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ABC Soaps In Depth April 6, 2020

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2 min
can these friendships survive nelle?

The In Depth Story: Giving her baby up for adoption was so devastating for Willow that she went to grief counseling to cope with the decision. Now, she’s mourning all over again in the wake of learning that the newborn she handed to Lucas and Brad didn’t even survive his first night with his new dads. “It’s definitely heartbreaking,” sighs Willow’s portrayer, Katelyn Mac-Mullen. “The joy she felt for her baby and all she thought was going to happen for him is never going to happen. She has to let those dreams die, and it’s painful.” Luckily, Willow has a great support system in beau Chase and their pals, Michael and Sasha. “When the boat really starts rocking, Chase has this way about him,” portrayer Josh Swickard says. “He can grab…

2 min
will brando join the mafia?

The In Depth Story: Brando was trying to rebuild his life in Chicago when a photo of faux son Dev drew him to Port Charles and he walked right into a Mob shoot-out. Now, he can’t seem to get away from the Corinthos family’s drama. “He’s happy about having saved Carly,” says portrayer Johnny Wactor, “but he didn’t ask to be involved with playing somebody’s father. It’s a lot! And even though he had a relationship with Sonny’s dad, he didn’t necessarily have much of a relationship with Sonny prior to this.” Unfortunately, in saving Carly, Brando made himself a potential target for the don’s enemies. So in an effort to keep him safe, the Mob boss helped the motorcycle mechanic set up shop in Port Charles. “He’s been asked to…

1 min
daytime mourns soap vet roscoe born

The In Depth Story: In confirming the passing of the soap vet, whose nearly a dozen roles included ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Machiavellian Mitch Laurence and SANTA BARBARA twins Robert Barr and Quinn Armitage, his siblings, Flint Born and Lynne Born Myers, and Alber ta Born-Weiss, his daughter with former wife Roberta Weiss (Flame, SB), issued a statement. In part, it read: “The gleaming charisma and creativity that shone through his onscreen performances, fueled his robust song-writing repertoire and charmed all those around him, was matched by a darkness in his life. Roscoe has long struggled with bipolar disorder, a shadow that he succumbed to when he took his own life. “We are grateful for the outpouring of kind words and memories,” Born’s family went on to say. “We only wish…

1 min
their schedules are “fuller”!

The In Depth Story: Richards is currently working on a new scripted drama called PAPER EMPIRE, set in a high-finance world in which a billionaire money manager hides his dough by using virtual-currency technology. Richards plays the schemer’s aptly-named wife, Bentley, and though she has been filming on location in Florida this spring, she assured fans that she has no intention of leaving B&B. “I’m still on the show,” she clarified on Instagram, “and [have] lots of fun stuff coming up for Shauna.” Meanwhile, on Tuesday, March 24, fans can catch Bowden in Hunter’s Moon. Says the actress of the werewolf thriller — available on DVD, On Demand and digital streaming — “I’ve read a lot of horror scripts in my day, and most aren’t very good. But this one really…

1 min
soap alum has died

Actor, teacher and TV host James Lipton passed away on March 2 at the age of 93 from bladder cancer. Although he was well-known for creating and hosting the long-running series INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO, Lipton also had strong ties to daytime. He appeared as GUIDING LIGHT’s Dr. David Grant from 1952-’62, and went on to do writing or headwriting stints for GL, ANOTHER WORLD, THE DOCTORS, THE EDGE OF NIGHT, RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE and CAPITOL. He also created the short-lived ABC soap THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, which aired for less than a year in 1970. Lipton, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Daytime Emmys in 2016, is survived by his wife, Kedakai.…

1 min
stefano proposes!

The In Depth Story: As the week begins, Stefano’s newest pawn, Chad, is busy doing his father’s bidding by organizing a DiMera family reunion. But can Chad keep Stefano’s secret from his wife, Abigail, and an also-suspicious Anna? And how far will he go to convince Tony and Kristen to attend the event? Freed up from having to attend to the guest list, Stefano focuses on what he cares about most: forging a new bond with a microchipped Marlena! But will their current connection match the one he’s built up in his mind from the past? Unwilling to wait to find out, Stefano asks Marlena to marry him. Is she in any condition to refuse? And how might she respond when she feels a pull toward John? Meanwhile, the hunt to find…