Beadwork August/September 2020

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busy hands, happy heart

We beaders know that making something with your hands can calm your mind and lift your spirits. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of getting into the zone and completing a beautiful piece of jewelry. Nicole Vogt’s Polychromatic Cuffs on the cover (and page 10) provide the perfect opportunity to find your zen. This issue was produced during the time of stay-at-home orders. Even though some of us already worked remotely, we’ve become proficient at video conference calls and other ways to work together despite being physically apart. You’ll probably notice a few things that are different about this issue. For example, we held photo-shoot sessions off site, which made it necessary to experiment with a variety of backgrounds. We’re happy with the result and hope you enjoy it, too. And,…

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cool stuff

1. This is just a tiny taste of the modern and eclectic raw brass components you can find at Cherry Tree Beads. With tons of designs ranging from geometric to Art Deco to nature-inspired, you’re sure to find something you love. Some items available in silver-plated. Visit to see more and get yours today. 2. TierraCast’s new Hammertone collection is an awesome update on an old classic. Some brand-new items in the collection include stitch-around hoops and teardrops and stitch-in links for finishing off beaded designs. Ask for them at your favorite retailer and visit (wholesale only) for more information. 3. These pewter charms from Green Girl Studios are whimsical, magical, and beautiful. Lead-free and made with the highest quality materials by the artists in their home studio in Asheville,…

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handpicked favorites in the

Interweave Shop Even More Circular Beading Patterns If you can’t get enough of circular stitches, visit the Interweave Shop’s Beading Pattern page for tons of individual patterns. The patterns from the June/July 2020 issue of Beadwork are available now, and five of them have circular stitches! Check out for even more inspiration. WHAT'S HAPPENING ON Meet Jewelry Artist Podcast Host Katie Hacker Jewelry experts share their successes and offer lessons they’ve learned along the way. Listen in with host Katie Hacker for tips, trends, advice on selling your jewelry, using tools, shopping for jewelry making materials, and how you can impact the environment in better ways. Visit to read more!…

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polychromatic cuffs

TECHNIQUE Peyote stitch PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 8 g glossy black size 11° cylinder beads (A) 2 g total mix of size 11° cylinder beads in peridot AB transparent, silver-lined olive, light kelly green, pea green opaque, and dark green AB transparent (B) 2 g total mix of size 11° cylinder beads in light tan luster opaque, yellow AB transparent, white-lined yellow, canary luster opaque, and peach-lined crystal (C) 2 g total mix of size 11° cylinder beads in light orange opaque, strawberry AB transparent, red opaque, light cranberry AB, and dyed red opaque (D) 2 g total mix of size 11° cylinder beads in light blue opaque, blue sea AB transparent, dyed capri blue opaque, blue AB, and silver-lined cobalt (E) 2 g total mix of size 11° cylinder beads in light purple Ceylon, lavender-lined grape freeze, lilac AB…

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kim leahy: accidental artist

Besides her family, Kim’s great loves are mountain biking and beading. She lives in central Oregon and enjoys spending as much time as she can outdoors. But beading is Kim’s creative outlet. She’s inspired by the myriad colors of seed beads and sees the various shapes and sizes as puzzle pieces to fit together. Beading has unlocked her creativity more than any of her other artistic pursuits. Kim shares that she was once stymied about what to enter on forms that ask for occupation. She said as much to her daughter who replied, “you’re an artist!” Kim says, “I was like, ‘I am?’” Kim is learning to embrace her artistic reputation but insists that she enjoys beading as play. She considers beadwork to be her time to “goof-off” and discover new…

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tea and croissants

USING A PLAY ON WORDS with Teacup and CzechMates crescent beads, this fun and easy bracelet works up fast. TECHNIQUE Circular netting PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 1 g gold galvanized permanent-finish size 11° Japanese seed beads (A) 1 g gold galvanized permanent-finish size 11° Demi Round seed beads (B) 64 saturated metallic lime 4×2mm Teacup beads (C) 32 saturated metallic ultra violet 10×3mm 2-hole CzechMates crescent beads (D) 66 matte metallic copper bronze 2mm fire-polished rounds (E) 1 gold 6×12mm round box clasp Tan size D Nymo nylon beading thread TOOLS Scissors Size 12 beading needle FINISHED SIZE 7 ¼" 1) COMPONENTS. Use circular netting to form the components: Round 1: Note: Lay the D vertically on your work surface with the inside curves facing left; take care to add them so the points are facing you. You’ll be working the entire bracelet facedown. Working clockwise, use 2' of…