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No.88 March/April 2020

NZ CLASSIC DRIVER looks at ways to bring you stories of classic cars that are rare, different and often very special. Our team of passionate classic car journalists, headed by Allan Walton as editor, includes writers such as Tony Haycock, Allan Dick and Mark Holman as well as well-respected motorsport photographers like Terry Marshall and Alex Mitchell. As well, Kiwi racing legend, Howden Ganley, pens a regular column telling tales of his past and present motor racing experiences. All that adds up to a magazine with huge appeal to enthusiasts all around the world as well as New Zealand. For further information go to www.classicdriver.co.nz

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4 min.
gary nelson bridger

I first came across Gary Bridger, a Chrysler enthusiast and Air New Zealand airline pilot, in early 1996 when I read a feature he’d penned on his hero, legendary Charger racer, Leo Leonard. Later that same year, Gary would also write about the R/T E49, proving that when it came to the Chrysler Valiant Chargers, he was something of an expert. However, the first time I met him in person was in late 1999 when I helped out with an article comparing a Valiant Pacer and an E49 Charger, the latter car being owned by Gary. On the day of the photo-shoot for that feature, I took my first drive in a Charger when I went around the block in Gary’s very rapid E49. With that previous encounter in mind, in 2001…

13 min.
the carlos neate skyline

There were a couple of cars under covers in Bruce Moore’s workshop off Moorhouse Avenue in Christchurch when I walked in – and one of them was a car I had not seen since 1967. It was the car I had driven up from Oamaru to see this day in late January 2020. And it was a car that made a real impression in its brief time on the South Island circuits that, despite it apparently disappearing off the face of the earth, is still remembered half a century later and spoken of in almost hushed tones. It’s always referred to as ‘the Carlos Neate Skyline’. In 1967, I had just published my second New Zealand motorsport annual and was anxious to continue the momentum and do something permanent and more…

9 min.
uncommon at any speed

In the late 1950s, America’s ‘big three’ car makers, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, watched the growing success of the compact Rambler and the inroads being made by European compact cars, and knew they had to get into that market. Ford and Chrysler took the conventional road with the Falcon and the Valiant, scaled-down versions of their full-sized cars. General Motors took a different route with their first offering. Ed Cole, the highly respected Chevrolet Chief Engineer and later General Manager, liked the rear-engine concept and was impressed by the Volkswagen Beetle. He obviously had that car in mind as the new compact model took shape on the company’s drawing boards. He developed it as a Holden model because he expected opposition from his superiors, and went so far as to…

1 min.
book search

Mail: Email: Reading the review of Mr Big Healey: The Official Biography of John Chatham, with the mention of Chatham’s participation at Le Mans in 1960, rekindled my desire to find two books I read in the early 1960s. Both were fictional and concerned a family participating in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the other in the Tour de France. In my mind, they entered Le Mans in an Aston Martin, but I could easily be wrong after all these years. I wasn’t a big reader back then in my early teen years but the books made a lasting impression on me and, interestingly, I went on to road bike racing then classic car racing when disposable income became available. I’d love to find those books and wonder if any…

1 min.
halswell hillclimber

Having read with interest many fascinating historical articles and letters in your great magazine, I submit my modest success in 1948 winning my class in the only grass hillclimb conducted by the Canterbury Car Club at Halswell, Christchurch. I was about 18 years old and probably the youngest competitor. My 1922 10.48hp 501S Fiat was running a ‘Silvani’ OHV conversion. This event led to my joining the Vintage Vehicles Association, later known as the Vintage Car Club of NZ, of which my membership now spans over 70 years. Hope you find this interesting. Tom Clements, Papanui Great story and photos Tom – and great to know that you’re still a motoring enthusiast. AGW MAIL BAG - EMAIL - FACEBOOK FEEDBACK If you have anything to share about the world of classic motoring, feedback on these pages,…

6 min.
upcoming events

CLASSIC CAR MEET HAMILTON WHEN: FIRST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH WHERE: CLASSICS MUSEUM, 11 RAILSIDE PLACE, HAMILTON All makes and models welcome, including Japanese and hot rods. Includes automotive only classic car boot sale. Conditions apply. Buffet breakfast available from 8.00am to 10.00am. Cash prizes and giveaways each month. For more info, contact Richard, Ph 021 205 3863 HVCCC CAFFEINE & CLASSICS WHEN: LAST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH WHERE: SMALES FARM, AUCKLAND Caffeine & Classics is a FREE monthly classic vehicle meet open to all classic vehicles, including classic and vintage, hot rods, muscle cars and motorcycles. Any vehicle at least 30 years old is welcome, and newer vehicles that are scratch-built, obscure or exotic are also welcomed. Food and coffee available, and the laid-back atmosphere is the perfect way to spend your Sunday. GEORGE BEGG AT CLASSIC…