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Better Homes and Gardens Australia October 2018

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welcome to october

Check out a range of faux beauties on page 30.sometimes I do go on about my mother. But she did do a bunch of things I really liked and which I keep loving years on. And one of them (forgive me if I have told you this before) was to create a display of flowers, foliage, grasses, even weeds – anything she could get her hands on – and creatively arrange them in her vase of choice and position them on our TV set (do you remember when televisions were on legs). She did this without exception, whatever the weather, indeed whatever the season. Spring gave her an abundance of choice because she lived in a cold climate. But when the winters were bleak, she managed to forage different foliages…

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the things you’ll this month

Arm knit a scarf in about half an hour? Yes, you can!Here’s finger crochet. How good does it look and it’s too easy for words!Well, along with arm knitting comes finger crocheting – pulling one loop through another, through another and through another – to make your project. It’s even more amazing! So if you want a new skill to thrill you like mad, check out page 168 and bhgshop.com.au to see how it’s done. Yay! ■…

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spring fever

Loving ombre? Have a go at dip-dyeing or buy the fabric and run up a pair of curtains.bright and breezy speaks of spring! So now’s the time to give your place a happy makeover and the fabulous ideas on these pages will set you up. And really, decorating is so much more fun than a spring clean, which only involves scrubbing and reorganising. So get going 'flower power’ style!1 Pretty painterly effects and all manner of colour will enhance rooms, giving them a light and airy feel. And apart from painting your walls a refreshing shade of Caribbean blue, you can bring in the rest. Note the brushed stripes of the light shade and the watercolour cushions.All you need for success is a paint swatch strip with graduating shades.2 Let’s…

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cross with me!

Stitch your way into spring with these pretty patterns. Whether you’re already crazy for cross-stitch or new to this terrific craft, you’ll love our selection of projects created specially just for you!What’s all the hoopla?Spring blooms forever fresh, what’s not to like? Have a go at displaying your project using this nifty double-hoop method, a fresh and unusual way to showcase your work.Instructions on page 172Home is where the heart isMake a homey statement piece for all to see. Stitch a sweet house, frame it and hang your creation proudly. Cross-stitch adds a lovely injection of colour and interest – it will become a great talking point at your next tea party!Instructions on page 172Busy bees and springtimeMake this cute little brooch and show someone you think they’re the bee’s…

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faux & fabulous

thankfully artificial flowers with their true-to-life textures and colours are so realistic, it’s hard to distinguish the real from the faux. Channel your inner florist and learn to arrange these everlasting flowers like a pro. You’ll save money in the long run and get to be surrounded by your favourite blooms, even when not in season. Suitable containers can be found at nurseries or you may already have a few at home. So go ahead, give arranging a go, you’ll be a natural!BUY NOW Rustic beauty kit BHGRTC005 only $110 plus P&H (pot not included)Rustic beautyIt’s time to rock a DIY native floral arrangement in a palette of gorgeous rusts and eucalypt greens, colours straight from the outback. This elongated display is designed to be viewed from the front or…

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the fabulous fifteen!

to enjoy a gorgeous flower display each spring, you need to give your garden good foundations. Permanent plants, like flowering shrubs, trees and climbers, burst into bloom every year on cue, without you doing a thing. Plant them once, nurture them to maturity, then sit back and enjoy the spoils of a beautiful seasonal display, every spring. And if you choose carefully, you can enjoy flowery profusion at all garden heights – shrubs at eye-level, blossom-smothered trees overhead and climbers covering pillars, pergolas and fences. Here are 15 of our favourites, offering brilliant blooms and fabulous fragrances.Use climbing plants to accentuate the vertical in your spring garden – fragrant wisteria is just one glorious option.Shrubs, like Viburnum plicatum, fill the middle layers of the spring gardenscape with flowers.Blossoming trees are…