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Issue 7

Coin Collector gives you all the information, news, expert advice, market insight and inspiration you need to build your coin collection and get the most from your hobby. Every issue features in-depth collecting guides giving you the lowdown on coins from a wide range of periods and location, from Viking and Roman coins to the latest coins issued by mints around the world. Each issue includes the unique and popular ‘British Numismatist’ section, bringing you the latest discoveries, exhibitions, theories and literature from the academic world of numismatics. Written by authors, curators and learned experts, the pages provide an academic yet still accessible take on the hobby.

United Kingdom
Warners Group Publications Plc
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coin collector

www.allaboutcoins.co.uk Published by Warners Group Publications plc, 5th Floor, 31-32 Park Row, Leeds, LS1 5JD, UK. PUBLISHING Associate Publisher: Matt Hill matthewh@warnersgroup.co.uk Tel: 0113 200 2912 EDITORIAL Editor: Matt Hill Deputy Editor: Rachel Bellerby Contributors: Will Bennett, Jonathan Calloway, Juliana Chard, Kevin Clancy, Jeff Garrett, Paula Hammond, Rachel Hooper, Richard Kelleher, James Kemp, Adrian Marsden, Rory Naismith, Mike Roberts, Robin Thomas, Sebastian Wieschowski, Peter Whittington. PRODUCTION Senior designer: Nathan Ward nathanw@warnersgroup.co.uk Designers: Rajneet Gill, Jackie Grainger, Mary Ward ads@stampandcoinmart.co.uk MARKETING Lauren Freeman lauren.freeman@warnersgroup.co.uk Tel: 0113 200 2916 ADVERTISING Louise Clarke louise.clarke@warnersgroup.co.uk Tel: 0113 200 2915 Sarah Hopton sarah.hopton@warnersgroup.co.uk Tel: 0113 200 2925 PRINTED BY Warners (Midlands) plc, The Maltings, Manor Lane, Bourne, Lincs PE10 9PH…

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There’s nothing quite like holding a collectable coin in your hand or seeing a rare numismatic treasure close up. As Sebastian Wieschowski writes in his column (page 22), a visit to a numismatic museum gives us a valuable opportunity to press pause on our busy lives and focus on the true qualities of our hobby. There are many coin fairs, auctions, and valuation days taking place up and down the country in the coming months (see our events guide on page 64 and on the website), so we’re making a resolution to get out and about to more numismatic events this year and add a few treasures to our collection, we hope to see you during our travels! With this in mind we recently spoke to Philip Attwood, the Keeper of…

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meet the experts

Aleks Stokic Aleks Stokic has been designing coins and medals for the Royal Australian Mint since 2011. Her award-winning designs include Japan Mint’s International Year of Astrology 2009 coin, and recently she received an Honour Award at the Shanghai Coin Design competition. Read our interview with Aleks on page 78. Rory Naismith Dr Rory Naismith is Lecturer in The History of England Before the Norman Conquest at the University of Cambridge. He has written a range of numismatic and history books, including Citadel of the Saxons: the Rise of Early London. Rory details two intriguing coins that shed light on the history of London on page 48. Jonathan Callaway Jonathan Callaway is a retired banker who has researched, studied and collected paper money for over thirty years. He is the co-author of catalogues and histories…

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coin collector editorial board

Tony Abramson President of Yorkshire Numismatics Society Jonathan Callaway is a Director of the International Bank Note Society. Lawrence Chard Founder and Expert Numismatist, Speciality Sovereigns Elizabeth Cottam Specialist in Celtic coins and Director of Chris Rudd Ltd Jeff Garrett US coin dealer and board member of the Smithsonian Museum of American History Richard Kelleher Assistant Keeper, Department of Coins and Medals, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge Jonathan Mann Numismatist and coin dealer, British coinage specialist Rory Naismith Lecturer in Medieval British History, King’s College London Anglo-Saxon and Viking coinage: Gareth Williams Curator of Early Medieval Coins and Viking Collections at the British Museum…

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rare 1945 silver threepence discovered

One of only two known surviving 1945 silver threepence coins has been discovered and certified as genuine by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). The silver coin, the ‘rarest British circulating coin in 200 years’, was one of 371,000 minted that year, all of which were supposed to have been destroyed. The tiny silver coin was found in an ordinary Whitman folder, the type of cardboard booklet that young coin enthusiasts have filled with coin collections since the 1930s. The coin had been removed from the folder and placed in a plastic envelope, when it was brought to London auction house Baldwin’s of St. James’s. Managing director Stephen Fenton said: ‘It was a coin I’d looked for for fifty years. I regard this as the rarest British circulating coin for 200 years. You see…

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2019 change checker awards winners announced

The annual Change Checker Awards, which aim to find the country’s best coin collectors and decide on the most popular coins issued during the year, have closed, with two enthusiasts scooping the top prizes. Organised by Change Checker, in association with our very own allaboutcoins.co.uk website, the awards invite nominations before being judged by members of the allaboutcoins.co.uk team. The Change Checker of the Year award was won by Lisa Strange, for ‘always going above and beyond in the Change Checker community. She’s helped many people complete their collections whilst also giving helpful advice and tips on coin collecting.’ The Junior Change Checker of the Year winner is Oliver Cross for his dedication and passion in finding commemorative coins in his change and inspiring others to start coin collecting. Matt Hill, a panel member…