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ABC Soaps In Depth March 9, 2020

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2 min
what does sonny’s enemy want?

The In Depth Story: While it at first seemed that Renault was a random interloper out to make a move on Sonny’s territory, recent developments have shown that there is much more to the story! “Unbeknownst to Sonny, [Renault] has a connection to other people who have been on the canvas for a while,” teases co-headwriter Chris Van Etten. As he and co-headwriter Dan O’Connor were looking at the canvas, the writing team suddenly saw an opportunity, especially once they began toying with the idea of revisiting Sonny’s darker side. “The Mob is part of the DNA of the show,” says O’Connor. “You always have to choose your moments very wisely when it comes to something as big and high-stakes as this. “But as we were reviewing the characters that we have,”…

2 min
is josslyn’s journal a ticking time bomb?

The In Depth Story: It’s been almost a year since Josslyn lost Oscar, and she’s finally starting to find her footing again — and she has her English teacher to thank for that. “Joss was super receptive to Mr. Phillips’ suggestion to keep a journal to work through her grief,” explains her portrayer, Eden Mc-Coy. “And she’s taking it really seriously! It seems to be helping, and I think she was touched by Mr. Phillips’ concern.” “That will definitely cause problems for Sonny if someone finds it!” But should Dustin also be concerned that his student has since become obsessed with her journal? “She should be paying more attention to her friends and her future,” says McCoy, who notes that while Joss learned about the fragility of life by losing her first…

1 min
good reads

Robin’s Diary. Back in 1995, Port Charles’ favorite good girl chronicled her romance with bad boy Stone Cates. The published version of Robin’s Diary also included selections from Stone’s memory book, which were letters written to the young man by his friends as he was dying from AIDS. The Secret Life Of Damian Spinelli. On screen back in 2011, The Jackal enlisted Diane’s assistance in writing a fictional novel based on his gumshoe persona. In real life, Diane’s portrayer, Carolyn Hennesy — already a published author — penned the film-noir-inspired parody. Love In Maine. The manuscript for Molly’s 2013 novel about a young woman named Maddie who — wait for it — finds love in Maine was pilfered by Connie Falconeri and published by Todd Manning. Although, at the book’s launch party,…

1 min
lauralee bell lands two movies!

The In Depth Story: Bell’s two flicks are part of the cable network’s highly-anticipated V.C. Andrews’ Landry Family Series. Bell has been cast as Daphne, a strong-willed matriarch who isn’t happy when her husband’s previously-unknown daughter surfaces and threatens to ruin her perfect family, in Ruby and Pearl In The Mist. The movies are the first two installments in a five-film collection. “I read the scripts, and I was hooked,” shares Bell. “This is such a wonderful introduction for those who haven’t already read the books, and I am looking forward to portraying such a manipulative character!” Production on the movies, based on Andrews’ best-selling novels, began earlier this month. According to a Lifetime representative, all five movies should be available to binge-watch in August.…

1 min
star’s husband killed in tragic accident

Veteran television, film and stage actor Orson Bean — the husband of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Alley Mills (Pam) — was killed in a tragic motor-vehicle accident on February 7. The 91-year-old was struck by two cars while crossing the street on his way to a local theater production in Venice, CA. Bean appeared on B&B in 2016 as Howard, Liam’s crotchety seat partner on a flight from Australia. Married to Mills for 27 years, Bean previously worked with his wife on DR. QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN. The couple had recently reunited on stage in a production of Bad Habits in Los Angeles. Our hearts go out to Mills and their family.…

1 min
is this really the end for ben & ciara?

The In Depth Story: While hiding Ben in the DiMera gatehouse, Ciara had gone to extreme lengths to keep Rafe from discovering and re-arresting her beau. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened, and this week, the lovebirds are again separated. Upon returning to prison, Ben has no choice but to accept his fate: execution for the murder of his sister, Jordan. With all of Ben’s appeals exhausted, Ciara is clinging to the hope that her boyfriend will be exonerated for the wrongful conviction. Will the information that unexpectedly falls into her lap about Jordan’s killer be exactly what’s needed to prove Ben’s innocence? Or will it be too little, too late? In a moment that is sure to be heart-stopping (in more ways than one!), Ben will say good-bye to his father.…