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ABC Soaps In Depth April 20, 2020

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jordan’s determined to save her son!

The In Depth Story: Unlike her P.I. husband, Jordan likes to do things by the book. But everything changed for the commissioner after Cyrus killed her former DEA colleagues, promised to make her watch as he burned Port Charles to the ground and started using her son to control her. And Renault did all that from lockup! “Jordan’s feeling really frazzled right now,” admits her portrayer, Briana Nicole Henry. “The lines of what is the right thing to do for her family, her colleagues and herself are all a bit stressed right now. She’s feeling confused about how to proceed with all this.” By contrast, her unlikely partners, Sonny and Jason, know just how to proceed. Now that Jordan has told the DEA that her late colleagues fabricated evidence against the villain,…

2 min
how coronavirus is impacting daytime!

The In Depth Story: In mid-March, GH joined THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and DAYS OF OUR LIVES in halting production, with each sudser setting a different return date. Since then, California’s directive has extended those closures until further notice. But the good news — and there is some — is that GH already had banked several weeks’ worth of new episodes. “We have so much material in the can,” tweeted William deVry (Julian), noting that his show had taped into early May. “We hope this is a great chance for all of you to stay home with family. Stay safe. And watch GH.” That takes care of the next few weeks. But what does the stay-at-home order mean for the future of daytime dramas? In the…

1 min
fan events postponed!

With COVID-19 putting the kibosh on just about all gatherings, the Official GH Convention in Los Angeles has been bumped from late May to Friday, November 6, through Sunday, November 8. Purchased tickets will be honored, but new sales were put on hold while organizers worked with the actors to reschedule each event. Refunds can be requested via Creation Entertainment, and fans should contact their hotels and airlines directly to find out about amended policies and procedures during this health crisis. Meanwhile, the annual GH Fan Club Weekend, currently scheduled for Thursday, July 30, through Tuesday, August 3, remains in flux. Organizers announced that they’ll wait until early June to decide whether to hold, cancel or postpone the L.A.-area event based on the state of affairs at that time.…

1 min
emmy winner fights coronavirus

The In Depth Story: “I am a pretty healthy 43-year-old who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink much, eats well and exercises regularly,” the actor shared via Instagram. “Two-plus weeks ago, everyone in my house had a bit of a cough, and my son [Monte] came home from school with a high fever.” Unfortunately, while Rikaart’s husband, Robert Sudduth, and their almost-4-year-old recovered, “I deteriorated,” the Y&R star continued. “I isolated from my family and have been in solo quarantine since [March 14]. I had a fever for 11 days, difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with pneumonia. I’m confident that I have finally turned the proverbial corner.” Fever-free as of the 23rd, Rikaart was following doctor’s orders. “I was told to stay isolated for another 72 hours before I acclimate back into my family,”…

1 min
a classic soap returns!

Fans of THE DOCTORS rejoiced when Retro TV began airing reruns of the defunct NBC soap earlier this year. And now, for viewers who don’t have access to the cable network — or just want more of Hope Memorial Hospital — Retro has launched a streaming service offering three years’ worth of the Emmy-winning daytime drama! For just $2.99 a month, fans can watch episodes from 1967-’69 on-line at watchthedoctors.com. (An annual plan costs $30.99.) Replays of THE DOCTORS — on which Elizabeth Hubbard starred as Althea before moving on to play AS THE WORLD TURNS’ Lucinda — also currently air weekdays at noon EST on Retro TV and stream at 4 p.m. on myretrotv.com.…

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adios, “stevano”?

The In Depth Story: While removing the microchip from Hope’s brain succeeded in banishing Princess Gina, Rolf might not be able to restore everyone’s former personalities. So as the week begins, John is nervously awaiting news of Marlena’s fate. Will his beloved Doc come back to him? Meanwhile, Abigail and Anna remain concerned about the mind control Stefano has over Chad and Tony, especially when he makes a last request to see his children. The Svengali has no more intention of giving up that control than he does Steve’s body. But how long can he keep an eager Kayla at bay? The doctor is every bit as determined as John was to succeed at reclaiming her lifelong love, even if it means performing surgery on him herself. But as the procedure gets…