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June 2019

BIKE is packed with road tests of new bikes and inspirational riding stories, with fantastic places, amazing races and extraordinary people. Created by a passionate and expert team of motorcycle riders, Bike makes you feel part of the amazing motorcycling world. Our three main areas of content are... Road tests: We ride and test all the latest bikes, from tourers to retros. Riding: We take motorcycles to the four corners of the UK, and the four corners of the world Extraordinary travel stories: amazing races, extraordinary events and astonishing bike people.

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‘the romance of old british brands’

» This is an Ariel Ace. It’s a crazy device, with a frame and forks hewn from solid alloy, bodywork bits in hand laid carbon fibre and a massive leather saddle that’d make sense to The Lone Ranger. It looks amazing, sounds brutal and rides like nothing else. We like it a lot.Ariel made their first motorcycle in 1902 and, although there is no direct link between the current company and the original, that heritage is part of the appeal. The romance of the old British brands and of a bike that is ‘Made in England’ is compelling. The current healthy state of the UK’s bike industry, from CCM’s crazy custom singles to Triumph’s brilliant Street Triple deserves celebration.But the British industry doesn’t exist in isolation. The Ariel’s ignition…

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big picture

RACING IS BACK ON AT SCARBOROUGH » After a year’s break to improve safety, road racing returns to Scarborough’s 2.43 mile Oliver’s Mount circuit in 2019 and you need to see it. The tight, bumpy parkland track is spectacular and the scenic seaside location amazing. Two meetings are planned. The Barry Sheene Classic (this was one of Bazza’s favourite tracks) on 27-28 July and the Gold Cup for moderns on 27-29 September. Book tickets via dukevideo.com/oliversmount.…

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honda’s future. . it’s electric...

ZERO EMISSIONS, pretty much no noise and most definitely not the sickly-sweet smell of fully synthetic. This is the latest Honda CR – and it’s completely electric. Cans full of electricity, not petrol Making its appearance from beneath a whipped-away sheet at the recent Tokyo show (see p55), the CR Electric Proto is based on the rather handy CRF250R off-roader, with a lightly-modified twin-spar aluminium frame and high-quality Showa suspension. However, the 250’s dirty fossil-fuelled single is replaced by a water-cooled electric motor, with a small radiator in the usual place and batteries at the front of the motor (the black areas ahead of the machined motor casings). Motor and batteries appear larger than those on KTM’s Freeride, and have been developed in conjunction with Mugen.Mugen was set up…

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erik’s back can’t keep a good man down...

The Fuell: on sale this year » Erik Buell is making bikes again. After working at Harley and using their engines in Buells the American has now turned to electricity. He’s teamed-up with a French entrepreneur and the boss of Alfa Romeo’s Formula 1 team to create Fuell. Their Flow-1 is for urban riders with 11kW (14.7bhp, so 125cc equivalent) and 35kW (47bhp, A2 licence) models, boasting 125-mile ranges and 30-minute charging. Motors are in the rear wheel and there’s 50-litre internal storage. Other spec is sketchy, but Erik says it’s, ‘the most radically innovative design I’ve ever done.’ Some claim for a man who put a huge pushrod V-twin in a 250GP-scale chassis for his fuel-in-frame, oil-in-swingarm, rim-brake Firebolt. US deliveries to start this year, with prices…

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Save £1500 SWM Silver Vase » Honda-based 436cc motor made in China, assembled in Italy, with nice-quality touches. The Silver Vase isn’t a ’19 model, so Branson (01935 474998) have pre-reg bikes with an upgraded tank for £3695 – or £57 a month. Simple, reliable, retro biking fun doesn’t get any cheaper. Save £19,805 Benelli Tornado » LE versions (magnesium wheels, Öhlins) were £22k in ’02 – almost £36k today. Bike Specialists (0114 3993750) have bike 20 of 150, unused with all the extras that came with it, for £15,980. The tall 899cc triple is fickle and gruff, but also beautiful, rare and curiously engaging. Save £1900 GSX-R1000R » Suzuki’s list is £16,299. Quite reasonable for a sensational variable-valve superbike with cutting-edge chassis…

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up for up, down for down

V4 with finely-set tolerances like their race motors. It also has ‘Aprilia No Neutral’ – all six ratios are up sequentially from neutral. Ten will be made at 39,000 euros per bike. » factoryworks.aprilia.com …