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220 Beginners Guide to Triathlon

Beginners Guide to Triathlon

220 Triathlon's Beginner's Guide to Triathlon will make your entry to triathlon a successful and enjoyable one. This 132-page special edition gives you all the training, gear and nutrition advice you need to become a triathlete in 2019. INSIDE YOU'LL DISCOVER… - How to choose your first triathlon - Step-by-step drills to make front-crawl swimming easy and fast - Sub-£500 road bikes that are comfortable and swift - Simple techniques to increase bike confidence – and speed - Delicious recipes to boost energy and lose weight - How to run fast off the bike - Essential race-day tips - And much, much more

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affordable wetsuits

Although most events will see you in a wetsuit for about 10-20% of your race duration, a triathlonspecific suit can make or break your experience. An ill-fitting, poorly chosen model will leave you sinking in the water or with a sore neck; your optimum suit will be the finishing touch to all those hours of pool training, and will make you look and feel unstoppable come race morning. When it comes to buying your wetsuit, our mantra is ‘try before you buy’, as the sizes can vary hugely. Find a triathlon retailer or attend a triathlon expo to try the suits, especially if this is your first tri wetsuit purchase. If not, ensure the online seller has a decent returns policy and study the size guide. Also be aware of your own…

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anatomy of the bike

W hether it’s for training, commuting or just riding for fun, a road bike is far more versatile than a triathlon bike. Its better handling is appreciated in traffic, while the lack of aerobars and less material means it’s lighter. A triathlon bike, on the other hand, is specifically for racing and arguably for when you’ve completed a race or two. (Then again, we do see many beginners aboard triathlon bikes.) They’re built for speed but less versatile than a road bike. A good halfway house is a road bike for training and then adding a set of clip-on aerobars for racing. Either way, here’s a breakdown of each bike… Road bike 01 / Hoods/shifters If you’re ‘on the hoods’, you’ll be riding with your hands resting on the rubber covers on…

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sub-£500 roadsters

T hese bikes might not be where the latest digital gearing or carbon-fibre construction techniques are found, but they’re possibly the most important cycling species of all. For many triathletes, the £500 road bike is their first ‘proper’ bike purchase. The one that takes mileage into double or maybe triple figures, gets accessorised with Lycra kit, and leads to entering sprint and Olympic-distance triathlons. This could be the bike that gets you hooked on multisport racing for the rest of your life. We realise that £500 is a lot to spend on a new hobby, so you have every right to expect a great experience in return. These bikes have to deliver a performanceenhancing ride that you’ll want to repeat over and over again. Like most industries, bike-building budgets are being squeezed…

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running shoes

Run shoe manufacturers might sometimes be liberal with claimed injury-prevention advantages but, as time passes and injury stats are studied, there’s an increasing argument that run shoe choice should largely be about what feels the most natural and comfortable. Some run-shop experts might disagree, their video technology a tool of persuasion, but use this as a starting point and you won’t go far wrong. It’s a point picked up on by coach Annie Emmerson. “In all honesty I’d not change too much in terms of biomechanics,” says Emmerson. “Instead, work with what you have and make subtle changes along the way. For instance, I wear a neutral shoe, but if I’m racking up the miles in training, I’ll buy an off-the-peg inner-sole with a bit of arch support. Ultimately, there are…

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triathlon essentials

01 Tri-suit Arguably this is one of the easiest ways to save time, removing the need to swap between swim, bike and run gear; instead, this one- or two-piece swathe of Lycra copes with all three disciplines, shedding water from the swim, adding comfort on the bike through its minimal but appreciated chamois pad and breathing beautifully on the run. A rear pocket’s also a useful addition for storing gels. Prices start from £50.00 Pictured: Zone3 Activate+ £89.00 racezone3.com 02 Open-water goggles At a typical race start you’ll see all sorts of eyewear, from ultra slim-profile racers to goggles that resemble snorkelling masks. Such a wide range goes to show that having something you’re familiar with is far more important than wearing the latest high-tech, hydrodynamic goggles. That said, being one of the…

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swimming made easy

Running. Anyone can do it, right? And as for riding a bike… It’s like, well, riding a bike… But if there’s a stumbling block for many first-time triathletes, it’s the watery bit at the start. For many, this is a mix of poor ability (or no ability!), fear of the unknown as they’ve never swum in open water before (and let’s be honest, there could be anything in there) or concern about the triathlon specifics such as mass starts, swimming with others and following a course. You’re not alone. Statistics reveal that 20% of adults in the UK can’t swim, and of those that can, many aren’t comfortable in the water – or haven’t braved the pool since their school days. This feature will give you the skills you need to…