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ABC Soaps In Depth January 13, 2020

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the biggest stories of 2019

Maurice Benard Became An Author Nothing General About It: How Love (And Lithium) Saved Me On And Off GH isn’t due out until April 7, but Maurice Benard’s memoir is already a bestseller. And while the book promises to dive into the Emmy winner’s battle with bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety, the mental-health advocate who plays Sonny has also been reaching out to fans in another way: via his Sunday-morning STATE OF MIND Instastory talks. He’s also launched the mbstateofmind.com Web site. A Co-Headwriter Retired Shelly Altman — who’s won Emmys for penning ONE LIFE TO LIVE and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and also wrote for ANOTHER WORLD — retired from her post as GH’s co-headwriter this summer. She left the trials and tribulations of Port Charles in the hands of her…

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will sonny blow it with carly?

The In Depth Story: Sonny and Carly have a sexy, volatile past. But since coming back together after losing Morgan, they’ve found a way to balance their strong personalities and even learned to catch themselves when they start picking fights for the wrong reasons. “It’s a mature relationship,” Maurice Benard (Sonny) contends. “Laura Wright (Carly) and I get along great, and we’re two good actors working together, so it feels real. That’s what I dig about it. It’s two people who are really talking like married people do — as opposed to acting.” The moment Carly’s ex-husband returned, of course, everything shifted. “Sonny doesn’t like him,” reminds Benard. “Jax is annoying.” And, not for nothing, but Jax slept with Carly the last time he was in town — which is why Sonny…

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the write stuff

The Writers Guild Of America has nominated the scribes of GH, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and DAYS OF OUR LIVES in the daytime drama category for the upcoming 2020 awards! (Despite its ratings-breaking Baby Beth storyline, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL did not get a nod.) Not only has GH taken home WGA gold eight times, but the ABC sudser has earned back-to-back wins over the last five years. “Congratulations to our amazing GH writing team for their well-deserved nomination,” tweeted Eden McCoy (Josslyn). “So proud and grateful for the stories you gift us with!” The 72nd-annual WGA Awards will be handed out on Saturday, February 1, in dual ceremonies to be held in New York and Los Angeles.…

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star is making a major move!

The In Depth Story: Posting photos to Instagram from a recent trip to Montana to visit her sister’s family, the actress revealed that she and husband Aaron Phypers would be spending a lot more time in Big Sky country. “Soon we will be living here in Montana and Los Angeles,” wrote the soap star and THE REAL HOUSE-WIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS cast member, adding that she’d like to own a ranch with animals in Montana but still hang on to the fancier lifestyle L.A. has to offer. “I love city life,” Richards previously admitted during a chat with Soaps In Depth, “but I also love having somewhere you can go and relax, just small-town living.” But will living part of the year 1,200 miles from where B&B tapes disrupt Richards’ presence on…

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emmy-winning producer dies

Lisa de Cazotte passed away on December 7 at the age of 58 after a long illness. A supervising producer at THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS at the time of her death, the daytime vet began her soap career in 1990, as a ONE LIFE TO LIVE intern. After rising in the ranks there, de Cazotte worked on SANTA BARBARA, ALL MY CHILDREN and SUNSET BEACH before partnering with writer James E. Reilly in 1999 to launch and executive-produce PASSIONS. Post-PASSIONS, she produced GENERAL HOSPITAL’s NIGHT SHIFT spin-off and won Emmys while at DAYS OF OUR LIVES and Y&R. She is survived by her husband, documentary filmmaker Antoine de Cazotte, three brothers and a host of nieces and nephews.…

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kristen wigs out!

The In Depth Story: According to portrayer Stacy Haiduk, Kristen left Brady because “the life she thought they would have with the baby was gone, and she didn’t want to put pain over losing the baby on him.” However, after deciding that she wanted to fight for Brady — “because she loves him,” says Haiduk — Kristen returned to Salem only to discover that he hasn’t exactly been pining away for her! This week, Kristen flips her lid when she sees Brady in a lip-lock with his ex-girlfriend, Nicole. (You know, the very one that Kristen wore a mask to impersonate.) After spending some time stewing over the situation, Kristen lays her heart on the line. But will telling Brady that she’s changed her mind and wants to be together — baby…