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Better Homes and Gardens Australia

Better Homes and Gardens Australia August 2019

Better Homes and Gardens - full of ideas, inspiration and information for you and your family. Every issue of Better Homes and Gardens is packed with inspiring, affordable and achievable ideas plus step-by-step projects for all areas of your home and garden.

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2 min.

There’s no denying this! One of the best things you can do for the people you love every so often–or more often really–is to feed them up, hot and hearty! And a pot of soup simmering on the stove, sending off aromas to thrill their senses is certainly the answer. That’s why we love our soups at BHG because they’re the warmest, cosiest and most welcoming winter food you can offer. And this month our soups (pg 70) are too souper for words! With just an extra touch of excitement here and there, they are souper stars in themselves. We voted to pick a winner but they all scored equal. And luckily it’s also souper simple to make them as special as they are. Too easy to add prawns across…

2 min.

WITH A FOCUS ON DELIVERING BEAUTIFUL BESPOKE FURNITURE, DOMAYNE’S AUSTRALIAN-MADE BEDROOM FURNITURE BY PYS FURNITURE GIVES CUSTOMERS MANY OPTIONS IN TIMBER STAIN AS WELL AS CHOOSING THE BEDHEAD HEIGHT THEY NEED. WITH HANDCRAFTED BEDS LIKE THE ABODE, DOMAYNE CUSTOMERS CAN FEEL SECURE KNOWING THAT THEIR FURNITURE IS MADE IN AUSTRALIA AND BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME. FACTS COMPANY PYS Furniture LOCATION Fairfield East, Sydney COLLABORATION 15 years with Domayne ABOUT Domayne’s partnership with PYS Furniture is a true alliance. With furniture manufacturing and designing in their blood, Linda Shen and Warren Stevens have built a 22-year-old furniture business, with a staff of 35 who all take part in creating solid, beautiful Australian timber furniture. SPECIALITY Each and every piece is handmade by passionate and dedicated craftsmen who each know every other person’s job inside out. It’s by understanding the importance of…

2 min.
better homes and gardens australia

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6 min.
make your winter wonderful

You may feel like abandoning the great outdoors as the cold hits hard, but there are brave flowering plants that will replace the gloom with cheerfulness and joy. Find out which of these are best suited for your garden–and plant! WINTER ROSE (HELLEBORUS SPP) When the leaves fall from your trees, it’s time for these winter roses to come into their own and show why they get their name. The delightful bobbing flowers pop up like little umbrellas, as though their job is to protect the fairies at the bottom of your garden. Plant them en masse, either in one colour for great impact or create a multicoloured tapestry out of all the different colours and patterns these flowers come in. They bloom early in winter in warmer climates, late in winter…

4 min.
find bliss in your own tropical paradise

You pine for a tropical garden–especially now we’re in the depths of winter–but experts say the climate for your garden is wrong. It’s too cold, it’s too exposed, it’s too dry–and you should stick to plants and a theme more suitable for your circumstances. At this stage a tropical holiday seems to be the only other option! FOLLOW THE DREAM Garden designer Peter Nixon of Paradisus shows you how you can follow your dreams. His tip is to create and exploit the many microclimates in your garden to change your environment. Five years ago, he moved from his pocket-sized inner Sydney plot to a large block close to the beach on NSW’s Central Coast. It is his ‘Sea Changer’. THE LOWDOWN He shares a problem faced by many gardeners in temperate zones wanting a…

5 min.
put buzz into your busy indoor garden

abit of greenery inside your home adds to your decor, improves the air and lifts your spirits. But don’t just plonk a plant in a corner so it sits alone and friendless–fill your home with as many plants as you want and have room for. You’ll be surprised where you’ll find the space. Melbourne interior designer Jason Chongue has taken this advice to heart and even extended his indoor plant collection to a shop. At The Plant Society, he and his partner, Nathan Smith, have informal talks or formal workshops to teach you all the tips, tricks and trouble solutions to keep indoor plants healthy and thriving (theplantsociety.com.au). Here, he shares with you three of his tips to help your indoor gardens grow, multiply and look absolutely stunning! Always! EASY STEPS TO…