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Better Homes and Gardens Australia January 2019

Better Homes and Gardens - full of ideas, inspiration and information for you and your family. Every issue of Better Homes and Gardens is packed with inspiring, affordable and achievable ideas plus step-by-step projects for all areas of your home and garden.

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dip into trifle!

Pina colada summer trifle Give your fave dessert a cocktail-inspired taste twist with coconut-flavoured cream, pineapple jelly, fresh fruit and toasted coconut flakes. PINA COLADA SUMMER TRIFLE Preparation time 10 mins plus overnight setting Cooking time nil Serves 12 2 x 85g packet pineapple-flavoured jelly crystals2 x 85g packet orange-flavoured jelly crystals600ml thickened cream50g sachet coconut-milk powder2 Tbsp icing sugar mixture400g jam sponge roll, thinly sliced into 14 rounds100ml pineapple juice50ml coconut-flavoured white rum1.2kg double thick vanilla custard¼ ripe pineapple, peeled, cut into wedges, green fronds reserved1 mango, thinly sliced125g punnet raspberries4 thinly sliced rounds of lime2 passionfruit, halvedToasted coconut flakes, to garnish STEP 1 Empty pineapple jelly crystals into a large heatproof jug. Add 500ml boiling water and stir until crystals have dissolved. Pour into a 13.5cm square plastic container. Repeat with orange-flavoured jelly, setting both…

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cocktail party

starring seasonal fruit and aromatic herbs, these spectacular bright refreshers will have your thirst quenched in no time. Make slushies, spritzers and frozen pops – whether you like wine or spirits there is a cocktail creation for all the grown-ups. CARAMELISED STRAWBERRY AND ORANGE ROSÉ COOLERS Preparation time 10 mins plus 25 mins cooling Cooking time 20 mins Serves 8 2 small oranges, peeled, thinly sliced250g punnet strawberries, hulled, halved2 Tbsp caster sugarIce cubes, to serve100ml Grand Marnier2 x 750ml bottles rosé, chilledBasil leaves, to garnish STEP 1 Preheat oven to 200°C fan-forced (220°C conventional). Put orange slices and strawberries in a medium baking dish so they slightly overlap. Sprinkle with sugar and bake for about 18 minutes or until fruit is lightly caramelised around the edge of the dish. Gently stir, then set aside for…

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raise a glass and cheers!

This traditional shape of champagne flute is a must-have in your glassware range. It’s perfect for a glass of champagne, sparkling, moscato or prosecco, but can also be used for cocktails or a glass of icy-cold strawberry frosé. Hi-ball tumblers are incredibly versatile. Great for cocktails, such as a classic mojito, mixed drinks or glass of sparkling mineral water with a round of lime. Red wine loves a 570ml stemmed glass. The large bowl allows for maximum aeration and the increased surface area means more exposure to air, helping the flavours develop. You can also get your nose into the wider opening to smell those glorious aromas before sipping. TIP If you’re not washing up straight away, rinse glasses to avoid those pesky red wine stains. You’ll feel like you’re back in the elegant 1920s or the…

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get set to entertain!

take your party outdoors and enjoy the season for entertaining with these delightful makes you can create pronto. You can set the mood with a fun and fruity theme or go for tropical-inspired decor. Creative kids might like a little of the action, too – check out the watermelon bunting and the drink lids. Wishing you a happy summer of making and decorating! watermelon wonders 1 Once in a melon place cards These place markers are as simple as folding a round piece of white paper in half, opening it, then painting the green rind, pink flesh and black seeds. Instructions on page 172 2 What’s not to love about watermelon? Brighten up your garden – and your day – with colourful watermelon bunting. String it up everywhere – on fences, trees, walls and anywhere else…

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gifts for decorators


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your summer notebook

sit back and soak up the following inspirational ideas for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you have a home by the water, or live in the suburbs or country, you can apply these ideas to your place to create the ultimate getaway – you’ll never want to set foot outside your front door! 1 If ever there was a colour palette made for a holiday-like home, these hues, from aquatic seafoam and sky blue to tropical green, are it. These calming tones welcome seagrass, bamboo and rattan and live happily alongside whites and sandy beige. And, with a ping of pink, you have the icing on the cake! 2 The summer holidays and arty makes go hand-in-hand. Dip a round artist’s brush in rubber cement (from art supply stores) and, applying…