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Bloomberg Businessweek 1/23/2017

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7 min.
you don’t have to lose your job if you lose your sight

My night vision has all but evaporated, but I’m still writing, traveling, and reporting stories I was hurtling through Shanghai in a cigarette-scented taxi, not quite sure where I was headed. Cab jaunts through unfamiliar places can be a bit stressful for anybody. You feel vulnerable and too dependent on a driver you don’t know and can’t necessarily trust. But for me, such trips in rickety taxis rattle my nerves even more than my spine—because I’m almost blind. I have a genetic condition called retinitis pigmentosa, which is causing my sight to deteriorate over time until there will be little, or possibly nothing, left. Even now I can’t see in the dark and have almost no peripheral vision. As my taxi sped through Shanghai, I couldn’t read the street signs or building…

2 min.
the looming trump trade disaster

Even by his standards, Donald Trump’s statements on trade have been stunning in their recklessness. His proposals essentially amount to the repudiation of a system that has fostered global stability and lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty over the past several decades—and if he actually intends to execute his radical agenda, there’s little to stop him. During the campaign, Trump threatened to rip up existing trade pacts, withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement, and put punitive tariffs on imports from Mexico and China. He’s called the World Trade Organization, which promotes liberal trade and adjudicates disputes, “a disaster,” and he’s said the U.S. might “pull out.” Congratulating Britain on its decision to quit the European Union, he’s said the U.K. and the U.S. can design a…

1 min.
why india’s rupee reform isn’t working

India’s controversial decision to ban 500- and 1,000-rupee notes has backfired. The idea was to root out “black money”— the profits of political corruption, tax evasion, and ordinary crime. But efforts to get around the ban have been so effective that the problem may now be harder to solve than before. Since November an estimated 97 percent of the banned notes have been deposited in banks or exchanged for other denominations. Either Indians were hoarding far less illicit cash than believed, or they found new ways to launder much of the money. There’s plenty of evidence to support the second theory: The money launderers rose to the challenge. In fact, the ban may have been a bigger nuisance for lawful businesses and their customers than it was for the intended targets. Car…

3 min.

Ups President Obama commuted the 35-year sentence of Chelsea Manning, ending it in May. The former U.S. Army intelligence analyst was convicted of leaking classified material. Obama has shortened prison terms for almost 1,400 people, more than his 12 predecessors. Mattel tapped Google’s Americas President Margaret Georgiadis as chief executive officer. The toymaker typically promotes leaders from within, but Georgiadis may have strategies for luring kids away from screens. “We have a whole country of people who are eligible to vote who don’t vote. And so the whole idea that we put in place a bunch of barriers to people voting doesn’t make sense.” President Obama commenting on voting rights at a final press conference on Jan. 18 Netflix signed up a record 7.05 million customers in the fourth quarter—5.12 million in international markets—topping analysts’…

4 min.
the war in yemen tests saudi arabia’s clout

That Saudi Arabia has better weapons than its enemies in Yemen is no surprise. That one of the richest Arab countries is nonetheless struggling to get its way in one of the poorest is. “From the start of the war, the threat changed and increased,” said Saudi Colonel Massoud Ali al-Shwaf on Dec. 8, adding that his border guards come under regular attack while patrolling the frontier along Saudi Arabia’s Najran province, where mountain ravines and desert expanses make it challenging at the best of times to stop infiltration and smuggling. “We have the casualties to prove it,” he said. Saudi Arabia’s youthful leadership has vowed to translate the country’s vast oil wealth into regional clout, but there’s little evidence that strategy is succeeding. The Yemen war grinds on; in Syria, Saudi-backed…

4 min.
may spells out her ambitious wish list

In her much anticipated speech on Jan. 17, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May laid out in detail her agenda for Britain’s departure from the European Union. Among her aims: lock in tariff-free trade with the EU, quit sending large sums of money to Brussels, clamp down on immigration, and restore lawmaking powers to British politicians and British judges. Instead of the EU membership that evolved over four decades, May told an audience of European diplomats in London, she wants a “bold and ambitious” trade deal with the bloc. Her ideal accord would allow tariff-free trade between Britain and the EU, while she would secure the freedom to strike new pacts with other countries. London-based banks would still provide services across the continent without bureaucratic barriers and would get time to adjust…