Beadwork November 2018

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finding balance through beading

Do you ever feel like you’re driving a freight train, barreling through the night rushing to get to your destination? Lately, that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling. I don’t think my stress comes from just work, or the news, or even social media. I believe it’s all of these things on top of knowing we’re supposed to stop everything, breathe deeply, take long walks, and fit in time for reflection. With all of this crammed into a day, I ask, How exactly are we also supposed to find the necessary seven hours of sleep? I know firsthand that balance is the key to not finding yourself behind the wheel of that train. The key for me is to limit the number of outside influences I allow in, balance the amount of…

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cool stuff

1. Nunn Design’s Summer 2018 Collection adds some of the latest shapes to the company’s vast assortment of bead and jewelry findings. With the organic flat metal rectangle and circle beads, single loop pendant, large navette wire frames, and the eclipse, inverted triangle, and Marrakesh flat tags it’s easy to be inspired. Find the rest of the collection in your favorite metals and finishes at (wholesale only) or visit your favorite bead retailer. 2. Add some personality to your designs with new clasps from Saki Silver. Designs include a variety of clasp types in several metals, such as the white bronze seashell toggle, the white bronze Asian ocean toggle, the white bronze hammered S-hook, and the bronze S-hook. Find the perfect fit for your next project at 3. Agnesse Artisty1,…

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handpicked favorites in the interweave® shop

Brick-Stitch Beaded Butterflies: 12 Patterns Inspired by Nature eBook by Karen Parker Bead artist Karen Parker is back with her second eBook, Brick-Stitch Beaded Butterflies: 12 Patterns Inspired by Nature. Packed with technique information and suggestions for turning your finished butterflies into pendants, brooches, and other jewelry pieces, this eBook contains 12 new lifelike patterns to keep you beading. Find it today at Mastering Peyote Stitch with Melinda Barta Online Workshop Series Based on 2018 Beadwork Designer of the Year Melinda Barta’s book Mastering Peyote Stitch, this course series is devoted to helping you master the many forms of peyote stitch. Each course includes expert tips, step-by-step technique instructions, and project patterns to help you put your skills to use. Start stitching today at…

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beginner friendly! TECHNIQUES Circular and tubular nettingTubular peyote stitch PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 1 g frosted teal transparent size 15° Japanese seed beads (A)1 g silver-lined brown size 11° cylinder beads (B)1 g crystal Celsian 5×2.5mm 2-hole SuperDuos (C)30 aqua fire-etched 3×6mm farfalle beads (D)5 crystal magic wine 10×3mm 3-hole AVA beads (E)1 foil-back topaz 16mm crystal rivoliSmoke 4 lb FireLine braided beading thread TOOLS ScissorsSize 11 beading needle FINISHED SIZE 1¼ " 1) COMPONENT. Use circular and tubular netting and tubular peyote stitch to create the component: Round 1: Note: Lay 5E on your work surface with the points facing down. Working counterclockwise, use 5' of thread to string 5E (center holes), leaving a 4" tail. Pass through the beads (same holes) again to form a tight circle; use the working and tail threads to tie a square knot. Pass through…

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kimberly costello

Q: How did you get started beading? A: Three things happened around the same time that led me to start beading. First, I was looking for a hobby to help me cope with stress. Second, I saw the most beautiful little peyote-stitch beaded amulet bag and I wanted to learn how to make something just like it. And third, my mom had just started beading as a hobby. I found my mom’s new hobby intriguing and decided to try it. I checked out some books from the library, bought some Delica beads, and taught myself how to bead weave. (This was back in 2000, before instructional videos were available on YouTube!) Q: Where do you get your design ideas? A: Anything and everything inspires me! Whenever something catches my eye, I wonder, “Could…

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kimberly’s beading space

Q: Where is your beading space located? A: I recently set up in a small area in my living room for my beading work. It's actually a multipurpose type of craft area that contains all of my crafting supplies, because I also enjoy other types of crafts. However, I usually find it most comfortable to just sit on the floor in front of my coffee table and bead while I'm watching TV! Q: How is your workspace organized? A: My desk, which has plenty of light sources, stores my most-often used tools and beads. I have a small antique cabinet that I decorated with beaded spools as drawer knobs—this is where I keep all of my Delica beads. I store the rest of my beads and supplies in one of my closets. Q: What…