Beadwork December 2017 - January 2018

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2 min
the need to bead

Why do you bead? For me, the answer is the same for any craft I’ve tried. The act of creating something by hand is restorative and fulfilling. Building a piece of jewelry bead by bead is meditative— and for most people, quite addictive! There’s also the feeling of pride that comes from a job well done. All of these reasons make beading so appealing. This issue is filled with the reasons we bead. Perhaps your passion is stitching with mostly seed beads. If that’s the case, you’ll love Eileen A. Barker’s Melon Vine Bracelet (page 20), Constellation Pendant by Cathy Andrews (page 53), or Cindy Kinerson’s Striped Mosaic Pendant (page 56). If shaped beads are more up your alley, try Debora Hodoyer’s Arabesque Earrings (page 42), Tango Twist Necklace by Cecil…

5 min
cool stuff

1. Starman presents new color options, including the Color Trends Saturated Metallic collection available in 7mm CzechMates cabochons, 3×10mm CzechMates beams, 3×6mm prongs, and 2–6mm fire-polished rounds. The Cosmic Twinkle color collection is available in 6mm rounds, and Toho Demi Round seed beads come in more than 50 new colors. Visit (wholesale only) or check your favorite bead retailer. 2. Halstead’s new sterling silver earring findings are a stunning and easy way to update your collection, including the swoop-back earring jacket, which can be added to any pair of post earrings. Also shown are Halstead’s new oval filigree ear wire and hammered ear wire. Check your favorite bead retailer or (wholesale only). 3. ImpressArt has recently launched a custom-stamp program that allows anyone to submit a logo or other…

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marlies vogel: how beading gave me back my life

I’ve done crafts for as long as I can remember. In 2006, I came across a booklet about bead crocheting. This was something I had never done, and of course I wanted to try it. So I learned bead crochet and enjoyed it for several years. In 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a huge shock, and I fell into a deep black hole. I felt very lost and frightened, without any selfconfidence. I went through treatment, which involved spending a lot of time in waiting rooms. To pass the time, I took my bead crochet ropes with me. Within minutes of arriving for an appointment, I would be surrounded by other patients and their companions, asking about my work. In these moments, I no longer felt so…

4 min
melon vine bracelet

TECHNIQUES Square stitch Picot Netting PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 2 g pink galvanized permanent-finish size 11° seed beads (A) 7 g purple-lined amethyst AB size 8° seed beads (B) 3 g permanent-finish metallic gold size 6° seed beads (C) 112 luster elderberry 3mm pressedglass melons (D) 1 g galvanized gold 3.4mm Japanese drops (E) 1 antiqued copper-plated 12×26mm fold-over magnetic clasp Navy size D nylon beading thread Smoke 6 lb FireLine braided beading thread TOOLS Scissors Size 11 beading needle Thread burner (optional) FINISHED SIZE 7" 1) BASE. Square-stitch the bracelet base: Row 1: Add a stop bead to the end of 3' of nylon beading thread. String 6B. Arrange the strand so the stop bead is at the top. Rows 2–45: Work a band of square stitch 6B wide and 45 rows long. Turn the stitched band sideways, and weave through beads to exit up through the 6B of Row 43…

2 min
odd-count flat peyote stitch

In the August/September 2017 issue of Beadwork, we introduced you to evencount flat peyote stitch, one of the most common stitches used in bead weaving. Here, we present how to work a strip of peyote stitch with an odd number of beads, which is what you would use when creating a motif that needs to come to a point or if you intend to attach something to the center bead of your work and you want symmetry. In addition to the traditional turnround shown below, you may also use a square-stitch add-on or a clockwise or counterclockwise figureeight add-on at the end of the odd-number rows. ODD-COUNT FLAT PEYOTE STITCH Start by stringing an odd number of beads. As with even count, the first set of beads strung makes up both Rows…

9 min
silver twilight necklace

KITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR THIS PROJECT AT SEE P. 86 FOR HELPFUL TECHNIQUE INFORMATION. SEE P. 3 FOR PROJECT-LEVEL INFORMATION 1) PREPARE. Insert the crystal fancy stone faceup into the stone setting. Use nylon-jaw flat-nose pliers or a dowel to secure the prongs of the setting over the front of the stone, taking care not to scratch the stone or the setting. Set aside. 2) FOCAL, HALF 1. Use cubic right-angle weave to make one half of the focal: Cubes 1–18: Use cubic right-angle weave and A to form a strip of beadwork 18 cubes long, leaving a 10" tail. Exit from the eighteenth cube at a ninety-degree angle (Fig. 1). Cubes 19–25: Use cubic right-angle weave and A to work 7 more cubes (Fig. 1). Set the working thread aside but don’t…