Beadwork June-July 2018

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something new to celebrate

It’s not every day that something new comes along. However, 2018 has brought enough new beading things our way that you might start to think there really is something to celebrate every day. One of the hottest new bead-related items to note is actually a stitch—Peyote with a Twist. I learned about this stitch through Facebook and have been fortunate to be part of the “Peyote with a Twist—Not Crochet” group from just about the beginning. I’ve enjoyed being part of the enthusiasm surrounding this stitch and seeing how people are celebrating. Not only are beaders celebrating their success in learning the stitch, they’re also celebrating Gerlinde Lenz—the woman behind the genius of this stitch. Are you curious about Peyote with a Twist—Not Crochet? Turn to page 12 to learn all about…

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cool stuff

1. High-quality unfinished wooden bezels handmade by the owners of Artwoodenstuff are perfect for filling with resin or your favorite cabochon. Find them in different woods and a variety of shapes and sizes at 2. Use 6×4mm DiamonDuo Minis from Bead Master on their own or with classic 8×5mm DiamonDuos. Bead Master also offers the new 5×8mm two-hole Vexolo beads, 6×4mm two-hole Czech-glass Trios, and 7×4mm two-hole oval rhinestone rondelles. Visit (wholesale only) or your favorite bead retailer. 3. Can’t find your beading needle? InstaNeedle’s two-step system lets you easily create a “needle” from your beading thread. The kit includes applicators, one 10 g bottle of Insta-Needle Primer that creates a strong bonding base for the thread, and one 10 g bottle of InstaNeedle-X for an even stronger needle. Visit…

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handpicked favorites in the interweave shop

Learn how to “write” with seed beads in Interweave’s newest online course, Nancy Eha’s The Art of Writing with Seed Beads. In addition to exploring different fonts, Nancy includes troubleshooting information and instructions for washing embroidered fabric. This course is a must-have for those looking to advance their beadwork skills. Sign up today at There’s a whole world of instruction and inspiration waiting for you within a Bead and Jewelry Workshops subscription. As a subscriber, you gain instant access to the entire catalog of beading and jewelry courses, as well as all new courses going forward! Choose from bead and jewelry artists Tammy Honaman, Kinga Nichols, Carol Cypher, Nancy Eha, and many more. Subscribe at…

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gerlinde lenz

Gerlinde Lenz is a skilled and prolific beader and bead-weaving teacher. She has developed a number of unique stitches, including Herringote, Diamond Weave, and Peyote with a Twist (also known as Peytwist). Gerlinde is generous with her time and knowledge, freely sharing both to encourage and advance other bead weavers’ skills. As a teacher, she takes great pride in enabling others. Q: How did you get started beading? A: I’ve started a few different times. I remember making a beaded doily for my grandmother when I was about 10. When I was a teenager, I decorated silver wirework with beads. My beading became more serious about 30 years ago, when I discovered how to make self-supporting beaded models of the Platonic solids (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron). My brother had soldered an…

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gerlinde’s beading space

Q: Where is your current beading space located? A: It’s on a big desk in the large room that I occupy in our apartment. A room divider provides a lot of storage space, but I like to think of my bead stash as being comparatively small. Q: How is your workspace organized? A: It isn’t! Various plastic tubs and boxes and four small drawer storage units are on the floor and on shelves all around me. My beads are sorted by type, size, and color, which is how I can find them most quickly. Some of my finished work is sorted by type (bangle, bracelet, tubular necklace, flat necklace, rings, pendants)—but not all. And then there are a few boxes with the results of experiments, which haven’t made it into any of the…

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peyote with a twist

“Peyote with a Twist—Not Crochet” is a technique for using even-count peyote stitch to make cylindrical ropes that look similar to bead-crocheted ropes. The similarity is in the slant and the relative position of the beads. The beads form narrow coils or rings around the tube, unlike in tubular peyote stitch. MATERIALS & TOOLS 2 contrasting colors of cylinder beads or seed beads (Note: The more even the beads are, the more even the resulting fabric will be. Using cylinder beads requires very light thread tension.) Beading thread (Note: Use a color of thread that closely matches the beads of the seam.) Scissors Size 10 beading needle HOW PEYOTE WITH A TWIST WORKS The mechanical properties of the tube are best when the offset (in rows) is equal or nearly equal to the circumference of the tube…