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giving thanks

It’s that time of the year when many of us look forward to the traditions surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States. Although turkey and stuffing are at the top of many lists, this is also a time for reflecting on what we’re most thankful for. Some of you may know that I worked behind the scenes of Beadwork for quite some time, and in more recent years have spearheaded Beadwork’s sister publication, Jewelry Stringing, as editor. Now I’m honored and thrilled to be stepping into the role of Beadwork editor. And with this new role comes a heart full of gratitude. Thank you to former Editor Melinda Barta—her amazing talent, vision, and character have shone through in each and every page of Beadwork over the years. She has been…

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Have you ever used your beading skills in unconventional ways, to create something other than jewelry? My love for the art of kumihimo has pushed me to places I never imagined. There’s no ceiling for creativity when working with this art form. I’ve made purses, placemats, and anything I can attach a braid to. Designing with kumihimo allows me think outside the box. —Sonia Davis I love playing with new or interesting bead shapes, and I always have one question running in my head: How is this shape typically used in a design? When I’ve exhausted the possibilities, I start thinking of unconventional ways to push my designs in directions that are hopefully surprising and exciting. —Penny Dixon My daughter’s dentist insisted that I make him something using my beading skills. I ended…

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agnieszka watts: my cinderella story

AS long as I can remember, my world has been stripped of sound. I can’t hear the birds’ mysterious songs when I walk through the forest. I can’t hear the wind whisper as it plays with the leaves or with my hair. Because my auditory nerves don’t process sounds correctly, I can only “see” most sounds rather than hear them. Hearing loss is a social loss. Almost all of my life, I’ve felt like an invisible Cinderella. I go about life without the social interactions or daily communication that others take for granted. A simple phone call is a task of enormous proportions for me. However, I can still express myself visually and connect with others without using spoken words. I use small magical objects, made of different colors, shapes, and textures…

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the challenge

What happens when you give one editor and three lucky readers matching sets of materials to play with? We work with products we might not have considered using, and our creative sides get stretched one more notch. THE SOURCE: Glass Garden Beads (507) 645-0301 NAME THIS BRACELET FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A FREE KIT! VISIT BEADINGDAILY.COM/BEADINGCHALLENGE FOR DETAILS. 1. Melinda Barta (FORMER EDITOR) I love making wrapped-loop dangles with head pins, so this kit gave me a great opportunity to pull out my wireworking tools. The oval links of the chain were easy to separate, making great spacer fillers between my beaded components. I’m known to dwell on color choices, but the seed bead mix made this project truly quick and easy to make! 2. Sharron Neyer (READER PARTICIPANT) The moment I opened the…

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cool stuff

1. Loomwork is one of the oldest forms of beadwork. In Guide to Beading with a Loom: From Start to Finish and Beyond, Jamie Cloud Eakin explores traditional techniques and more modern, unconventional approaches to beading on a loom. Purchase at for $25.95. 2. The Picasso and travertine finishes of these Czech-glass round seed beads are evocative of Old World aesthetics. In unique reds, browns, greens, and blues, these beads will bring sophistication and depth to your beadwork. Find them in size 6° at 3. These upholstered mini beading boards by Stephanie Sersich are, at 5½" × 11", perfectly portable and ideally sized for a small project such as a bracelet. Available in six lovely colors and including two T-pins, these boards are also great for displaying your work. Purchase…

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14 jewelry and crafting tips and tricks

making stretchy bracelets 1 When using elastic cord to create a stretchy bracelet, prestretch the cord before stringing the beads to help prevent the cord from stretching and breaking after the bracelet is finished. 2 Dust the elastic cord with baby powder before stringing the beads to help the beads slide on more easily. 3 Finish the ends with a surgeon’s knot, then add a dab of flexible glue such as E6000. Don’t use nail polish or cyanoacrylate glue, which increase the risk of the cords becoming brittle and breaking. straightening beading wire 4 If your beading wire stays coiled and won’t relax after being unspooled, place a weight on one end of the cord, unfurl the wire, and suspend the spool so the beading wire has time to relax— overnight or longer, if possible. creating…