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Better Homes and Gardens Australia December 2018

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christmas celebrations

Tis the season for that famous refrain, ‘we must catch up before Christmas!’ This year, think outside the box and make every catch-up extra special. Whether it’s a neighbourly pop-in or drinks with your nearest and dearest, don’t just roll out the cheese and crackers – get creative and make it an occasion to remember. 1. CREATE A GOLDEN MOMENT Make all your festive celebrations shine with a gleaming gold theme, decorations and tableware to match, and Ferrero Rocher to share. The pretty little golden balls with the delicious layers of chocolate, hazelnut and wafer are synonymous with special occasions, so offer them around and watch your guests open them with joy. 2. A DECORATOR’S DELIGHT Decorations are part of the fun of Christmas, so why not make yours really covetable by also making…

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decked out

When expert renovator Bonnie Hindmarsh of Three Birds Renovations set about creating her own family’s dream home, she knew exactly what she wanted. A ‘modern coastal barn’ style home surrounded by verandahs where her three little boys could run barefoot, all year round. But when it came to weatherboard cladding and wraparound decking, their semi-rural location presented some challenges. “Our biggest was that our site is in a BAL 40 rated bush fire zone,” says Bonnie. “We needed to use materials that not only looked great but are safety compliant, too.” STYLE AND SUBSTANCE To solve this, Bonnie and her team chose Scyon Linea Weatherboard and HardieDeck™. “It ticked all the boxes,” she says. “It looks great, is BAL FZ rated and termite resistant, so it was an easy choice.” Made from…

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welcome to december

as always we are thrilled to make Christmas very special for you! So come on a festive journey with us first up to the baking pages, beginning page 26, and be fully delighted by all those wonderful characters and recipes designed to be all-over breathtaking for you. First up, who can resist ‘them boys’ on page 29? When you serve them up on Christmas day just gear up for the squeals of delight they cause. (They’re so crazy mad, note the little reindeer in the bottom left-hand corner looking up thinking ‘what on earth…’!) Next, take yourself to page 31 and make the caramel fudge gingerbread tree holders for your people and watch them swoon as they bite into those little squares. But then come on in Mains, beginning page…

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bake it until you make it!

cakes, tarts, bickies and other sweet treats are here to make your season special. Throw in a few easy makes, cute decos and a good dusting of snow (it’s just icing sugar, shh!) and you’ll have a Christmas that looks as good as it tastes! COCONUT AND CHOCOLATE WOODLAND CAKE Preparation time 50 mins plus 45 mins chilling Cooking time 45 mins Serves 12 Extra virgin olive oil, light in flavour, to grease, plus extra 250ml2 cups caster sugarFinely grated zest of 2 lemons6 free-range eggs3 tsp baking powder2½ cups plain flour250ml milk½ cup desiccated coconutFelt mushrooms, acorns, reindeer, mini ornamental trees and rabbit figurines, to decorate (not for eating)Crumbled pistachios, chocolate biscuits and ginger nut biscuits, to garnish CHOCOLATE BARK 25g dark chocolate melts, melted225g white chocolate melts, melted (cooled to room temperature, not hot) CHOCOLATE COCONUT…

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now for the main event

easy step-by-steps to cherry, spiced rum and rosemary glazed ham When buying ham, look for the Aussie pink PorkMark logo STEPS Preparation time 25 mins Cooking time 1 hour 10 mins Serves 12 8kg whole bone-in smoked ham350ml waterBay leaf sprigs, to decorate shankSmall rosemary sprigs, to garnish, plus extra to decorate shank8 fresh cherries, pitted and halved, plus extra to garnishCornichons, to serveDijon mustard, to serve CHERRY, SPICED RUM AND ROSEMARY GLAZE 370g jar cherry conserve80ml spiced rum¼ cup brown sugar1 Tbsp small rosemary leaves1 Tbsp Dijon mustard STEP 1 Put ham on a chopping board, skin side up. Using a small sharp knife, cut around ham shank, through rind, 10cm from the end of the shank bone. STEP 2 To remove rind from ham, starting at opposite end to shank bone, insert your fingertips between rind and fat.…

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mad for mangoes

Mangoes are the essence of summer, but did you know they’re also super good for you and high in vitamins C and A? Just another good excuse to get into your local Woolies and pick up some new season mangoes. Enjoy! How to pick: Colour can be deceptive. To know if a mango is ripe you need to squeeze it very gently; a ripe mango will give slightly when it’s ready. How to use: Mangoes are so versatile! They’re delicious with prawns, and they’re equally scrummy topped with ice cream. Dice them into a summer salad, whizz them in the blender or enjoy them as a snack. How to store: Only refrigerate mangoes once they have ripened. Then they can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days. D’orsogna premium Australian ham off the bone Layer…