Beadwork August - September 2015

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hit the road

Summer is finally in full swing! For me, summer means more time spent travelling. Long road trips give me hours of quiet beading time, with a much-needed break from email and phone calls while my husband drives and my kids are snuggled in their car seats. Here are my top tips for beading on the road: 1) Learn a technique. If you’re too busy to organize beads for an entire project, grab just the essentials and focus on learning a new technique instead. Have you heard of PRAW? Give this hot new technique, also known as prismatic right-angle weave, a try with Cindy Holsclaw on page 18. 2) Think ahead. Weeks before your trip, pick a favorite project from this issue’s summery collection and buy all the beads you need in advance. And…

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Be swept away with Kelly Wiese’s romantic jewelry stylings in her newest video and kit. Page 64 and Everyone’s favorite stitches—peyote and herringbone— work up fast in this sweet summer accessory. Page 60 and The newest musttry shape, Khéops par Puca triangles, teams up with Silky diamonds and O beads in this stunning collar. Page 70 and PLUS! Alternate Colorways Bonus. Do you love our project variations and want to know more about the colors and materials? For information on select alternate colorways featured in this issue, visit…

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w.o.r.d. what our readers did

EDITA KRICENAITE of Modena, Italy, created a necklace using Rachel Sim’s Narcis Pendant (Beadwork, June/July 2014) as focal components. KAREN WILSON of Vineland, New Jersey, made lovely versions of Pamela Kearns’ Boho Bangle (Beadwork, June/July 2013). ELAINE DOTSON of Deadwood, Oregon, made a necklace featuring a customized version of Sue Charette-Hood’s Supernova component (Beadwork, April/May 2013) and a chain inspired by Jennifer and Susan Schwartzenberger’s Primrose Path Bracelet (Beadwork, February/March 2014). CHRISTINE POLLHAUS of Duisburg, Germany, shares her version of Jayashree Paramesh’s Flower of India necklace (Beadwork, August/September 2012). I WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! If you’ve been inspired by projects in our magazine or have tips to share, email us at Check our website,, for corrections and announcements.…

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What do you think or hope will be the future of beading? I foresee technological advancements including three-dimensional printing of beads and findings, self-threading needles, self-crimping crimp tubes, and beads that turn the opposite color of their surroundings when dropped on the floor. I’ve heard mention of a camouflage bead that will match other beads for perfect color cohesion. —Rae Burns I predict more new shapes and endless possibilities that will keep me beading and puzzling for hours. My favorite patterns, which I hope to see more of in the future, are complex and time-consuming to create but have a simple and elegant result. —Alice Coelho I believe beading will become a high-demand profession. It is a field that constantly inspires with its new techniques, materials, and attention to current fashion trends. As beading meets…

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the challenge

What happens when you give an editor and three lucky readers matching sets of materials to play with? We work with products we might not have considered using, and our creative sides get stretched one more notch. THE SOURCE: Starman (888) 683-2323 1. Melinda Barta (EDITOR) Although I was excited for the opportunity to play around with four-hole QuadraTiles, I have to admit I was even more inspired by Starman’s new spin on the basics—tiny rondelles and fire-polished rounds in beautiful colors and finishes. The blue of the two-hole triangles isn’t a color I would have thought to include in this mix, but this wonderful colorway left a lasting impression on me and will definitely inspire my future design choices. 2. Beth A. Moser (READER PARTICIPANT) As soon as the kit arrived, I knew exactly what I…

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cool stuff

1. Peyote-stitch your beadwork right on the back bars of these original copper clasps by Patricia Healey, available at and 2. Glass Garden Beads’ Coachella Necklace is an intermediate-level kit that uses stringing, brick stitch, wire wrapping, and a variety of eclectic materials. All elements (except tools) are included., $39.95. 3. John Bead released Preciosa’s Ripple beads, which have 12mm circumferences and wavy surfaces. Visit (wholesale only) or check your favorite bead retailer. 4. The all-new MiniDuo, a 4x2mm counterpart to the well-known and much-loved SuperDuo, will be released by Starman in late summer 2015 (pictured with a full-sized SuperDuo for comparison). Visit (wholesale only) or check your favorite bead retailer. 5. Miyuki is now producing size 11° and 8° seed beads, Delicas, drops, long magatamas, half Tilas, and…