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ABC Soaps In Depth January 27, 2020

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2 min
the truth stalks peter!

The In Depth Story: From the beginning, Peter has been an incredibly complicated character. Not surprisingly, he’s also elicited a wide array of reactions from viewers. Some believe he can change, especially with the help of the women in his life. Others think he should be dumped by Maxie and arrested by Anna! (To read more on just how divisive the character is, turn to the Love It/Hate It section, page 42!) “Peter has done ugly things in the name of protecting his beautiful life.” Equally torn when it comes to Peter is Anna, who may or may not turn out to be his mother. Although she spent several months trying to figure out whether she or twin sister Alex actually gave birth to Faison’s son, that search didn’t prove terribly helpful.…

3 min
could dev’s lie land sonny in jail?

The In Depth Story: When Dev landed in Port Charles last summer after escaping from Turkey, Sonny claimed that he was family and had Brick create faux paperwork for “Devin Corbin.” Despite that whopper of a lie, the teen may still be eligible for legal immigration status if caught… while Sonny could end up in the clink! “He could definitely be subject to criminal prosecution for fraud and things of that nature for creating and helping Dev obtain false documents,” attorney Mary Armistead warns. But of course, that’s only if the paper trail leads to Sonny! And considering the Teflon don’s past and Brick’s connections, that seems unlikely. As for Josslyn, Trina and Cameron — who were clued in to the truth and kept Dev’s secret — the teens would not be…

1 min

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ co-executive producer/headwriter, Josh Griffith, gives us the lowdown on the shake-ups that are about to rock Genoa City to its core! Playing With Fire As Billy continues to struggle with his inner demons, his growing friendship with Amanda may threaten his home life with Victoria. “Billy and Amanda will find themselves in a dangerous situation that will lead them to question the true nature of their relationship,” warns Griffith. Nikki’s Got A Secret! Newman patriarch Victor “will begin the new year preparing to celebrate a huge milestone for [his] legacy.” But he isn’t the only one who will be busy. “Nikki will embark on a secret project that will surprise her family!” And now that Nick and Chelsea have split, “Adam has made his feelings for Chelsea perfectly clear,…

1 min

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL executive producer and headwriter Bradley Bell teases what viewers can look forward to in the new year! Shauna Makes Her Move On Ridge! Brooke and Ridge are “deeply in love with one another, but he is pleading with her to give Thomas a second chance, and she’s having a hard time with that.” Meanwhile, a smitten Shauna believes that Ridge is now hers for the taking! “She wants to bring happiness, joy and levity to his life, because Brooke is just not doing that,” notes Bell. “Shauna believes it’s time for Ridge to move on — with her!” Wyatt’s Decision Makes Waves! Unresolved feelings for both Sally and Flo will continue to create problems for Wyatt. “Though he’ll have made a very definite decision,” the exec says, “there’s going…

1 min
eli proposes!

The In Depth Story: Might the third time be the charm for this twice-married widow? Not if Lani has anything to say about it! While Eli fills in Abe on his daughter’s recent uncharacteristic behavior, Lani tells JJ everything that Gabi has done to her! Armed with the knowledge that Gabi has an app to control Julie’s pacemaker, JJ pays his ex a visit under false pretenses to try to disable the program. If he succeeds, then the threat that Gabi’s been holding over Lani’s head goes up in smoke. Plus, there could be — and should be! — criminal charges for Gabi to face! Will JJ succeed in his task?…

1 min
2020 preview!

There are tense times around the corner for your Salem favorites! Determined to split up John and Marlena, Stefano and Gina hatch a new plot to do exactly that! Meanwhile, Rafe turns to Shawn for help in figuring out why Hope has been acting so strangely. • When Will pushes for a divorce, Sonny moves on with hunky manny Evan! • Chad and Abigail start asking questions about Stefano. • Eric and Sarah get more bad news about their daughter.…