Beadwork October - November 2017

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ties that bind

It’s been said that no man is an island. We weren’t created to be alone—it’s simply against human nature. Humans tend to function best when they’re part of a community, which by definition brings folks together, from all walks of life, around a specific commonality. It is with this in mind that we bring you our twentieth- anniversary issue—an issue that’s all about community and, more specifically, the role that beading plays in building community. In Bead Buzz, read about the hope and healing beading has brought to the women of a small village in Nepal after they lost their homes and loved ones in a devastating earthquake (page 88). Then check out another installment in our “Stories that Inspire” series on page 9 to learn how a treasured friendship built…

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handpicked favorites in the

1. The 7 Warp Braid Kit and Disk by Sally Bead Jewel ry offers a variation on the standard kumihimo technique. Kits include all beads and cord needed to create a stunning necklace, such as An Evening Out, pictured above. Purchase Sally’s innovative template separately to fit over a regular kumihimo disk. For more information, visit 2. The convex rounded edge of Bead Master’s new 3×8mm Cali bead provides fluid movement to any project. The 2×8mm Tee bead comes in thirty-six coatings for a colorful and cozy fit. Find these beads and more at (wholesale only) or check your favorite bead retailer. 3. Find the perfect cord and artisan stoneware pendants for your designs with The Classic Bead’s new offerings. With eighteen colors of 7-ply linen, twenty-four colors of 3mm…

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linda smith: a friendship stitched together

About thirteen years ago my coworker Donna Leather was suffering from empty-nest syndrome after her only child got married. She decided she needed something to fill her time, so she signed up for a class at a local bead store and asked me if I’d be interested in taking the class with her. Little did we know then that because of this class we’d become best friends and would still be beading together years later! Donna and I have both become beadaholics and have continued to bead together even after I moved several states away from Pennsylvania to North Carolina over six years ago. We FaceTime at least once a week so we can work on our various projects together, asking each other for opinions on colors, bead types, lengths, etc.…

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beadwork celebrates 20 years of publication

OVER FORTY YEARS AGO, Linda Ligon founded Interweave on her dining room table. Twenty years ago, Beadwork was launched as the premier magazine for passionate beaders. Join us as we relive highlights from our history and share special memories from past editors and staff. Thanks to all who have contributed to the magazine over the years—our readers and gifted contributors, along with a talented staff of editors, designers, illustrators, photographers, marketers, and advertising teams have helped Beadwork become what it is today! How it all startedHere’s how it happened: The editorial staff at Interweave was gathered together for one of our weekly brown-bag lunches, during which we would typically brainstorm or problemsolve or just gossip and tell jokes. The question came up: If we were going to publish a new craft magazine,…

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win prizes worth 250+

Soft Flex Company Soft Flex Company is a beading wire and craft wire manufacturer with worldwide name recognition. Soft Flex beading wire is mostly used for stringing beads but can also be knotted, braided, knitted, crocheted, and more. 866-925-3539 GRAND PRIZE SPONSOR Fire Mountain Gems and Beads For 45 years Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has been the first choice for jewelry-making supplies for designer-artists worldwide. You can view over 20,000 design inspirations in the Gallery of Designs, many with instructions. 800-355-2137 Fusion Beads Fusion Beads is your online bead store providing quality products, exclusive beading kits, beautiful inspiration and in-depth techniques. We want to share our love for beading and help you discover the joy of creating handmade jewelry. Visit! 888-781-3559 Shiana Shiana works with local artisans in remote regions of South East Asia to bring…

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royal countess cuff

KITS FOR THIS PROJECT + BONUS EARRING PATTERN available at artist’s tips Adjust the size of the bracelet by adding or subtracting by 4 Delicas in the base band. To make a bangle, start with a number of Delicas in Rounds 1 and 2 that is divisible by four. At the end of Rounds 1 and 2, pass through the first bead strung to form a ring. TECHNIQUES Peyote stitch variation Netting variation PROJECT LEVEL MATERIALS 5 g metallic light gold bronze iris size 15° Japanese seed beads (A) 0.5 g gilt-lined white opal size 11° Japanese seed beads (B) 2 g higher metallic amethyst size 11° Japanese cylinder beads (C) 2 g 24k gold-plated rainbow rose size 11° Japanese cylinder beads (D) 66 crystal purple haze 3mm crystal bicones (E) 34 amethyst 3mm crystal bicones (F) 1 golden shadow 8mm crystal marguerite…