for the Over 50s to Visit

101 Places for the Over 50s to Visit

The world is a huge place, with so many beautiful things to see, and enticing cultures to experience. Whether you're looking for a classic city break, or to go somewhere truly off the beaten path, our brand new bookazine has you covered. Featuring full coverage of the Earth's continents, as well as useful information to help you plan your journey in comfort, you'll discover some of the best places the planet has to offer. There's no better time to get out and explore the world – why not start now?

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10 london

Samuel Johnson once said: “When a man is tired of London, he’s tired of life.” London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It’s packed with things to see and do, from beautiful architecture and history to iconic landmarks and, of course, the Royal Family! It’s a shopaholic’s paradise, a culture vulture’s dream and a major foodie hotspot. But beyond this, every neighbourhood has something unique to offer. Red telephone booths, double-decker buses and the Underground are synonymous with London, but the city is full of iconic sights. One of the most famous landmarks is Big Ben. You can’t take a trip to London without taking a photograph in front of the Houses of Parliament. Mistakenly, most people think Big Ben is the 96-metre (315-foot) clock tower, but…

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29 niagara falls

There are few international borders as impressive as this one. Niagara Falls marks the boundary between the American state of New York and the Canadian province of Ontario – at least, partly. Niagara Falls is actually three distinct waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls bisects the USA-Canada border, while American Falls and the much smaller Bridal Veil Falls lie entirely on the United States’ side. The three waterfalls, with Goat Island and Luna Island separating them, all lie in the Niagara River. Unlike elsewhere on the border, here anything to the west of the river is Canada and anything to the east is the United States. On average, 2,400 cubic metres of water flows over Horseshoe Falls – the biggest of the three – every second. However, that figure varies depending on the season…

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91 sydney

When visiting Australia, there is no place more vibrant and more exciting to be than its capital city of Sydney. Depending on the time of year you visit, there is always a multitude of things to see and do, from the golden sands of Bondi Beach in the height of summer to the world’s most impressive firework display to see in the New Year. However, if you find yourself in the neighbourhood on any given day and are in need of something fun, then you will not be disappointed by the sights and scenes of Sydney life. To really experience the beauty of the city, head straight to Sydney Harbour Bridge. The best way to access and experience the majestic structure, which stands at 504 metres (1,654 feet) tall and stretches…

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69 victoria falls

Before you even reach Victoria Falls – the spectacular 108-metre (354-foot) waterfall on the Zambezi River in southern Africa – you will see huge columns of spray rising some 500 metres (1,640 feet) into the air. You’ll also hear the incredible thunder of the water as it cascades over the lip of a large basalt plateau. Little wonder the original name for this unique sight was Mosi-oa-Tunya, which literally means ‘the smoke that thunders’. Victoria Falls got its name thanks to the Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone in 1855, in honour of Queen Victoria. It straddles the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, where it is bound by low sandstone hills. It turns a generally placid river into a pounding torrent, as more than 500 million cubic metres of water plunge…

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68 hagia sophia

The phrase ‘third time lucky’ could so easily have been coined for Hagia Sophia – a magnificent former place of worship that ended up being built three times. But the luck is actually with those who set eyes upon the final form we see today, for the ancient domes and minarets of this church-cum-mosque-cummuseum are a truly historic sight to behold Anyone standing and gazing upon this stunning landmark as it pierces the clear, blue sky of Istanbul is bearing witness to some 1,480 years of history. After all, Hagia Sophia is rightly considered to be one of the world’s greatest man-made monuments, sitting proud in the city’s Sultanahmet district as a symbol of past Byzantine might. It also bears the strong stamp of the 15th-century Ottoman invasion. To that end, exploring…

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25 budapest

Divided by the Danube River, but connected by a 19th-century chain bridge that joins the districts Buda and Pest, the Hungarian capital is a safe, tourist-friendly destination. This grand city has something to offer everyone, from dramatic history and dazzling architecture to healing thermal waters and tasty food. The absolute go-to attraction for all who venture to Budapest is Castle Hill, a onekilometre-long limestone plateau towering 170 metres above the Danube. It contains some of the city’s most important Medieval monuments and museums, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Castle Hill can be accessed by a number of local buses, but if you’re willing to queue, you can take the famous funicular railway from the Pest side of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. A hop-on hop-off bus tour is one of the…