Beadwork June - July 2017

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right brain/left brain

Being an artist my whole life, I’ve always thought of myself as a right-brained individual. However, after years in the workforce, I’ve come to realize that my left brain and right brain are constantly in a struggle for dominance. While I have a knack for creative tasks such as planning an issue of the magazine and reviewing beaded project submissions, I also thrive on the more business-like duties that require organization and structure. So it comes as no surprise that the beautiful projects that fill the pages of this issue satisfy both sides of my brain! My analytical left brain is drawn to the geometric, structured designs, such as the symmetrical focal and patterned strap of Melissa Grakowsky Shippee’s Troika Collar; the repeating pattern in Svetlana Chernitsky’s Rolling Waves Bracelet; and…

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laura graham: what defines me

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Beadwork magazine, we’re publishing inspirational stories from you, our readers! We would love to hear how beading has changed your life, how you’ve used beading to change someone else’s life, or any other inspirational story related to beading. Find the previous inspirational stories of this series in the December/January, February/March, and April/May 2017 issues of Beadwork. Send your story (300 words or less) to beadwork@ We will publish one story in each of the next three issues of Beadwork. If your story is selected, we will notify you by email and will ask for photos of you, your beading projects, your workspace, etc. In early 2007 I experienced a lot of unusual health issues. After many doctor visits I was diagnosed with Lupus, a chronic…

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cool stuff

1. All Beads CZ and Sabine Lippert have created a new version of the popular Dragon Scale bead—the Gekko bead—which features slightly softer points and a hole that runs the width of the bead rather than the length. It’s available in a 3×5mm size at (wholesale only) or from your favorite bead retailer. 2. The antiqued, textured Groovy Bead Frames from Goody Beads can be decorated and strung from several angles and used with materials such as head pins, wire, and cord. Grooves are inset to hide stringing materials, knots, or twisted-off wires. Visit 3. Express your love and gratitude for Mom with Swarovski’s new BeCharmed collection of Mother’s Day pavé beads. Handmade with crystal chatons and fancy stones, these large-hole beads combine beautifully with other beads and can be…

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new from the 2017 tucson gem shows

1. Nina Designs is known for its delightful charms, and now you can make them your own with the sterling silver Tree of Life stamping blanks. Choose a textured or “openwork” tree and stamp whatever you desire on the frame. Purchase at 2. Inspired by changing values and fearless self-expression, Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2018 innovations offer bold colors and a playful sensibility. The Crystal Shiny Lacquer PRO effect is particularly summery and uplifting. Visit or check your favorite bead retailer. 3. The shaped-bead landscape just got a bit more crowded with the new two-hole beads from The BeadSmith. The 6mm Honeycomb Jewel, 6×5mm Nib-Bit, and 3×5mm Rulla Duet will add color, texture, and dimension to your beadwork. Visit (wholesale only) or check your favorite bead retailer. 4. The new metal-stamping products…

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Netting is a simple stitch that produces exactly what you think: little nets of beads. Think fishnet stockings, rope hammocks, or onion sacks. Here, I show you how to make five-bead nets, but you can work with any number in your own designs. MATERIALS & TOOLS Size 11° seed beads Size B nylon or 6 lb braided beading thread Scissors Size 11 beading needle TECHNIQUE netting PROJECT LEVEL £¡¡ TRIANGLE Row 1: String beads in a multiple of 4, then string 2 more. Pass back through the second-to-last bead strung (Photo 1). Row 2: String 5 beads, skip 3 beads from Row 1, and pass back through the next bead; repeat across the row. Set up for the next row by stringing 1 bead and passing back through the last bead exited and the last 3 beads added in this row…

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forget-me-not hoops

Combine peyote stitch and cubic right-angle weave to create a flower-embellished hoop. Add centers to the flowers and use peyote stitch to finish the inside edges of the beadwork for an unforgettable pair of earrings. TECHNIQUES cubic right-angle weave variation peyote stitch PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 3 g gold galvanized size 15° Japanese seed beads (A) 2 g silver-lined lavender size 15° Japanese seed beads (B) 2 g silver-lined emerald AB size 15° Japanese seed beads (C) 2 g lavender luster opaque size 11° Japanese seed beads (D) 3 g jade AB opaque size 11° Japanese seed beads (E) 2 gold-plated 5mm jump rings 1 pair of gold-plated 20×18mm ear wires Green One-G nylon beading thread TOOLS Scissors Size 10 beading needle 2 pairs of chain- or flat-nose pliers FINISHED SIZE 1 1⁄8 × 2 1⁄8" 1) BASE. Form a strip using cubic right-angle weave and peyote stitch and then…