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Issue 19
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Australian & New Zealand Handgun showcases legitimate handgun shooting activities for recreational club and competitive shooters, collectors, historians, and those in the law enforcement and security industries. The magazine features reviews on air pistols, rimfire and centrefire self-loading pistols and revolvers, ammunition and other shooting accessories, as well as interviews with successful Australian and international handgun competitors, and articles on ammunition reloading, custom firearms and handguns of historical interest.

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Welcome to Australian & New Zealand Handgun, the leading publication for pistol, revolver and small arms enthusiasts in the Oceania region. While the global pandemic made 2020 a challenging and uncertain year for us all, one thing we are sure of is our 19th annual edition includes something for everyone. Regular contributor Daniel O’Dea was fortunate to lay his hands on the latest Beretta APX modular pistol - this one the RDO model (Red Dot Optic) - where the polymer frame can be removed and swapped for one of a different colour, the pistol also coming with three interchangeable grips. Sticking with pistols, Thomas Tabor has written an excellent appraisal of the latest Glock Model 21 and, as he points out, this Gen 3 version comes with a host of upgrades including…

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handgun accuracy and testing …or why can’t i hit the target?

People whose only experience of shooting comes from watching TV likely think when a handgun is fired it goes ‘bang’ and a bullet flies out with uncanny accuracy. As we know, the firing process is somewhat more complicated and the sequence and timing of events, while short in duration, remain critical. Moving parts are involved and many things happen between the brain directing the finger to start squeezing the trigger to when the bullet exits the muzzle. There are several reasons why handguns lack the accuracy of rifles but sight radius and stability are most obvious - a handgun has no shoulder stock or sling. The sight picture is formed, breathing controlled and once the mind is satisfied, increasing pressure on the trigger releases the sear, enabling the firing pin to…

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custom loads for your target handgun

Question: What do we look for in a precision pistol cartridge? Answer: One which functions safely, reliably and consistently in the handgun with a high degree of precision, one which suits you and complies with the rules of the match. Once that load is found the next step is to replicate it thousands of times over. In the article Fit for Purpose: Modifying your target handguns (see Page 70) we discuss the importance of matching our ammunition to our gun, in other words any modifications to barrels and recoil springs for instance must also take into account the ammunition we’re using. Or to look at it another way, the ammunition we’re using will inform us of what changes we can, or need, to make to our handguns, the point being that…

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walther ppq .22 excels in clone mode

As far as production pistols go Walther is right up there, with some genuinely high-class items in their line-up including the recently introduced PPQ .22 rimfire, a full-size replica of the popular PPQ M2 9mm. It’s identical in size to its full-bore cousin apart from the calibre and a slight weight difference you won’t notice unless someone points it out - even the trigger is the same. These pistols are built in the Walther factory in Germany, not by Umarex. It’s a no-brainer that the .22 has been deliberately twinned with the 9mm so it can be used as a practice/competition pistol with cheap rimfire ammunition. I’ve shot several .22 rimfire lookalikes of popular 9mm pistol but they generally fail to live up to the advertising hype and are rarely indistinguishable,…

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london calling - at a price

In the wide world of antique arms collecting, quality costs - if you want top-shelf pieces you have to pay for the privilege. Sure, there are bargains and I’ve stumbled over a couple myself but it can be a long time between stumbles. To make things even harder, along with the scarcity of bargains there are the peculiarities of collectors and it may surprise you but just like fashion, among antique arms collecting there’s what’s hot and what’s not. Revered antique pieces are available which are well made and preserved with some real history but for some reason aren’t that interesting to collectors. For example, you can buy a fully cased and complete Adams 1960 revolver for the same price as a collection of splinters, optimistically described as a Colt pistol…

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target pistol

SSAA Target Pistol is an international rimfire and centrefire revolver and self-loading pistol shooting discipline. It includes four main matches, with competitors shooting single-handedly from the standing position at paper targets placed at 25 and 50m. Its history is in different eras of police and service shooting. Firearms and classes Any .22-calibre Pistol or Revolver permits any .22-calibre handgun using any .22 rimfire cartridge, with sights including telescopic or red dot. Standard Smallbore Pistol .22-calibre Rimfire permits any .22 rimfire pistol with metallic/iron sights. Distinguished Revolver permits any factory-made revolver capable of chambering and firing a 158-grain round-nose or semi-wadcutter .38 Special cartridge. Any Centrefire Pistol or Revolver permits any .32-calibre or larger centrefire handgun. Any .45 Pistol or Revolver permits any .45-calibre centrefire handgun, allowed by state or territory law. M9 Distinguished Service…