Beadwork July 2019

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passing through

Translations The beautiful BARGello Bracelet design on the cover is Michelle Gowland’s translation of the traditional Bargello needlepoint embroidery technique. She executed the design so well using two-hole shaped beads and luscious color palettes. This may seem odd, but looking at Michelle’s designs transported me back to the early days of using polymer clay. In the mid-1990s, Laura Liska devised a technique that translated her love of Bargello into polymer. She displayed some of her work during the Masters Invitational Polymer Clay Exhibition and Sale (MIPCES), and it was wonderful to see her work up close. The details, colors, and the way she was able to create layers of color that transitioned seamlessly were mesmerizing. Other artists were also translating natural materials and patterns or techniques into this new medium. City Zen Kane,…

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cool stuff

1. Nina Designs is expanding their popular mixed-metal collection, and these celestial charms and ear wires are out of this world! The mix of sterling silver and bronze gives these gorgeous little charms a really nice heft. Get yours at 2. Cherry Tree beads has a great selection of mala-making supplies, including gemstones in strands of 108 beads, guru beads, and tons of tassels. Summer vibes abound with their verdigris charm collection that includes sand dollars, honeybees, dragonflies, and so many more. Peruse for your summer splurge. 3. Golden Twin Clasps presents this 23k gold-plated magnetic clasp by Claspgarten. It has cupped ends with a hidden hole so that you can finish your beaded strands seamlessly. Prongs keep the clasp secure so that it will only come apart when you…

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handpicked favorites in the interweave shop

Explore Variations in Netting—Bundle and Save! Discover a variety of netting techniques and beading projects with the Explore Variations of Netting, Bundle and Save package! You’ll learn bead-netting techniques such as tubular netting, circular netting, and basketweave! You’ll get to combine netting techniques with other beading techniques such as picot, herringbone, ladder stitch, peyote stitch, and more to create stunning jewelry pieces! Assemble your own bundle today at Fast & Fabulous Tassels Pattern Pack This pattern pack just screams summertime to me. From elegant and demure to big and bold, you’ll be sure to find something to love in the Fast & Fabulous Tassels Pattern Pack. This Fast & Fabulous Pattern Pack features nine tassel projects such as necklaces and earrings, using leather, chain, cord, and fabric. Check it out at…

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weave a jeweled tapestry

BEADING ON A LOOM IS A FAST WAY TO weave a fabric of beads that can be turned into a piece of jewelry. The effect looks similar to square stitch and results in an even piece of beadwork that can be used in a variety of ways. Loomed beadwork is basically a small jeweled tapestry that you can wear. Claudia Chase invented the original Mirrix Loom (shown here) when her children were young, and she was shuttling them to all of their various activities. A dedicated fiber artist and weaver, she wanted a fully functional portable loom that she could use on the go. The Mirrix Loom includes everything she was looking for, with a shedding device, adjustable tension, variable spacing of the warps, and optional accessories. Claudia was my guest on…

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bead looming

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON INTERWEAVE.COM I STARTED BEAD LOOMING OVER 20 YEARS AGO, and I still love the soothing back-and-forth process. Once a few rows are complete, you can relax, and the technique becomes very meditative. I especially enjoy working with a mix of beads and figuring out which ones fit between the warp threads. I’m happy to share these five tips that I wish I’d known when I started bead looming. 1 CHECK YOUR BUGLE BEADS BEFORE YOU START WEAVING. I am a huge fan of bugle beads and work with numerous colors and sizes. I have used bugles in my bead-weaving projects since day one. When you work with bugles, make sure the ends of the beads are not sharp. If they are, use a fingernail file to carefully file the ends…

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beach blanket bracelet

Learn how to increase and decrease your loomwork with this summery bracelet. It's a mini beach blanket TECHNIQUES Loomwork Brick stitch Fringe PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 0.5 g white pearl AB size 15° seed beads (A) 0.5 g silver-lined light cranberry size 15° seed beads (B) 2 g white pearl Ceylon size 11° seed beads (C) 10 g white pearl Ceylon size 11° cylinder beads (D) 0.5 g silver-lined chartreuse size 11° cylinder beads (E) 0.5 g white-lined orange size 11° cylinder beads (F) 2 g turquoise green luster opaque size 11° cylinder beads (G) 3 g dark coral galvanized size 11° cylinder beads (H) 2 pairs of gold 8×13mm round magnetic clasps 4 gold 8mm twisted jump rings Crystal 8 lb FireLine braided beading thread MATERIALS 0.5 g white pearl AB size 15° seed beads (A) 0.5 g silver-lined light cranberry size 15° seed beads (B) 2 g…