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ABC Soaps In Depth February 24, 2020

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2 min
will nelle ruin chase’s new life?

The In Depth Story: Before either Chase or Nelle arrived in town, she’d nearly destroyed his career by seducing him while he was investigating the death of her fiancé, Zachary — then reporting the cop to his superiors! Thankfully, since moving to Port Charles, Chase has managed to rebuild his life. He’s become Jordan’s most trusted detective, helped pal Michael take down Nelle, forged a relationship with estranged brother Finn and found love with Willow. At this point, “we’ve had a great four or five months — which has been fun,” portrayer Josh Swickard says of his character and Willow. And though the couple did hit a small bump with that recent pregnancy scare, it also put their relationship into perspective. “Chase said he wasn’t ready, and it was a bit…

2 min
is josslyn ready to fall in love again?

The In Depth Story: After months of mourning Oscar, Josslyn finally put herself out there and planted a kiss on Dev — only to be turned down. “He’s new and exciting and from an exotic foreign country, so he’s intriguing for Joss,” portrayer Eden McCoy contends. “He also doesn’t come from wealth yet seems very worldly to her, and I think she’s drawn to how ‘street-smart’ he is. “Cam can get out of the friend zone once something wakes Josslyn up to her own feelings about him!” “Dev could be really good for Josslyn,” she continues, “given that he obviously cares about her, he’s overcome adversity in his life, and he’s a survivor.” But while McCoy suspects Dev and Joss could work as a couple, we still don’t know much about the Turkish…

1 min
in memoriam

Actor/writer/director Stan Kirsch, who played GH’s Carl back in 1992, passed away on January 11 at the age of 51 from an apparent suicide. Well-known for playing Richie Ryan on the original HIGH-LANDER and a five-season run on JAG, Kirsch was also a renowned acting coach who worked with GH’s Mark Lawson (Dustin). “I’m reeling… all the way back to my first year in Los Angeles,” the actor wrote in a long Instagram post in which he recalled how Kirsch had taught, motivated and cheered him on since Lawson started in the business. “You were my first big brother here. I’ll never forget that. You were brilliant. I miss you.” In other sad news, DARK SHADOWS alum John Karlen died from congestive heart failure on January 22 at the age of 86.…

1 min
sharon’s biggest battle yet!

The In Depth Story: As Sharon undergoes treatment for cancer, Y&R co-executive producer/headwriter Josh Griffith says she “will continue to show incredible strength in her fight.” Thankfully, Sharon won’t be alone, as her family and friends — and a surprising foe — have rallied around her. “She will receive tremendous support in some unexpected ways,” notes the scribe, adding that beau Rey “will struggle to find a balance of providing Sharon with the support that she needs without taking away her independence.” Of course, Rey might have to worry about more than losing his sweetheart to cancer… he could lose Sharon to her ex, Nick! After all, he’s been right by her side ever since he learned the terrible news. “The fear of losing an important person in your life could change…

1 min
soap legend has died

Daytime veteran Marj Dusay passed away on January 28 at the age of 83. According to a Facebook post in the actress’ fan group made by her stepdaughter, Dusay died peacefully in her sleep. Best known for her work as Alexandra on GUIDING LIGHT, she also played CAPITOL’s Myrna, ALL MY CHILDREN’s Vanessa, briefly DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Vivian and SANTA BARBARA’s Pamela. She also appeared in a host of primetime programs. Look for a tribute to Dusay in the next ABC issue of Soaps In Depth, on sale February 24.…

1 min
gina is caught!

The In Depth Story: Marlena now knows that Gina has drugged John and that Steve’s body has been taken over by Stefano. With the clock ticking on John’s life, the doctor will go the distance to save her beloved from the obsessed princess. But will Marlena’s sacrifice be enough? Meanwhile, following an explosive run-in with Chad, Stevano (as Steve) turns to Kayla for assistance in leaving the hospital. Left without Stefano’s back-up, Gina finds herself vulnerable to being found by a new team: Rafe and Kate! Nothing if not clever, Gina will try to outwit Rafe just as hard as he and Kate desperately try to pin her down. Alas, Gina can’t retreat to her lair, as it isn’t exactly available with Chad and Abigail locked inside! Ultimately caught by Rafe, Gina…