Issue 3 2021

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editor’s note

It is a strange situation. Despite tight travel restrictions and severe cutting back of in-person meetings, the irony is that we have been granted greater access to the head honchos of watch brands like never before. Whether it’s making up for lost opportunities (or time), or the fact that Zoom calls have rendered geographic challenges moot while maximising every iota of efficiency from everybody’s schedule, a ‘face-to-face’ chat with a watch company CEO these days is a matter of a few emails away. Although truth be told, interviews with watch CEO are hit-or-miss affairs. Also, oftentimes, these interviews are more regimented than necessary, requiring prior submission and vetting of questions and topics - and careful reminders of what not to ask. Perhaps not unlike an arranged dialogue with Vladimir Putin, scribes…

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green matter

What had been whispers about sustainable watchmaking for a number of years is gathering visible momentum in 2021. Where previously, a smattering of brands would offer limited edition watches with straps or cases made of recycled materials or, in the instance of larger companies like A. Lange & Söhne and Omega, renovate their manufacturing facilities to allow for more environmentally friendly production processes, an increasing number of marques are putting their green efforts directly on their wrists of customers. Illustrious niche independent brand Grebuel Forsey, of the multiple (and multi-axis) tourbillon fame has announced that it is done with using animal leather straps. From 1 January 2022, the brand will only be using straps made from plant-based materials on 100 per cent of its watches. The brand insists that plant-based straps can…

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samurai swag

Sure, G-Shocks are still democratically priced accoutrements and a favourite amongst a wide spectrum of watch buyers, from young hypebeasts to hip hop stars. But for those who can afford it, there’s the MR-G series, a line that was introduced in 1996 and pitched as a ‘premium G-Shock’ for grown-ups. The MR-G watches tout the G-Shock collection’s signature indestructibility and robustness, but with high quality materials and artisanal finishing (the letters ‘MR’ stand for ‘majesty’ and ‘reality’). This year, the MR-G line celebrates its 25th anniversary with the MRG-B2000BS-3ADR Hana-Basara, a 400-piece limited edition imbued with samurai swag. The watch channels the spirit and style of the ancient Japanese warriors with artful finishing that evokes the beauty and hues of a samurai’s armour. The term 'Hana-Basara' is derived from the Sanskrit word…

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space for all

Now, this is a space mission that we can get behind. And certainly, IWC Schaffhausen, too, which has created four unique Big Pilot’s Watches for the crew of the Inspiration4 (I4), the world’s first all-civilian mission to orbit. A space mission unlike any other, the I4’s multi-day journey took the crew across a low earth orbit that covered more than 90 per cent of the earth’s population. Far from a vanity project, the I4’s objectives included conducting experiments dedicated to micro-gravity research, so as to explore the possibilities of cost-effective space-based research, as well as raising funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and its pediatric cancer research and treatment programs. The crew comprised commander Jared Isaacman, an e-commerce entrepreneur; Hayley Arceneaux, a cancer survivor who now works at St. Jude’s…

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wrist statement

We will spare you the cliché of how this is a watch that literally fits like a glove (hur hur), but really, how audacious it is for Cartier to come up with something as capricious as the Clash (Un)Limited Baignoire Mitten Watch? The idea behind the Clash (Un)Limited collection of exclusive jewellery pieces is to give Cartier’s designers carte blanche to push their creative limits. The result? An eyebrow-raising spectacle that is part-watch, part-mitten and 100 per cent unique. With the aid of 3D printing and a master glove-maker, Cartier developed a silky and supple mitten made of gold mesh. The ‘glove’ is then embedded with 1,600 diamonds all over, and affixed with a Baignoire Allongée watch with diamond-paved dial that is hemmed with gold studs. Two years in the making, the Cartier…

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hermès miniature enamel and silk dial

If you’ve ever worked with thread, weaved, or crocheted in any form, you’d appreciate how much work went into the dial of Hermés’ Arceau Toucan de Paradis. Not only does the captivating motif feature silk threads, it sits on a base that is filled with enamel—a challenging decorative technique in itself. Based on the bird created by illustrator Katie Scott for Hermès’ Toucans de Paradis silk scarf, the dial is first high-fired with layers of enamel on a white gold base. The entire process is repeated over several layers before recesses to house the threads are cut into the enamelled dial. Meanwhile, the silk thread technique is inspired by those used to weave kimonos, and Hermès’ dial uses 500 multicoloured silk threads—all individually assembled—to bring the vibrant toucan to life.…