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Bon Appetit June/July 2021

Bon Appétit focuses on what's "now" in the world of food, drink, and entertaining, while still giving readers valuable cooking tools, tips, and most of all, recipes. This food lifestyle publication looks at life through the lens of food & cooking in, dining out, travel, entertainment, shopping and design.

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a long time coming

I WORK WITH THE MOST food-obsessed group of chefs, home cooks, journalists, and designers you’ll ever meet. They have strong opinions on everything from what constitutes a well-stocked pantry to which brand makes the best Dutch oven. Yet even we are ready to banish those Dutch ovens to the back of the cabinet, not to be seen again until the fall. We’re ready to get out and explore the great outdoors as Nicole A. Taylor implores us to do in her Juneteenth article on page 22 or to go sailing, as the hip shirt worn by the reveler on page 81 suggests. If you, like us, are balancing the impulse to be outside with the desire to transform all those colorful, seasonal fruits and vegetables overflowing at the farmers markets into…

8 min
of cooking and kinship

THE LAST MEAL I SHARED with my mother was in a capacious hospital room in Chesapeake, Virginia. It was breakfast time and the sun was a carefree soul galloping through the window like a wild horse. Having not eaten much in the 48 hours since she’d been admitted with complications of sarcoidosis, she was quite hungry. So I fed her. Spooned the applesauce. Placed in her mouth a few ice chips from the water glass she couldn’t finish (crunching ice always gratified her). That was 2017. The year my heart broke into a million jagged puzzle pieces. None of us is ever prepared for death. When a great tree falls, the birds, with no branch to perch on, scatter. Looking for a new home. In the four years since my graceful…

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cooking while camping

Don’t worry about the bears. Get to your nearest campground, state park, or neighbor’s backyard and cook dinner under the stars. We’ll help make it as easy as possible because no one likes doing dishes in the woods. 1 GET YOUR GEAR IN ORDER Your camp kitchen setup can be as elaborate or as barebones as you want it to be, but sometimes the gear is half the fun. Buy a giant bin with a lid that can be used to fan the fire, then fill it with your tool kit, which should include… THE KITCHEN DOPP KIT Fill this space-saving bag with: a decent chef’s knife, a plastic cutting board, matches, cheap cutlery, Nalgene minis filled with olive oil and vinegar, and an all-purpose multitool like a Leatherman. Camp Kitchen, $80; adventuretoolcompany.com NESTING POTS You’ll…

3 min
streusel, spice & everything nice

Ginger-Cardamom Zucchini Bread MAKES ONE 9X5" LOAF Close to bread pudding in texture, this loaf cake (or is it bread? we still can’t decide) walks the blurry line between sweet and savory. STREUSEL ¾ cup (42 g) all-purpose flour2 Tbsp. plus 1½ tsp. (30 g) dark brown sugar¼ cup (24 g) old-fashioned oats½ tsp. ground cardamom½ tsp. ground ginger½ tsp. ground turmeric¼ tsp. baking powder Pinch of kosher salt2 Tbsp. unsalted butter, melted, cooled slightly BREAD Nonstick vegetable oil spray 2½ medium zucchini (about 1 lb.), trimmed¾ tsp. vanilla extract1½ cups (300 g) granulated sugar Zest of 1 lemon3 large eggs¾ cup grapeseed oil1¾ cups (219 g) all-purpose flour2¼ tsp. ground cardamom2¼ tsp. ground ginger2 tsp. baking powder¼ tsp. Diamond Crystal or ¾ tsp. Morton kosher saltBlueberry jam and/or creme fraiche (for serving; optional) STREUSEL Whisk flour, brown…

2 min
stone fruit caramel

MAKES ABOUT 1 CUP Belonging somewhere among jam, compote, and caramel sauce, this spoon-over-everything sweet-tart topping is made by thinning a caramel with fruit juice and vinegar rather than cream. The consistency of your final product will vary greatly depending on the nature of your fruit, like whether it’s super juicy or how much pectin it contains. Embrace the variance (and follow your instincts!)—it will taste great any which way. Mix and match the fruit and vinegar based on what sounds good to you and what you have on hand (maybe it’s plums and unseasoned rice vinegar, nectarines and sherry vinegar, or apricots and Champagne vinegar). 12 oz. ripe stone fruit (such as plums, peaches, nectarines, sour or sweet cherries, or apricots), pitted2–3 Tbsp. vinegar (such as unseasoned rice, apple cider,…

2 min

LIZZIE & DANTE by Mary Bly Rainy days were made for evocative books like this one. A renowned chef in Italy, Dante doesn’t put up with much—especially picky eaters—until he meets Lizzie, who is visiting the Italian coast to escape her problems. The two certainly don’t expect to fall in love, but, of course, they do, and their story will transport you. $27 A PHO LOVE STORY by Loan Le I strongly believe everyone should read more young adult novels, and this Romeo-and-Juliet-style YA romance is made for the beach. Light and sweet, the book features two teens whose parents own rival Vietnamese restaurants. $20 ARSENIC AND ADOBO by Mia P. Manansala This breeze-right-through-it mystery follows baker Lila Macapagal as she investigates the murder of her ex-boyfriend, the town’s too-mean food critic, after he dies over a meal…