Beadwork September 2019

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design choices lead to process

When asked how I approach a design, my questions in reply are “Which medium? Which season? For myself, for teaching, or to gift or sell?” This line of questions may seem snarky but this is just not a question with easy answers! Then, what I find is once the process starts, there are even more questions to be asked and answered. Ultimately, the questions and answers outline the design process, but it is quite a journey from start to finish. Here are some examples. When approaching a design with beads for on- or off-loom bead weaving, I tend to first gravitate to color. What’s my mood? Do I want something bright and cheery? Or am I on an edgy path, and matte black with a touch of silver are my palette…

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cool stuff

1. This treasure trove of goodies is a taste of what you can get from the Dollar Bead Club in their subscription Boxes or Bags. Each month, your Dollar Bead Box will contain 12 to 15 carefully selected items, with a guaranteed minimum retail value of $60. The Dollar Bead Bag has eight strands of fire-polished glass beads for just a dollar each. Sign up for three or six months and get free shipping. Visit to get yours. 2. These original jewelry kits from Caravan Beads are the perfect gift for a budding beader. Take the guesswork out of selecting beads and just get to beading! Generous helpings of beads, findings, thread, and needles mean you can create without worrying about running out of materials. Bracelet, earring, and necklace kits…

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susan sassoon: beading architect

Susan Sassoon became an architect as a way to blend her love of art and creating with her love of math, science, and problem solving. It turns out that beading combines the same elements. Susan says, “I enjoy the technical challenge of figuring out a technique, designing a beaded clasp, or learning a new stitch. Beading appeals to me because I enjoy exploring the colors and shapes of different beads and how they connect together.” Susan’s background allowed her to see that creating beading patterns isn’t that different from making architectural plans. Right from the beginning, she started designing, “I basically started out learning stitches and didn’t have the supplies to make what I was seeing in books. I would just adapt a design or improvise to try to finish the…

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eva crystal bracelet

Use right-angle weave with EVA beads and Swarovski crystals to create this glitzy bracelet. Crystal chatons in 2-hole settings add extra sparkle and shine. 1) BAND. Use right-angle weave to form the band: Unit 1: Note: When stringing and passing back through the F, your thread path will form an X. Lay the D on your work surface with the point facing up. Add a stop bead to 5' of thread, leaving a 10" tail. String 1D (right hole, top to bottom), 1B, 1A, 1F, 1A, 1B, 1D (right hole, bottom to top), and 6B; pass through the second hole of the last D strung (Fig. 1, purple thread). String 1B and 1A; pass through the second hole of the F. String 1A and 1B; pass through the second hole of the…

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monet’s garden lariat

Use tubular herringbone stitch to create this whimsical lariat, inspired by a visit to Monet’s gardens and lily ponds in Giverny. 1) ROPES. Use tubular herringbone stitch to form the ropes: Round 1: Use 6' of waxed doubled thread to form a strip of ladder stitch 4C long, leaving a 24" tail (Fig. 1, green thread). Pass up through the first C strung and pass down through the last C added to form a ring, then pass up through the nearest C (Fig. 1, red thread). Round 2: String 2C, pass down through the next C of the previous round and up through the following C; repeat (Fig. 2). Step up for the next and subsequent rounds by passing through the first C of the current round. Rounds 3 to end: Repeat Round 2…

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floret post earrings

Stitch a beautiful pair of floral-inspired beaded-bead earrings using DropDuos. Czech glass beads nestled inside give the beaded-beads dimension and offer a nice complement to the color palette. 1) FRONT. Use circular netting to form the front of the earring: Round 1: Use 3' of thread to string 8C (narrow holes) and pass through the beads (same holes) again to form a tight circle; use the working and tail threads to tie a square knot. Pass through the first C (inside then outside holes) (Fig. 1, blue thread). Round 2: String 1A and pass through the next C (outside hole); repeat seven times. Pass through the first A of this round (Fig. 1, red thread). Round 3: String 5A and pass through the next A of the previous round; repeat seven times. Pass through…