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July 2021
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Bowhunter brings you expert advice from legendary Bowhunters! Each issue is filled with updates from major bowhunting organizations, coverage of bowhunting locations across North America, complete coverage of the sport and much more.

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2 min.
the rewards of diy hunting

DO IT YOURSELF. Easy to say. Tough to pull off. I think most serious bowhunters would prefer that all their hunts were of the DIY variety. We like our independence. We like to make our own decisions. And our own mistakes. And we love to wallow in the gratification that swells within us when we achieve a goal paid for with our own sweat equity. To be sure, hunting on your own isn’t the only way to go, nor should it be. Sometimes, the law requires that you hire a guide. Or your knowledge of the species and terrain being hunted requires the assistance of an expert. In no way are we elitist DIY snobs who believe that hunting on your own is the only true way. We hire outfitters and…

3 min.
between bowhunters

OUR SPRING ISSUE A BIG HIT Dear Bowhunter , In my opinion, the April/May 2021 issue of Bowhunter is one of the best issues your staff has ever published — period! After a rough 2020 bow season, this issue spoke to me from cover to cover. Curt’s editorial was fantastic, and I especially loved his comment that, “No electronic screen ever taught anyone, young or old, anything about toughness or how to persevere.” Chuck Adams then reminded all of us that “sharpness counts,” and that, “haste makes waste.” Then, Fred Eichler, one of my heroes, wrote about the impact of his (and everyone’s) bowhunting hero, Fred Bear. The cover story by Marcie Dallas and the feature about Paul Speral were equally phenomenal! And then there is Mr. Randy Ulmer, another bowhunting hero of…

6 min.
rangefinder insight

YEARS AGO, I went on a combo deer and antelope hunt in Montana. It was a semi-guided hunt, and on the first day I was asked if I wanted to hunt whitetails from a treestand or muleys via spot and stalk. Being a Western guy, I jumped at the muley option. My guide dropped me off along the road with some basic instructions: Start hiking, and start looking. Within an hour, I spotted a band of bucks moving across some lower grass-choked foothills. There was very little cover around, so I knew my best chance would be jogging uphill and then looping around to get in front of the deer. My plan worked. I got in behind a clump of brush, and when the biggest buck walked past at what looked like…

3 min.
fall prep made fun

PEOPLE OFTEN ASK how I get prepared for the season. My answer is that I prepare all year. If you don’t put your bow down at the end of the big-game seasons, you can hone your skills through fun practice and small-game hunting all year. One of the biggest advantages to a traditional bow is the slower arrow. What I mean by that is if you try to hit a pinecone with a compound shooting 315 fps, even if you hit it using a judo or fieldpoint, odds are that arrow is gone. However, with a slower-shooting stick-bow, you can practice on all kinds of random targets and rarely lose an arrow. This equates to more time spent shooting at stuff. That is one of the things that drew me to traditional…

5 min.
deer antlers matter

ANTLERS have fascinated mankind for centuries. So majestic, they have become a symbol of spiritual authority in many cultures. So popular are antlers, that some Western states have implemented regs for shed-hunters. The state regs on timing, location, and how you hunt sheds are put in place to reduce the stress put upon critters during the harshest time of year — just prior to green-up. Shed hunting can also pay some big dollars. Antlers are sold by the pound, and on a quality grading system. Fresh antlers, or ones recently shed, are more valuable than bleached antlers. Fresh elk and muley antlers can bring up to $10–$12 per pound; fresh whitetail antlers bring much less — say $6–$8 per pound. This is because many high-fence, or farmed deer, have inundated the…

6 min.
targets to prep for any shot

AS BOWHUNTERS, many elements are in our control that can enhance our success in the field. For example, learning to effectively scout, plan a hunt better, learn to read big game sign, and just being an overall better woodsman. However, as important as those elements are, they cannot top the success that comes with learning to make the shot in virtually any situation. We all remember that shot we took but shouldn’t have, or even worse, the shot we didn’t take but should have, had we practiced more. Putting a little time and effort behind the bow before the season, while making a few tweaks along the way, will give you the confidence to hit the 10-ring. Putting the shot process aside, which is the foundation of any good shot, when it…