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ABC Soaps In Depth May 4, 2020

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how the show is going on during the shutdown!

The In Depth Story: California’s non-essential businesses remained shut down at press time, which meant that production was still halted on all four daytime dramas. “We don’t know how long this is going to go on,” GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) admitted on her podcast, “and it’s cer tainly going on longer than we would probably expect.” Castmate William deVry (Julian) initially tweeted that GH had episodes taped to air through early May, but Grahn indicated the soap could have even more than that. “I think we’re good till like May 21 or something,” she said during her podcast — which dropped just days before the Flashback Friday announcement and may or may not reflect the extension that the show’s new weekly schedule is affording it. And if GH doesn’t make it…

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stars on the mend

Although Paulina Bugembe (Valerie, GH) didn’t meet the requirements for COVID-19 testing, an ER doctor admitted that she likely did have it, leading the actress to self-isolate at home in her bedroom, apart from her boyfriend. “I feel like I’m out of the woods and will be out of this room in no time!” she Instagrammed. Mark Dobies (Daniel, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) shared on Facebook that he spent 17 days in the hospital fighting coronavirus and double pneumonia. “I’m a healthy man who thinks he can brush these things aside with the wave of his hand,” he confessed. “Nothing is more sobering than what is spreading across our world.” Emma Samms (ex-Holly, GH) was also unable to receive a test, but her doctors in England suspected that she did indeed have…

3 min
valentin’s fear: is charlotte gonna raise hel… ena?

The In Depth Story: Ever since Valentin’s world was blown apart, he’s been focused on dominating Port Charles. Although he’s lost his Cassadine inheritance, Valentin barely missed a step in orchestrating his hostile takeover of ELQ — not to mention investing in Deception’s relaunch. As he shores himself up professionally, he’s also keeping a close eye on the two ladies who rule his heart: Nina and Charlotte. While Valentin is not pressuring Nina to take him back, he is counting on her relationship with Jax eventually imploding. “He’s paying his dues,” portrayer James Patrick Stuart maintains. “Valentin’s okay letting Nina even the score a bit. And if that means she needs to run around with somebody else, even though it burns him, he’ll take it as penance. He’s trying to create…

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it’s a girl for gh alum!

The In Depth Story: The Meders’ little bundle of joy, whose nickname is, adorably, JoJo, weighed in at 6 lbs., 11 oz., and was 20 inches long. Three days after her due date, Hendrickson and her medical team decided to induce labor in light of COVID-19 concerns; for those same reasons, Meder had to leave the hospital following the baby’s delivery. But the family has since been adjusting to life at home. And for GH’s former Margaux, who previously suf fered two miscarriages, holding her rainbow baby is a blessing. “I can’t believe I’m a mamacita,” Hendrickson captioned an Instagram selfie of herself snuggling with her newborn. In Memoriam Forrest Compton — the GOMER PYLE star known to soap fans for his 1971-’84 run as D.A. Mike Karr on THE EDGE OF NIGHT…

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sarah runs away!

The In Depth Story: Is it kidnapping if you take off with a child that, until just moments ago, you believed was actually your own? Regardless of the legal ramifications, Sarah’s disappearance packs an emotional punch for Kristen and Brady, who now know that Mickey is really their presumed-dead daughter, Rachel. At the same time, Nicole helps pick up the pieces of Eric’s heart as he deals with the revelation that his biological child was the one who actually died. Someone’s gotta pay for this mess, and Victor wastes no time in blaming Xander for allowing their sordid scheme to be exposed. Kristen, however, has no doubt that it was Victor who masterminded the baby swap in the first place. When she goes into attack mode demanding answers, will Victor’s…

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ins & outs

STATUS Kelly Thiebaud’s Soap Secret Is Out! Before GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Kelly Thiebaud brought The Britch back to Port Charles, the actress had secretly been working on another daytime drama: DAYS OF OUR LIVES! The In Depth Story: Thiebaud launched her soap career on the NBC soap back in 2011, when she played Faux Rafe’s fling, Alicia. And last week, she returned as Zoey, the attorney representing murderer/kidnapper Evan in his quest to gain custody of his young son. Since DAYS tapes so far in advance, Thiebaud actually worked on the soap back in August, long before she made her return to GH. As for Thiebaud’s recurring role on STATION 19, that has come to an end. At least for now. “I think last night was my final episode,” she tweeted in late March. But…