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ABC Soaps In Depth December 30, 2019

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tracy’s back: elq the bickering!

IN The In Depth Story: Wally Kurth (Ned) is thrilled to see his character’s mother back on the canvas so soon after daughter Brook Lynn returned. “Got a couple surprise family members who showed up,” he tells Soaps In Depth. “I love the Quartermaines. It’s an important legacy, and I’m always cheering that on. They’ve been on this canvas for many, many years, and ABC has invested a lot of time in the Quartermaines, so let’s keep it going!” The snarky matriarch’s return to the family fold comes just as the clan is facing yet another ELQ crisis — and on-screen sparring partner Leslie Charleson (Monica) says that working with her friend again “was wonderful. We’ve known each other for a hundred years.” Can viewers expect the bickering and banter that they have…

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nick goes all-out!

Victor takes daughter Victoria into his confidence this week, while Jack decides it’s time for him to take control of Jabot (again). Someone in Genoa City should definitely be sleeping with one eye open, because Phyllis is cooking up a little revenge! Theo gets to spend some time with a few of the more welcoming members of his new family, while Victor and Nikki call their clan together for a meeting. And wait until you find out the sacrifice that Nick proves willing to make for someone he loves!…

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the one that got away

Steve Bond says that while portraying Edward Quartermaine’s illegitimate son, Jimmy Lee Holt, on GENERAL HOSPITAL, his favorite plot was his character’s pursuit of Celia Quartermaine. “The way I played it was that she was the one he really loved,” he recalls. “They were distant cousins so they weren’t that close, but still, it was forbidden fruit.” Love At First Sight The duo might never have met, had Jimmy Lee’s mother, Beatrice LeSeur, not brought him to Port Charles. “He saw Celia at a party at the Quartermaine mansion,” Bond recalls, “and it was one of those thunderbolt moments…” Throwing caution to the wind, the two began a passionate affair. But at the same time, Celia remained engaged to Grant Putnam, the doctor with whom she’d reconciled after it was revealed that he’d…

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let it snow

2 min
ho-ho-home, sweet home

GH’s John J. York (Mac) always gets a bit nostalgic when he starts getting the house ready for Christmas. “My favorite memories from when I was a kid would be going up to the dusty attic and bringing down all the boxes to decorate… and somehow always cutting one or two of my fingers putting together the silver, aluminum-foil Christmas tree!” he recalls. “So what gets me in the Christmas spirit now is the Thanksgiving get-together, and then in the next day or two, we pull out the boxes of decorations, put on the Christmas music and decorate the house.” The Midwestern boy also gets into the mood via classics like A Christmas Story. “That movie is me growing up — that’s my neighborhood, that’s my school,” he says. “It’s a…

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jingle all the way

Before you enjoy your annual reading of ’Twas The Night Before Christmas, Soaps In Depth — and the stars of GENERAL HOSPITAL, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and DAYS OF OUR LIVES — have some other stories to share that are sure to put the ho, ho, ho in your holidays. Just turn the page, and let their anecdotes about treasured family traditions and ambitious Yuletide travel plans warm your heart as thoroughly as a cup of eggnog sipped in front of a roaring fire and a twinkling Christmas tree.…